Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Leg Avenue Opaque With Lace Up Detail

I have only recently started collecting beautiful lingerie, but stockings are something I have always adored.
There is something about rolling up a pair of brand new stockings to make any woman look and feel incredibly sexy and these corset style ones are no exception. So when I found out Nice"n"Naughty were kindly sending me these to try I was over the moon.

When they arrived the next day..thank you Nice N Naughty, they were beautifully tissue wrapped, ideal for giving as a gift. 
The packet containing the stockings has beautifully photographed image of the stockings on a model clearly showing what you have inside, with no gaudy images. 

These gorgeous hold-up stockings are made by the luxury lingerie company Leg Avenue. 
The material is 80% nylon and 20% spandex, making these super stretchy to fit most people. 
The opaque stockings are approximately a 60-70 denier and are 22 inches long unworn with a 3 inch lacey top.

What makes these even more feminine is the beautifully printed corset style lacing printed in pink on the back, adorned by a cute printed pink bow at the top of each stocking.

 The pink printing is excellent quality and is part of the stocking not just applied ontop, the design is then sewn-outlined into the stocking with matching pink thread; these really are excellent quality stockings.

The 3 inch lacey top has 2 stripes of silicon inside to help the stockings stay-up. The heavy floral lace design is beautifully finished with a lovely scalloped lace edging so it shows up against the skin. The toes have a well sewn seam so they feel strong against your toes.

Im always a little nervous of wearing hold-ups out as you generally spend the night pulling them up as they gradually slip down to just above the knee. 
I was really impressed with these well made stockings as they stayed up well for several hours with no realigning, they didn't creep down my thigh at all; quite surprising with just 2 small lines of silicon to hold them up, but this was just enough to keep them inplace all night.

Another bug bear for most of us girlies who love hold-ups is the fact that often they are too small and will only stretch and sit above the knee; but I am 5 foot 4 and they sat high up on my thighs, I could have pulled them up further so they would definitely fit a much taller girl.

Because these stocking are so cute I treated myself to the matching knickers in the product images, these work beautifully with the stockings and are very sexy.The lace is almost identical and the pink lacing matches the corset style of the stockings.

From the front the stockings look like ordinary; but high quality thicker denier stockings, absolutely ideal for cool evenings or Winter special nights out too going from pub to club. The thickness of the denier helps to prevent ladders too.

I rinsed these stockings in warm soapy water and drip dried them and they have retained their shape with no loss of pink print, the silicon is still grippy and they look as good as new.

I absolutely love these stockings, they are so very comfortable to wear with no sag or bag, no Nora batty effects and no Muffin top effect, the thick lace and the 2 small bands of silicon really are brilliant at preventing the awful compression you can get on other stockings. ( Muffin tops- when extra flesh expands over the top of the stocking because it has to go somewhere, right?)
The extra thick denier also gives your legs a slight slimming effect for those that may need it too.

These really are ideal to be worn with many costumes or to add a cute fun twist to a pretty feminine outfit for a night out; or just by themselves as I did. I dont normally do pinky girly stuff but I really loved these stylish hold-ups.  
I think the pink corset style detailing looks great from both the front and the back and maybe with certain costumes would look great worn at the front.
They stay up well and have enough stretch to fit most heights comfortably without creeping or rolling down your thigh. But they do also look good with suspender belts too if you wish to complete that special outfit. No need to lace-up every-time to look sexy girls. These are an affordable treat I'm sure  you will wear time and time again.

Excellent quality,
Feminine, fun and flirty,
Stay up all night,
No creep down or muffin tops,


You can buy yours from Nice "n" Naughty

All my thanks to Nice"n"Naughty for sending me these gorgeous hold-ups free of charge for this review!


  1. Stunning! They sound and look fantastic. The bow detailing up the back adds that little something extra and the price isn't too bad either! My stocking collection is slowly on the increase ....these may be one to add to it ;)

  2. I love the contrast of having a plain front and then all that detail on the back :)

    You make these look great x

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