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The Mantric Siena Rondo

I was lucky enough to get my Mantric Siena Rondo through the Lovehoney grab bag offer, it is one of a series of toys I have been after for quite some time.
It was such a bargain as I paid £29.99 and the Mantric is approximately £35, so that alone was worth the money for me. I was relived as soon as I saw the familiar name and box yes, cant wait to try this one!

The Mantric Siena Rondo comes in a modern white slip box with an image of the Rondo on the front, brilliant diagrams of the vibrations in images on the side, so easy to follow and understand.

This slip box cover slides off to reveal the Rondo sitting in a white foam form to protect it.

The Rondo itself is an excellent quality 100% silicon vibrator which doesn't contain latex or Pthalates. The texture is really firm which I love, most silicon toys available tend to be quite squidgy and bendy; but I love the fact this is so solid.

 On one side Mantric have embossed an M and this actually gives a quality stamp on it.

It comes in a very unusual colour of a pale off yellow, not one of my favorite colours as its quite a sickly yellow. Any other colour would have looked better, pink, purple, black even, but I suppose they tried something different; but I'm not sure about it yet.
Side profile

I love however the thicker girth to this of approx 1.9-2 inches diameter. I have only previously managed a vibrator of 2 inches wide as I'm rather a small girl, so was looking forward to the challenge.

 Back profile.

The Rondo is straight having a full length of 8.5 inches long, with a slightly tapered tip to allow easier penetration or pinpont clitoral stimulation being a firmer vibe you can add more pressure for very little effort.

Gently undulating ripples run around the shaft of the Rondo helping to stimulate your nerve ending inside your vagina.
Near the base of the insertable part of the shaft it slightly widens to really make you feel full.
The base has a black control panel giving a stark contrast to the yellow shaft, I'm getting used to this colour now and I'm actually quite liking it.The yellow shaft and black handle/base reminds me of a trainer, it could have easily been made by Reebok or Gola.

The black handle is made of black plastic with 2 black buttons and an LED light in-between them.
The whole black base unscrews to reveal 2 channels to slide in the 4 X AAA batteries,
2 each side end to end.
The Science bit!
  • The full length is 21cm, 
  • Insertable length is 14cm, 
  • Width of the head is 4.1cm,
  • Widest point of the shaft 5cm,
  • 100% silicon,
  • Takes 4 XAAA batteries.
  • 100% waterproof
This fantastic sex toy has 10 functions controlled by easy to reach buttons.
I love how you can press either of the 2 black buttons and its off, you can then scroll up or down using the 2 buttons through the amazing 10 modes from vibrations, escalations and pulses.
It does start off on the highest setting when you press down; which is unusual as most toys start low, so be prepared as I'm sure you will jump I did lol.

The LED's change with speed and start from low speed green through to orange and to faster red to permanent red full speed and will flash in time with the vibrations, they are extremely bright too. My Oh really liked this fact..!
Vibrations are where the Rondo excels, I was blown away with the variety and combinations of the vibes; they are so different to any other toy I own.

 This vibration chart easily explains the detailed combination of pulse, escalation and vibrations.
I wish more companies would offer this chart as its so easy to read which mode to choose, rather than simply guessing.

To turn off its nice and easy just press either button and hold for 3 seconds and it turns off, no matter where you are in your 10 modes, its such a relief not to have to scroll through all 10 of them if you are accidently disturbed...yesss brilliant!
As for the vibrations I was so surprised at the strength and power in each vibration. Mantric really have spoilt us with a fantastic combination of escalations and pulses just in 1 mode they are deep and rumbly not at all buzzy; just the way I love my vibes...thank you Mantric!

Noise levels
The vibrations are slightly quieter than a shaver but 1 or 2 patterns get a little louder but could be muffled under a duvet with the radio or TV on, or in the shower with the water running; otherwise I'm really impressed at how discreet this toy is compared to how powerful it is. Woohoo finally a great balance between power and discreetness!
But its not that discreet in size only noise, this will be noticed if left on your bedside drawers.

We enjoyed quite a long session to give the Siena Rondo the ultimate tryout; it warmed quickly to my body and the firm silicon felt great against my clit ideal for pinpoint stimulations on my nipples and rumbly enough to feel great massaged around my neck and down my back.
I think the big grin on my face says it all, these rumbly and powerful vibes really feel incredible inside, The extra width of the Rondo really feels tight and felt like it was stretching my vagina; I could feel the vibrations through my whole pelvis. I dont have many toys other than my wands that do that!!!

Measurements and the 3 main G-spot stimulation points depending how you wish to use this vibe.

Towards the tip there is a slight lump and this stimulates the G-spot, towards the base it widens into extra wider ridges and this really feels nice!
The gorgeous softly tapered tip makes this toy extremely pleasurable against your g-spot and I can angle the Rondo up and forwards and by gently rocking it, it presses perfectly against my G-spot and I was there in minutes.This toy is unique as it has 3 spots which depending on how you wish to use this toy will probably reach your G-spot.
I didn't feel the need to thrust with this toy being fairly small down there; due to the extra girth and ridges, I simply enjoyed being stretched and feeling every vibes.
My only gripe was every now and again we had to press the buttons twice to get the vibes to scroll through, even though they feel solid and defined they seem to "stick" inside and had to press it several times to get to the next vibration, this got a little frustrating at times, especially while inserted and covered in lube the buttons and Rondo got quite slippy to hold and grip.
But all in all this is easily overlooked as once on your favorite mode you!

This was too wide for me to attempt to try this anally as Im no anal size queen, but some of you may enjoy this gorgeous girth.

Only waterbased as its 100% silicon.

The Rondo is completely waterproof so it can be run under warm soapy water to clean perfect while in the bath or shower.This toy cleans beautifully but does attract quite a bit of dust.

Love love love this vibrator, its been awhile since I have had the opportunity to try a lovely girthy vibe, most are 1.5inches or under, but this extra girth of nearly 2 inches feels amazing. But it could be slightly intimidating for a beginners, saying that there is a vibration pattern for everyone, from softly gently hum to a pulsing rumble for those like me who love powerful vibes.
Its been a nice change for me from my rabbits and I am completely over the sickly yellow colour as the powerful vibes made up for it; after all I'm not seeing the colour while I'm using it.
The packaging makes this a gorgeous gift but its isn't overly feminine for the girly sextoys collectors out there.
The teasing, throbbing patterns of the Mantric Sienna Rondo promise an exciting, sensational climax; whether internally on your G-spot or for pinpoint clitoral stimulation, the amazing girth leaves you completely fulfilled anywhere you wish to play being 100% waterproof too; this really is a sextoy essential and has now moved to the top of my toybox!

Powerful vibes,
Colour being so different,
Battery power lasts well,

Button can play up,
Would be nice to have a storage bag,

You can get yours in the UK from
Reduced from £20
Sexshop365, click here

Or in the 
Click The Siena Rondo Image below

Silicone multifunction thick contoured vibrator.

product picture
Traditional vibrator by Mantric
Material: Silicone

Sex toys - EdenFantasys adult toys store

Sex toys - EdenFantasys adult toys store


  1. Awesome review! Love the photos you included This toy looks like a lot of fun.

  2. Boobs and Lubes17 March 2012 at 14:05

    Looks cool

  3. Thanks everyone, yes I enjoy taking the photos as much as using the toy, thankies!

  4. FruityCloudPuff2 April 2012 at 12:35

    Such a unique design. Thanks!

  5. Excellent review! Thanks for all the photos


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