Monday, 9 April 2012

Illusion Ribbed

Another review from the selection of toys I kindly received from the brilliant Nasstoys.

I loved the look of this small futuristic toy, to me it looked like a mini dust-buster or a 70's sci-fi ray gun, so the geek in me plumped for the ray gun!

This little Illusion ribbed comes in a plastic box showing the toy well through it and on the back an image of the toy clearly displaying what it does.

The Illusion Ribbed is made of black TPR and has 12 decreasing ripples along shaft that gently tapers to a small tip.
Total length is 13.6cm long,
Widest insertable width 2.4cm,
Width of head is 1.6cm,
Insertable length is 6.7cm,

The silver coated ABS base forms into the handle which has a nice ergonomic curve allowing you to slip your fingers through to hold it in place wherever you choose to use it. 

The matching black TPR button is within reach of your finger when holding the handle.

The silver coated ABS base unscrews to hold 1 1.5V "N" size battery supplied with this toy...I love toys that supply the batteries with the product.You also get a spare as these are often harder to find.

It has a simple bayonet fitting where you match-up the groove to screw it back together tightly to make a water tight seal. It has a small ring of rubber to make that seal.

This adorable little toy has 3 vibrations slow, medium and fast, all 3 are quite buzzy which works for me sometimes; but generally I prefer a rumbly vibe.The vibrations are most powerful in the tip and middle of this toy so the handle doesn't leave your hand numb.

Holding the Illusion ribbed in your hand it has a nice substantial weight and the silver coating gives the handle a smooth feel as you hold it. The ribbed shaft is slim enough to be a great beginners anal toy, even though I'm not a beginner, I'm no size queen when it comes to my rear end; this is my ideal size.

The softly tapered tip is perfect for pinpoint stimulation for the clit and anus and I loved this on my nipples.
The TPR is very grippy and I definitely needed my favorite lube The Premier Aqua Gel from Give Lube, this gives alot more sensitivity between toy and skin.
Sadly for me I couldn't quite get there when using this on my clit; but I do tend to prefer more rumbly vibes; its ideal as a teaser and for foreplay.
Used anally however this is the ideal size and shape for me, the softly tapered tip nudges gently and with lube slips in easily and that then allows you to insert to where you are comfortable. My OH can feel the vibrations easily when he is inside vaginally so he gets to enjoy the vibes too.

TIP: care must be taken to hold onto the toy when using anally as it doesn't have the flared base, but the handle makes it easy to know how far you insert the toy.

Being waterproof this is easy to clean under warm soapy water or in the bath or shower, the seal is thick enough to give plenty of protection as long as you screw the base up tightly. This toy however is a huge dust magnet.

This adorable little toy is perfect for anal newbies or those of you like me that prefer slim shafts, the gorgeous rounded tip makes insertion a doddle, no pushing and shoving here girls. The ribs give some texture and stimulation inside.
The whole size and shape of this toy makes it ideal for pinpoint stimulation on yourself or on your partner; blindfold them and just touch and tease areas of the body with the tip to transfer the full vibes onto a smaller surface area and watch them squirm. 
Its not the most powerful toy I have but its not the weakest either, if you prefer buzzier vibes to rumbly ones and are quite sensitive on your clit and vagina then this is ideal for you.
Those of you that are used to larger anal toys may find this too slim, but then this is an ideal travel toy being so small, it will slip easily into your handbag or suitcase and the button is hard enough that it cant be accidentally turned on if banged.

This is an affordable little anal toy which is small enough to keep at hand and powerful enough to give pinpoint stimulation for foreplay and teasing. The gently tapered tip and decreasing ripples will offer a great introduction to the world of anal play .

Slim size,
Gentle ripples,
3 speeds,
Comes with 2 N size batteries to keep one as a spare.
The vibes are a little buzzy for me,
I would love a little more power and some pulses.

You can buy your llusion Ribbed from Amazon for
But its available in many US stores so its best to shop around.

Also available in pink

All my thanks goes to Nasstoys for sending me this toy for this review.

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