Thursday, 15 March 2012

Three in a bed by Monica Belle

I loved this book, I devoured this book like a bar of my favourite Galaxy chocolate. I read the whole book from cover to cover all 224 pages in one sitting as I couldn't put it down.

Monica Belle is the pseudonym of an Oxford graduate and established author of erotic romance. Three in a bed is her 13th novel and the latest in a line of cheeky, unabashed titles aimed at women with a taste for plenty of sex laced with unconventional touches. especially spanking.
Monica belle has a great flow to her writing just enough detail to keep you enthralled and a fast storyline to keep you completely hooked. As well as she writes on a personal level as I found the main character Paige could have been any one of us she is really relatable and you can see how easily we can fall into following our fantasies for real.

Paige, a pretty buxom geeky girl with freckles works for Araminta Henderson a feisty arrogant owner of a dating agency. I loved this name she has the character to match the name, sorry to all you Araminta's out there.
Paige is a quiet and shy a complete opposite to her confident boss; who continually abuses Paige's loyalty and trust; knowing Paige wouldn't stand up to her not wanting to lose her job.
You know we have all done it; I can see so much of me in Paige; this is what makes this book so much more relatable as you want to side with her, if not be her...?

Paige discovers by accident the secrets and deceptions her boss had been hiding and is thrown into the world of sex and learns a fast lesson into dealing with clients and girls. At the same time learning about herself and her own deepest sexual fantasies revelling in her new world that allows her to exploit and enjoy them making new friends and new love.
You follow Paige as she learns more about her sexuality and her new found sexual boundaries; how far does she go? Can she make her boss pay, will she find the guts to stand up to her domineering boss and if so how will she do it?
I can say so much more but I dont want to give the book away.

Wow I loved this book its really a must have erotic read if you enjoy spanking, a glorious mixture of gg/mg/mmg/ggm/ and more; with brilliantly written taste of transgender sex, with plenty of oral and domination on both sides; its an absolutely hot read.
I will be reading more of Monica Belle's books, infact I have just picked up Teasing the Devil to read. 

All my thanks goes to Xcite Books for sending me this brilliantly written book to read.

You can buy yours from 
or for download 

 ISBN: 9781908192110
Format: 198mm x 129mm
Imprint: Xcite Books
Published: 8th March 2012

from Monica belle 

Monica Belle

Sheet clenchingly good reads from Xcite Books!

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