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Pipedreams WOW no 3 Vibe Rabbit

As most of you know I have a rabbit habit as I adore both insertion and clitoral stimulation at the same time.
 My Warren
As you can see the WOW (LEFT) is so much larger in both width and length in comparison to the average rabbit.

I was very lucky to have the opportunity to review the newest rabbit from the known WOW Pipedream range from Vibrator Kingdom.
With having tried so many different types of rabbits of all different shapes and sizes, this was still my very first "Thruster" rabbit something I had been looking forward to trying for a very long time and something very different from others in my collection.

I don't normally go on about packaging as some of you really hate that, but this is so completely relevant to this review because this rabbit will make a stunning gift for someone.
From the very start of receiving a product from Vibrator Kingdom you feel special, my rabbit arrived beautifully gift wrapped in tissue and tied with a lovely bow.

 Slip box

Inside The WOW has a beautiful pink slip box with an art deco feel and elegance, showing a shield and art deco sun behind; depicting the WOW in embossed metallic 3D writing.

On the back is a photo of the rabbit and a detailed explanation of what it does and the front and sides just elegantly depict the WOW vibe in shades of pink.

But wait there's more.......
Once you have removed the slip box you have a beautiful solid white shoebox type storage box with the WOW vibe no 3 embossed in silver metallic writing simply and elegantly embossed on the front.

When you lift off the lid you realised how well made this storage box is, its very thick cardboard and the inside of the top lid is foam backed to help protect the rabbit from dents and scratches.

Lid off and your new rabbit arrives shrink wrapped for hygiene reasons and laying on a beautiful white silk padded bed formed around the rabbit, perfect as a storage box.
 This is a luxury vibe that you will want to treat with care and if it means tucking your new bunny up in its white silk bed every night, its one very lucky bunny!

This WOW bunny really is a luxury vibe, Pipedreams attention to detail on this toy is stunning.
Insertable Length 5.25 inches/13.3cm of whole toy,
Lowest thrust length is 13.5cm/5.25 inches
Longest thrust is 16cm/6.25 inches.
Widest insertable part is 3.8cm/ 1.5 inches
Girth 5.2 inches /13cm around the widest part of the shaft,

The minute you pick it up from its silk bed, it feels substantial in your hand, its slightly longer and larger than most rabbits and "its smarter than the average bunny...hey hey hey booboo" says yogi.....(sorry couldn't resist....eeep now I'm showing my age!).
Back to bunny..... It is made of hygienic phthalate free elastomer and is extremely soft and pliable, the shaft is clear and the base is made of plastic containing the control panel.

The shaft is super soft and very squidgy and has a ribbed shaft to enable it to thrust an extra inch to the length when turned on. Inside it has 1 row of pink pearls around the base of the head of the shaft to stimulate you inside.

 Clever embossing shows the cricket is sitting on a flower, very feminine.

The clitoral stimulator isn't actually a bunny like most vibes; if you look closely its a cricket sitting on the clear flower embossed on the shaft. A clever take on the bunny idea as it still has a cute adorable face but you can see his long jumping legs, a great take as its a thrusters vibe.

 The front feet of the cricket are angled out to aim at the clit, it actually gives him a very cute effect.

The 2 button control panel

The membrane control panel is simple with 2 sealed buttons one to operate the shaft and thruster, the other the cricket clitoral stimulator.
The base is unusual for most vibrators in that you simply pull out a battery cartridge, slot in the 4 AA batteries and slot back in no twisting or cross-threading; lovely its completely idiot proof.

The excellent quality motor is Japanese and is beautifully smooth and precise. The vibrations are fairly quiet but the thrusting part is a little louder about noise level of a shaver.
I also love the smaller things in the fact his toy will stand up on its flat base perfectly when not in use, keeping it clean, most sextoys have to be laid on something to keep clean.

The Vibrations
The cricket clitoral stimulator has 7 settings each very smooth not too buzzy and not too rumbly. Its perfectly balanced to suit most women.
I've got much weaker vibrators and only 1 or 2 rabbits that are only slightly more powerful vibes but the combination of the thrust rotations against my g-spot and the cricket bullet, its amazing.
The vibrations are very discreet quiet compared to most of my toys, its about half the noise of a shaver and it wouldn't be heard through a door or wall, or in the shower with running water.

The control panel has 2 LED lights to show when your vibe is on and the LED on the vibrations flash in time with which sequence you are on, so you can visually see where you are.
The Sequences;
1. Slow Buzz.
2. Medium buzz,
3. Fastest buzz.
4. An escalation that revs up and down to stop and start again, very nice and wow what a tease.
5. Pulse 3 a second.
6. 1234 1234 1234 pulses.
7. Similar vibration to number 3.
Press again and you turn it off.

You can have any combination of the 3 thruster rotations and the 7 vibrations you wish.
I do miss a simple on/off button as when I have cum I usually want to turn it off immediately, but you have to quickly scroll through the vibes and pulses to turn it off, could be awkward if you have been disturbed too lol.

Thruster Shaft
The corrugations on the shaft allow the shaft to thrust when turned on, I was so impressed at how smoothly it twisted and thrusted up and down, its a beautiful motor. See my video (coming soon).
 You have the choice of 3 incremental speeds slow, medium and fast; these 3 changes in speed are however quite small but still very noticeable. The 4th press is then off.
The grinding of the shaft is much louder than any of the vibrations; but the motor feels beautifully smooth compared to my many other rabbits and the motion of the thruster is slow and sensual. A radio on or running water in the shower will help hide alot the noise.
While inserted though its very much quieter. I on the not!!!

The Rotator with the Thruster function is so completely different than any other rabbit I have tried, for me this is a toy that is for a nice slow build up orgasm and I dont know about you girls; but for me that leads to intense bigger orgasms than just a quickie clit stimulator orgasm.
The thrusting and rotating shaft combined with the vibes on the cricket......ohhh my!!!!!!
I first tried the WOW when I wanted a quickie but got a little frustrated with not being able to feel as much thrust as I wanted but after a few minutes I was surprised to feel myself building up with the slow thrusts and twisting head against my g-spot as I angled up and forwards and within the next few minutes my orgasm was sooo intense.
I enjoyed the escalating vibration (number 4) on my clit at the same time, where it takes you to a peak then stops and starts again...jeeze girls this is such a teasing vibe!!!

I did find I had to press the clit stim against me to feel the full vibrations. His feet are deliberately angled forwards but being so soft I couldn't actually feel them. I found pressing the whole bullet against much more pleasing, he is big enough to cover your whole pussy with vibrations.
 I would have loved the shaft and clit stim to be a little firmer too, but then the thruster mechanism probably wouldn't be able to work properly any more solid. The squidgyness allows it to move freely without putting any unnecessary pressure on the motor. Plus if you are a thruster type person you cant hurt yourself by thrusting a thruster against you; that could be painful if it was a more solid shaft.
This rabbit can be cleaned easily under warm soapy water as its completely waterproof. Pay very close attention to the corrugations around the thruster part of the shaft. Use your favourite lube with this rabbit and enjoy more sensitivity. Despite this being waterproof be very aware to press the base in firmly to prevent any leaks.

The Cricket and his cheeky hands!
I really feel spoilt to have received this toy to review as I adore my rabbit toys so much this really is gorgeous.
Its ideal as a complete treat for the girls, a few hours to yourself or in my case less than 20 minutes hands free gripped between my thighs with this amazing build up with the gentle thrusting pressing against the g-spot without you having to do anything it felt incredible.
It takes you on a sensuous journey of enjoyment; as corny as that sounds it really is about the journey with this vibe, after all you dont want it all over in minutes girls do want to enjoy the stimulation for a longer length of time, the feeling of the rotation and the thrust against the G-spot is something every girl really must feel and enjoy to its maximum?

The extra length of this toy makes it a gorgeous luxury rabbit style vibe for beginners to advanced toy enthusiasts, this is such an unthreatening, feminine, thrusting rabbit you will enjoy the soft textures and gentle thrusting with full control over both vibes and rotations.
This really is a gentle giant in so many good ways!
The whole experience from receiving it beautifully gift wrapped from Vibrator Kingdom to opening the boxes to using it for pleasure makes you feel special. This will make a stunning gift for any woman.
 This is the most luxurious rabbit I've ever had the opportunity to try.

Luxury packaging,
Thruster motions,
Quiet clitoral vibrations,
LED control panel.
Nothing really; but an on/off button would make it perfect, but no big deal.
Firmer textures maybe.

You can buy your own
Pipedream WOW no 3 rabbit
On special offer as its reduced from
NOW £65

All my thanks goes to Vibrator Kingdom for giving me the opportunity to try this amazing rabbit.
Thanks you so much!!!

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  1. OMG That looks amaaaazing! I too am a HUGE fan of the rabbit vibe so this excites me no end. Thanks for yet another superb review hun :) xx


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