Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Illusion Impulse

Another review from the selection of toys I kindly received from the lovely Nasstoys.

I already have 2 other toys from the Illusion range and the The Illusion Ribbed has the same ergonomic handles; so I was looking forward to trying this one with its quite unique shape.

The Illusion comes in a plastic box transparent in places to see the actual toy through it, its nice modern feminine design gives a fun and flirty appearance with the back of the box explaining the speeds and sizing etc.

This unusual looking vibrator is made of TPR and ABS plastic which is phthalate free. The lovely feminine lavender colour makes a change from the deep purples seen in a lot of toys.

The soft ultra smooth TPR shaft has 3 differently shaped nodules to stimulate different parts of your body. All 3 nodules look firm in the images but are infact squidgy and flexible.
It is very similar to a rabbit style toy with a nice clitoral stimulator (the 1st nodule from the left) which is more flattened to press against your clit; the other 2 beautifully rounded nodules stimulate your G-spot inside.
The Illusion Impulse is small but beautifully formed and sits comfortably in your hand.
The Measurements
Total length is 16cm.
Insertable length is 7cm
Width of shaft 2.4cm at widest point of shaft,
Width of end head is 1.9cm
Width of 2nd head is 1.5cm,

Half the Illusion is made of TPR and the base is made of ABS silver coated plastic, this is formed into a small handle allowing you to slip a couple of fingers through for ease of holding the toy and to apply pin point stimulation.

The silver part of the base unscrews and allows you to easily replace your 1.5 volt N- size battery supplied with the the toy, I love companies which supply the battery so it can be used immediately..yay!
The base screws back on with a bayonet fitting and a rubber seal, tighten this well as it is waterproof  toy.
On the handle within easy access of your thumb is a matching TPR lilac button to operate your 3 speeds.
Press the button once and it turns on to the lowest vibration, this is quite low, again for number 2 which is slightly faster and again for the fastest speed. Press once more to turn off. All the vibes are quite buzzy and I do have more powerful toys but this Impulse is angled to transfer the vibrations directly onto your vagina, g-spot and clit.

This adorable little vibrator is uniquely shaped to make it perfect for pinpoint stimulation of your clit and g-spot, once inserted I could feel the vibrations straight onto my g-spot from not just 1 but 2 nodules, the shape of the handle makes this perfect for gentle movement as the clitoral nodule's flat surface covers your whole clit; transferring the vibrations directly.
Its not as powerful as many of my other toys and I just couldn't quite get there, but it certainly warmed things up and its angled perfectly to hit my g-spot correctly giving me great stimulation.

The thickness of the nodules absorb too much of the vibrations as you can feel more from the smooth side than the 3 protruding nodules. But you still get some great stimulation directly onto your g-spot, more than any standard vibrator.
For extra sensation I used my Premier Aqua gel from give Lube, (see my review) but use your favorite lube to give you that extra slip and slide as well as great sensations.

Being waterproof its easy to rinse under hot soapy water in the bath or shower, then spray with a sextoy cleaner, I use Lelo's sextoy cleaner (see my review) as you can leave it on.

I really wanted this vibe to work for me as the ultra soft and smooth TPR feels so luxurious and I loved the amazing design this has, so completely different from standard vibrators. Even though it didn't work completely for me it certainly heated things up and the vibrations directly stimulated my g-spot it felt great. But I have to say I am a girl who loves her very strong rumbly vibes.
Many of you however dont like these and prefer buzzy sensations this Illusion Impulse will be perfect for you and those very sensitive to vibrations.
Also perfect for those new to G-spot stimulation as its very soft and flexible. A lovely feminine toy with an easy to use handle with its 3 nodules for pinpoint stimulation.

3 speeds,
Beautifully soft, smooth and flexible TPR,
Brilliantly ergonomic handle,

Not quite strong enough for me,

Get your Illusion Impulse from  

Also available in pink

All my thanks goes to Nasstoys for sending me this toy for this review.

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