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Glassvibrations Little Mystic silver butt plug

 I dont own many anal toys so I was really excited to find out were sending me one to review. I was particularly lucky to get this one as I adore glass toys, I love the weighty cold feel you get with any glass; plus the fact I knew I could heat it up and hopefully enjoy extra sensory play too.

Those that know me; know that Im no prude but surely...there is another name for "Butt plug", I really hate this name? 

I was pleasantly surprised to open my parcel to find a beautifully made window box which opened like a book and closed with small magnetic clips; a sign of an excellent quality product.

Inside my Little Mystic butt plug lay snuggled on its own white satin pillow held in place by 2 elastic strands and a white ribbon, underneath it sat in its own black velvety storage case..woohoo I love toys which come with their own cases.

The Little Mystic butt plug is made by Glassvibrations a German company founded by a woman called Silke Dresbach and they produce hand-made sleek and sophisticated glass toys for adults.
The Little Mystic is hand-made from tempered glass with a strong scratch resistant silver alloy coating to give the beautiful metallic gleam. Plus it is hypo-allergenic and easy to clean being waterproof;

I found it easier to show you my measurements!

Holding this in your hand it has a gorgeous substantial weight to it of approximately 147grams.

I absolutely fell in love with this butt plug, plus a little intimated with its girth for anal play but was excited to try this as soon as possible.
It really is touchy feely in your hands, the substantial weight gives it an expensive, luxury feel and you cant help but stroke and squeeze it in your hands.Its a very similar feeling to juggling those stress reliever balls in your hand.In fact I'm twiddling while I type....!
I was slightly intimidated as I'm no anal size queen and this was the widest anal toy I own. I would say this is perfect for intermediate or advanced anal toy users as there is no give or flexibility in the material like a silicon or jelly toy and you have no graduation of smaller tip to ease you in...literally..!

The Little Mystic is compatible with every lubricant so after using my favorite Give Lube Premier Aqua gel this little anal toy slides in well with a very slight pop as it enters; the very tapered tip is in no way sharp or uncomfortable once inserted and the smaller shaft width then feels comfortable inside and the larger head gives a lovely full feeling.
Being a great conductor of heat it warms quickly to your body temperature and the weight makes it feel even nicer while inserted.
I found as I enjoy sensory play I preferred to heat this toy by running it under warm water or leaving it for 10 minutes in a bowl of hot water, being glass and a metallic alloy both materials absorb heat well and release the heat more slowly making this an amazing combination for sensory play for anal or vaginal use.
TIP; always use vaginal to anal, NEVER anal to vagina to prevent infection or clean and sterilise between use.
 I have many glass toys which I adore and they hold the heat well, this on the other hand holds the heat for a little longer maintaining a steadier temperature; cooling more slowly than my usual glass toys.
Of course for those that enjoy cold play (The sexual preference not the band) you can keep this in the fridge to chill before use too...brrrr how can you....heat all the way for! 

The slightly flared base prevents any embarrassing trips to A&E but care must still be taken as the flared base is still quite small and those experienced in anal play may be able to push this further. I have noticed a small hole in the flared base, I suspect this is for attaching a piece of cord and it can then be definitely retrieved.

Things to be aware of with glass toys in general;
  • Check for any cracks before each use, 
  • Only insert from the tapered head...I know sounds silly but you'll be amazed at what people do.
  • Never throw or try not to drop this toy on a hard floor,
  • Never store this toy with hard sharper objects,
  • Never heat in the microwave,
  • Never cool with dry ice,
  • Heat only using a tap or bath,
  • Cool only in the fridge,
Being completely waterproof you can clean this easily under hot running soapy water or rinse in the bath or shower or simply pop in the dishwasher if you have one.Then just spray with a sextoy spray to make sure.
It then can be stored in its own little black thick storage bag or back in its high quality magnetic clipped box.

As my first butt plug that wasn't made of rubber or silicon I really was impressed, the tempered glass has a gorgeous luxury high quality feel to it and the weight helps insertion and removal. I loved this plug for vaginal use too during sensory play before using this anally giving me a 2 for 1 toy.
It is a pretty hand made work of art that is unthreatening and is ideal for both men and women, if you prefer something with more girth you will enjoy this toy because of the high quality glass and being able to use this for sensory play.
This is a gorgeous luxury looking toy for anyone who loves a more girthy anal play, probably more intermediate to advanced anal toy users. The box makes it a beautiful gift to receive for either man or woman a perfect unisex toy.

If you only have one butt plug, this is the one you need!
Nothing says "I love you" more than a  
Glassvibrations Little Mystic Silver Butt plug

Tempered safety glass,
Scratch resistant,
Perfect for sensory play,

Slight tarnish look to the base, possibly done during manufacturing, but doesn't reflect on the quality of this toy.

You can buy your  
reduced from £32.99

All my thanks goes to for sending me this
 Glassvibrations Little Mystic Silver Butt plug for this review!

I highly recommend the Premium Aqua Gel from Give Lube

Gorgeous Glass Toys from Glassvibrations

Glass toys at

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  1. Fantastic review with some gorgeous detailed pics! I'm yet to try my first butt plug but getting ever more tempted.
    LOL The name 'butt plug' isn't very appealing is it! :P


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