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Glitter Glam Triple Play Rabbit

When I opened my monthly review item from Cal Exotics Novelties I think I squealed outloud as I had this item on my wishlist. Plus the fact its a rabbit; but not just any rabbit but a triple rabbit, something I don't have and have never tried...and I have amassed quite a collection woohoo,

My warren!

I was so excited as this is the ultimate bunny for me as I enjoy clitoral and anal stimulation while having full insertion, this toy provides all of these, could this be my ultimate sextoy...?

Well you will have to read on....

This rabbit comes in a white cardboard box with clear product photos and explanation of the things it does, not something you can hide but hey Id want to show it to everyone.

This completely waterproof rabbit is made of clear TPR and a gorgeous purple glitter ABS plastic base.

It has 3 motors, one in the shaft, one in the bunny and a micro bullet in the anal probe. The central clear shaft has 4 rows of non-jamming beads.
Very soft and flexible shaft.

The main central penetrating shaft has a lovely squidgy feel and is very flexible with a softly tapered head; which then follows down to 3 rows of non-jamming rotating beads for internal stimulation.

The side clitoral stimulator is a soft flexible cute bunny holding a carrot out in front like a ninja bunny holding a thrusting sword...I know....I haven't cracked honestly.....but that's what he reminds me of...
 See for yourself and tell me you dont see a ninja bunny holding a sword...?
He has his own powerful bullet, both his carrot and his solid ears vibrate differently due to the different thickness's to help give more stimulation to your clit. These ears are moulded together to give a thicker stimulator than some rabbits, I quite liked the effect of this. Plus I loved the cute detailing of his legs in a sitting position and faint embossing for his eyes.

The extra anal stimulator is a soft flexible graduating tail containing a matching purple micro-bullet.The base of the stimulator has a nice petal design adding a lovely feminine touch.

14cm x 3.75 cm shaft
5.75cm x 2.5cm bunny
5cm x 2cm tail

The base has a simple twist off base with a pull out battery cartridge to replace 3 AA batteries, it has a nice red ribbon tied around the cartridge to pull it out, a nice little touch. The cartridge clearly shows which way up to put in the batteries and then which way to slide the cartridge back in .
Screw the base back on tightly to make a firm waterproof seal.

EZ touch waterproof buttons.

The easy touch control panel on the base has a separate on/off button great for when disturbed, 2 separate up and down arrows; 1 to control the speed of the shaft the other controls the speed of the clitoral and anal stimulator's.
Then there is a central function "F" button which reverses the shaft and offers 3 changes the vibrations of the outer stimulator's. All 6 buttons are well defined and are easy to access while in use.

The control panel has 3 very bright LED's a nice luxurious touch to this bunny.

This Glitter Glam bunny has approximately 200 patterns of escalation, vibration and pulsations.

The vibrations are controlled by using the up and down arrow buttons. These give you;
8 levels of rotation of the shaft,
8 levels of powerful vibration on the outer stimulator's.

The the "F" or function button adds 3 extra pulsations;
1 Spinning,
2 Backwards and forwards;1 and a half rotations,
3 faster backwards and forwards; half rotations,
All the vibrations and rotations were very quiet, I was really impressed at how discreet this toy is especially with all 3 motors on full; normally rabbits grind on full speed particularly the spinning balls and are enough to wake the dead and completely off putting. But once inserted you cant hear this toy through a door or under the duvet or in the bath or shower with the water running.

Wow I can honestly say I like my new 3 way Ninja bunny, the clitoral stimulator makes me smile and holding the Glitter Glam in your hands has a nice substantial weight because of the 3 motors.

I found the rabbit so easy to use but my waterbased lube for me was essential as the TPR is so extra grippy, the shaft inserts easily with its softly tapered head and the rabbit stimulator sits against my clit quite well for a rabbit, normally I have to pull it against me to even feel them.
The vibrations are powerful but more on the buzzy side than rumbly, the odd thing is rumbly vibes are usually the only ones that work for me, but these were a deeper buzzy sensation with no rumble.
To the point I found on full "number 8" vibration his ears...and carrot; was just too much.

The anal stimulator sadly didn't work as well for me, as being so tapered it was too thin and squidgy to slip up inside easily; I really would have preferred it to be quite firmer.
But after some frustrated fiddling I managed to get it inserted a little way; once up the vibrations felt incredible.
My Ninja bunny was again a little too soft for me I would have loved this whole rabbit to be firmer but that's my preference, but the bullet sat right against my clit once fully inserted, as the gap is fairly small he doesn't sit too far away from my body like some rabbits do.
Despite this I still felt the need to press it harder against me as I got closer to orgasm; but this did the trick perfectly giving a fulfilling intense orgasm several times.

Did this rabbit work still for me...absolutely, the rotations inside felt strong and stimulated the inside of my vagina well, but I couldn't actually feel the spinning no jam beads inside...but then I generally dont feel these in my rabbits, but I'm sure they added to the stimulation somehow.
The function button felt amazing as it changes the direction of the shaft from one way to the other quickly and also adds pulses to the side stimulators...wow!
I can still slow down the rotating motor inside with my muscles; it didn't effect the incredible sensations.But this did make a little more noise; making us laugh.
By having all holes filled and combining the strong vibrations and rotations I could feel it through my whole pelvis. Oh yes this made me cum several times one after the other and it made me squirt too, unusual for a bunny to do that to me...wow what a bunny!

Bunny with a floppy!

A big TIP here is to alter the position of the bunny's carrot, (I cant believe I'm saying this), if the clit stimulator doesn't quite give you enough pressure on your clit; fold up the carrot so it directly presses against your clit (see image above) to form a firmer and lower stimulator, the grippyness of the TPR will keep it inplace.

You can fold the carrot up or down to find the effect you enjoy most.

 This bunny loves water.
Easy to clean toy as its completely waterproof, so simply run it under hot soapy water and spray with a sextoy spray paying particular attention to the bunny ears and his carrot ninja sword. Then dry with a lint free cloth as he is a hoover for dust then store away in a plastic bag, toy bag or back in his own box.

This has to be the ultimate rabbit for any rabbit addict like myself, I have been longing to try a triple bunny for a long time and was well worth the wait. My main problem was that the whole texture was a little too squidgy for me; despite this it still gives me strong multiple orgasms but I struggle using the anal tail being so bendy.
So I'm really torn with this gorgeous bunny I love the cuteness and it makes me orgasm intensely several times; so what's the problem...er nothing I suppose!
 I would say this is ok for a beginners and a great introduction to anal stimulation, even if you dont insert the anal tail it gives strong vibrations and stimulation to your whole anal area as the tail is soft enough to simply bend over (like the carrot) so no worries if anyone is worried about having to insert this tail, you dont have too as there is nothing uncomfortable about this toy.
This waterproof bunny has a very luxurious feel and is beautifully feminine; it is ideal for those of you that want that extra fun twist to the normal rabbit, the motors are strong and its very discreet for those sharing a house. An ideal gift for anyone with a rabbit habit.

Triple rabbit with anal stimulator,
3 motors,
Quiet and very discreet even on full,
Great feminine purple glitter design,
Cute bunny and flower design,

I would have preferred the shaft and stimulator much firmer especially the anal tail as it would make it easier to insert.

You can own your very own Glitter Glam triple play rabbit directly from 
Cal Exotics for

Available in Pink and Purple

All my thanks goes to Cal Exotics for sending me this rabbit as my monthly review item.

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