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Lelo Gigi

The Lelo Gigi from The Boudoir

The Boudoir is a female run site which is elegant and feminine, making it a comfortable environment for any girl wanting to search and purchase sextoys.
So I was really excited to have the amazing opportunity to try the Lelo Gigi the world's best selling G-spot vibrator.

 That's one hell of a claim to make; so I knew if Lelo had said this it was going to be true and as this was my very first female Lelo toy I was really excited to try this.

What can I say, from high quality designers you are going to get high quality boxes and it doesn't disappoint, the cardboard slip box is a gorgeous shiny deep cerise with Lelo printed in metallic silver. On the other side is a beautifully printed image of the Gigi.

Inside the expensive looking slipbox is another box; this time the stunning luxury Lelo black box and lid, made of firm black cardboard, something those of you that collect Lelo toys have grown to love and adore.

Take the lid off and you are faced with The Gigi nestled inside a black velvet form, to the side of the Gigi you have a little side box which hides the charging unit, a sample of Lelo personal lubricant.
Plus an amazing 10 year quality guarantee and a 1 year warranty. 

Then when you think that's it; you find a beautiful black satin drawstring bag to keep her in; so you have the choice to keep the stunning luxury quality box or keep Gigi in her own satin bag if you need the space.

This really is the ultimate gift for any girl, you feel spoilt from just opening the luxurious packaging. 

The Gigi is an elegant medium size G-spot rechargeable vibrator, the measurements are;
  • Full length is 16cm,
  • Insertable length is 9.4cm,
  • Width of head across the top 3.8cm,
  • Girth of the insertable shaft is 2.4cm,
The Gigi comes in 3 beautiful colours Deep rose, light pink and Turquoise I was thrilled to receive the deep rose; my favorite of the 3 colours available (slightly darker than the images) something quite different to the normal colours available, I love it.

When it first arrived I was a little surprised at how much smaller it was compared to many of my other vibes, but as soon as I picked it up and felt the incredible quality of the firm silicon it blew me away.
I own many silicon toys now but this is the best so far, it has the most soft velvety texture but the shaft is still firm. I prefer firmer toys on my g spot as I gain more pressure with little effort.

The Gigi has the most luxurious 100% silicon shaft which curves gently angling a flattened part of the tip straight into your g-spot; a brilliant design idea.

Many vibes are realistic penis shaped which are sometimes too tapered for full g-spot coverage, this flattened wider tip is perfectly angled to hit the g-spot once inserted.

The Gigi is divided into two by a silver ring which adds even more elegance and luxurious qualities to it. 

The base of the Gigi is white glossy ABS plastic which I love in a toys as it feels so smooth and easily wiped clean.

The button panel is a circular rocker dial which offers 4 separate buttons, the + and - alter the speed of the vibrations and the up and down arrows allow you to scroll through the 5 whisper quiet vibrations and pulses. 

The best part of any Lelo toy is the fact they are rechargeable; the end of the Gigi is the rechargeable connector hole which you plug your cable into similar to that of a mobile phone. This is protected from dirt and dust by a rubber strip with the Lelo embossed onto it, this clips inside the hole protecting it from dirt and adding a nice Lelo logo to the toy.

The angle of the connector feels as though its going in at the wrong angle (see photo above) but just wiggle it gently and its slots easily in with a well defined click.

The whole outer panel then flashes white to show you its charging, once charged it remains lit white, then your ready to rock.

 I adore the fact the whole circular panel lights up bright white to show you have power. 

When you have used your Gigi it will let you know with a red warning light before it goes flat. Although I have yet to see this light as I always keep this fully charged and ready to go.

When you receive your Lelo you may need to undo the travel lock, this is to prevent it going off in customs and getting arrested for carrying the latest IRA bomb in your luggage.
To unlock the travel lock - hold down the + and the - buttons at the same time, the same to lock it.
The Lelo Gigi has 5 pre-programmed modes which are;
  1. Press and hold the plus button to get to full speed, then press the up button for the next mode.
  2. 1 pulse every second.
  3. 1 pulse every half a second,
  4. 4 pulses every second,
  5. Escalation to full speed which is deep and rumbly.
To turn off at anytime simply press and hold the minus button.
 If at any time on any pulse or mode its too fast simply press the minus sign and it will slow to your required speed, giving you so many more options of having any mode on any speed; making this little beauty suitable for anyone.
The Vibrations and pulses have a lovely rumbly feel to them, rather than a cheaper buzzy feel; the motor and buttons are well defined and feel excellent quality.
I maybe being greedy but I always have my Gigi on full speed.
The Gigi has charge on stand by for up to 90 days perfect for a weekend away.Plus for those that know there hertz it is 120hrzt.

The Lelo Gigi is one of the quietest vibrators I have ever owned, at only 50dB even on full power it is so discreet, making this toy ideal for anyone. You cant even be heard through a door or wall, my OH could only just hear it under the duvet, during the adverts...!
Yet it still gives amazing power; thank you Lelo.

Once charged for 2 hours I knew I had up to 4 hours of play so I tried all the vibrations and modes first to get a feel for how to work this amazingly techie vibe. 

I used my favourite waterbased lube Give Lubes premiere aqua gel, not that I needed it as this silicon isn't as grippy as some toys I have used, this silicon shaft is so luxuriously smooth yet still remaining firm; you just cant help but run your fingers over it as its so touchy feely.

Being quite a slim shaft Gigi inserts easily and the larger g-spot head gently pops inside and being so small she easily hit the G-spot, but for me I felt she could have been a little longer and a little wider.
But I'm certainly not complaining when Gigi hits my G-spot everytime giving me intense squirty orgasms......smiles all round!
I have many vibes that are alot longer and wider but they still miss my g-spot, the Gigi even though its slightly smaller hits my g-spot well.
Once I had scrolled through the deep and penetrative vibrations I felt them through my whole pelvis and vagina. Set on the pulses the Gigi has a wonderful kick too which is of course directed directly onto your G-spot..what more can a girl want?
Not a buzzy vibe in sight....woohoo!

The angle of the Gigi allowed the flat tip to sit flat into my g-spot and wow I was there in minutes and again a minute after, the vibration is being passed on a larger surface area virtually covering your g-spot!
 I felt it fitted me well but some people maybe slightly different and it may not fit everyone, but I feel because it is a middle sized vibrator it is small enough to angle it directly at your g-spot.

Its one of the most easy to care for toys I have, simply run the silicon end of your Gigi under warm soapy water but making sure you keep the base from getting splashed or wet, never submerge this toy because of the rechargeable connector is NOT waterproof.
I use a bacterial wipe to get her clean then a spray with Lelo sextoy cleaner (review HERE) paying attention the edges of the silver ring.

I love my Gigi it is one of my most luxurious vibrators I have and one of the most powerful; and having the vibrations flat against my G-spot or just against my clit wow it really gets me there fast.
 Gigi is a beautifully designed, elegant mid-size G-spot massager as stunning to the eye as it is to feel, the flattened tip is perfect for angling at the gspot to deliver discreet, deep vibrations with pinpoint accuracy.
The Gigi is easy to hold and the buttons are well defined and Gigi's innovative flattened tip is perfect to find most G-spots and the medium sized vibe allows you to angle it for gentle thrusting if you want to.
What I love is that even on the highest vibe speed it is still one of the quietest toy I own, but still maintains those powerful vibes..absolutely amazing.
I recommend this toy to anyone, seriously I feel everyone will love this; it has a perfect size for those new to sextoys and it has the power for those who adore collecting luxury vibrators.
Plus you cannot beat rechargeable toys, no more fumbling for batteries, you have power all the time and she holds her power well up to 4 hours.
 I generally prefer much longer and girthier vibrators but she still gives me the most intense squirty orgasms as the vibes are directed onto my g-spot who can complain at that!!!

I also feel the Gigi is just the right size to pop in your hand bag inside the satin pouch, it is ideal for travelling as you simply use the lock function by pressing both the plus and minus buttons together, no fear of embarrassing suitcase checks now.
I have more powerful toys but they are loud and cannot touch the luxury this vibe offers.
This gorgeous hi-tech modern toy is a perfect present for any girl and luxury sextoy collector.

Smooth but firm silky silicon tip,
Powerful vibes and pulses,
Pouch to keep it in and box,
Stunning gift,
Lengthy charge,

Id love her a little bigger and longer but she still works well for me.

You can buy yours from
The Boudoir also offers a gift wrapping service to to make thus gift absolutely perfect!

All my thanks goes to The Boudoir for sending me the Lelo Gigi for this review free of charge.

To accompany your new luxury vibe I  recommend a waterbased lubricant
Give Lubes Premier Aqua Gel

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