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Circle of Crystals Non-Piercing Nipple rings

Another review from the selection of charms I kindly received from the lovely

This is the second Nipplecharm review in this set of reviews.

As I mentioned yesterday I have always loved my jewellery so when I saw that you could wear charms on your nipples without having to get them pierced I was really excited. I have always wanted to pierce my nipples but I am very proud of my extra sensitive nipps and been slightly nervous that by piercing them I may lose my sensitivity rather than gain it.
So these Non Piercing nipple charms are absolutely perfect for me, I was really excited to receive these.
Anyone who reads my reviews knows how much I adore nipple play, the extra tight nipping and tweaking feeling that us girlies...and guys love, so to be able to wear some jewellery all day to not only look sexy but feel sexy while wearing I knew I was going to love these.

I was most intrigued how they would fit as they are held on in a unique way onto the nipple giving the appearance of a pierced nipple, there is absolutely no piercing!

When you first open your Nipplecharms, they are beautifully packaged in little white gift bags with the Nipplecharms card attached to them. This clearly explains how to put them on to your nipples; each of these charms come in an individual small bag to protect it because they are real crystal.
These beautiful Circle of crystal charms are made of silver tone metal encrusted with 12 clear crystals beautifully embedded into the charms; these are secure with no way of falling out.
The solid silver rings are solid and wont accidentally bend or snap.
Measurements (bear in mind these are slightly oval so I have measured the widest part of the oval)
Total outside width 19mm
Total widest inside width unstretched 13mm.
Thickness of the sterling silvercharm is 4mm,

 These Non-pierce charms are quite different to those I have seen before in that they have strong bands of rubber which sit in an indent surrounding the edge of the charms to apply pressure and keep the charms together and in-place.

 The backs of the crystal charms revealing the indent that the band sits securely into. 

Each charm is actually divided into two and held together by the band, this allows for the charm to expand if needed to fit most sizes nipples.

 Charm on top has the invisible band behind it, the bottom charm is showing how it divides into 2 pieces to allow expansion to any size nipple, the black band is shown on the left next to it.

Showing other styles of Non piercing charms.

How to apply your new charms.
These are slightly different to apply than the embracer's or shield, in the fact you hold the charm between 2 fingers and gently pull open a few millimetres (not much) till the hole is big enough to slide over your nipple, then slide it to the base of the nipple and slowly let go, the charm should gently hug the base of your nipple, making it hard and pert.

I was over the moon with these as the effect was gorgeous, the clear crystal really sparkled in the sunlight, they looked just like I was wearing an eternity style ring on each nipple.
The sterling silver charms feel very substantial; they are thick enough to feel weighty on your nipple and the bands tighten the charm nicely at the base of the nipple, this really kept my nipples hard and very sensitive.
They are very comfortable to wear and not too tight, I did find these ones looser than the embracer's as I couldn't tighten them anymore than the charm band indent allows, but I do have tiny nipples.
 Despite this they stayed on well, it wouldn't take much for me to knock them off, but they are perfect for the sexy bedroom surprise adding a bit of glitz and glamour to your striptease routine.
You can wear them comfortably under a bra as none of the charm will dig or feel uncomfortable whatsoever and your bra will rub and tease your already sensitive nips making you feel very sexy indeed. or is that just me then...I am a sensitive soul?

I loved these nipple charms, these really looked elegant and what I loved about these ones was the stunning simplicity of a circle of crystals giving an expensive, burlesque feel to any outfit. they are also perfect to be worn under any of your clothes and the charm wont catch or snag the material.
I adore how they keep your nipples hard and as I moved I could feel the weight of the silver rings stimulating my nipple a nice sexy reminder, like you are going to forget eh.....!
These are perfect for people like myself who haven't quite had the courage to go the whole hog to get your nips pierced.

The ultimate sexy accessory for your body and an affordable treat for any girl to make you feel special and they add that something extra to any sexy outfit for a surprise in the bedroom or a quick flash to tease. A stunning gift from any guy to his girl, give her a different ring; give her 2; something for you both to enjoy.

You can buy your Non piercing nipple ring from
$10.95 each
(you need to buy 2 if you want to make a pair)

All my thanks goes to for sending me these gorgeous charms for these reviews.

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  1. Absolutely fantastic review hunni and so brave of you too! Not that you had anything to worry about, your pics are fab!
    I love the sound and look of these, especially since i've been toying with the idea of nipple piercings for some time now, I just can't quite bring myself to do it lol
    Thanks for the review hun, deffo something i'm gonna look into as they're so pretty xx


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