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Janet Jackson Non Piercing nipple embracer shields

I have always been known for my love of unusual silver jewellery so I was really excited to have the opportunity to wear nipple jewellery without the pain of piercing. I have always wanted to pierce my nipples but having extra sensitive nipps; I have been too scared that I may lose my sensitivity rather than gain it.
But at Nipplecharms they offer a huge range of Non-piercing nipple jewellery.
This particular charm the Janet Jackson sun-shaped Non Piercing nipple shields has been made very popular due to Janet jacket having her boob revealed at the super bowl half time show by Justin Timberlake, these were the actual style of charms she wore; now I was getting that chance to wear them where's Justin.....woohoo!

 This is the third Nipplecharm review in this set of reviews.

When you first open your Nipplecharms, they are beautifully packaged in little white gift bags with the Nipplecharms card attached to them, this clearly explains how to apply them to your nipples.

Big bird meets bigger bird
These gorgeous 8 ray sun shaped embracer nipple shields are made of excellent quality surgical steel and have a beautiful high shine to them.
Total width 43mm wide.
Width of the nipple hole. is 11mm wide but they close to approximately 8-9mm.
Total thickness depth is 4mm.

The "nip-clip"
Attaching your charms
Tweak your nipples a little till they are nice and perky, then slip them over the top of your nipple, then get your nails and gently squeeze the "nip-clip" together till its a comfortable tightness, these allow them to be able to fit on most size nipples. A brilliant idea.

 These charms just get better and better I'm so in love with these, wow what a dramatic effect these give, they are a so simple to fit and so worth it.
Once on they feel really comfortable and give that extra nipping sensation most of us girlies love, every time I moved the weight of the steel gave me a nice reminder they were there..(like you'd; keeping my nipps nice and hard, quite a turn on for me too, as well as feeling so very sexy.
They can be worn under clothing even thought the suns rays look pointy and sharp they are actually rounded and unlikely to snag.
So you could wear them on a dinner date for the big reveal later on quite comfortably. A bra would keep them hidden and in place till you were ready. ( Just be aware of knitted fabrics as they may get caught).

Just a wipe over with hot soapy water will take any grease, body creams off etc, then simply polish with a cloth to keep the gorgeous shine.

I love love luuuurrve these sun nipple shields,they made me feel and look extremely sexy and if you love dressing up, these are an absolute must. The "nip-clip allows it to comfortably fit most sized nipples allowing those of you like me who love the feel of tweaked nipples to have a little more or little less pressure depending on your mood; but also being completely secure at the same time.

They make me feel half burlesque and half steam-punk maybe its the chunkyness of the metal or the cyber-goth in me; this style may not suit those who prefer dainty jewellery but if you want that drama of the striptease for your partner these are the charms to go for, these will make anyone say wow, the silver looks stunning against the skin and in the sunlight really catches the light.
These would look amazing with a see-through T-shirt in the Summer or simply showing the shape of the star through thin material on a night out!
The weight on your nipples really makes these feel expensive whereas they are infact a very affordable stunning piece of jewellery. They are one of the biggest nipple charms you can buy and I feel are the most dramatic, this will really give you a spectacular edge to any sexy striptease.

You can buy your Non piercing nipple embracer nipple shield from
$10.95 each
(you need to buy 2 if you want to make a pair)

All my thanks goes to for sending me these gorgeous charms for these reviews.

My other Nipple Charm reviews are offer a gorgeous variety of charms to suit every taste, shields, rings, embracers, dangles and crystal bindis; whether you just want to wear one charm or go mad and wear 2. You can also buy necklaces, belly button rings ear-rings, temporary tattoos and toe rings as well as clitoral and more intimate pussy and penis jewellery. So its not just for us girlies, but here's the chance to buy the man in your life a pressie too.

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