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Madam. By Becky Adams and Linda Dunscombe

Prostitutes, Punters and Puppets. 

The Memoirs of a very British Brothel

I saw a series of programmes called "Personal services" and was fascinated then with watching the lives unfold of Becky and her girls. So when I saw that Becky Adams had released a book of her life as a Madam I couldn't wait to read about this amazing woman.

I have read alot of autobiographies in the past but this is the first one that has left me touched by the sheer determination and passion for what she wanted to do.
This amazingly powerful book is the cause of me having 2 nights of no sleep as I literally couldn't put this book down, I was completely gripped and involved as she takes you on her journey with her, back in time to her childhood, through to her teens and having her first child to her dabbles into petty crime and ending up as a single mum in a women's refuge.You enjoy her ups and many more downs as she began to see how her life was unravelling before her and wasn't going as she had envisioned.

Watching so many TV and films over my years I thought I knew roughly about the lives of madams and brothels, how wrong I was. I never dreamed it would be so hard with so many obstacles that she had to get over, from not just the authorities, but friends and family, neighbours, punters and even the girls themselves caused a certain amount of headaches for Becky.
It all started with helping a close friend of hers who became an escort and she started to run her friend to her clients to help keep her safe, after seeing what her friend went through and how the clients were treated she knew she could run an escort agency far better. Its amazing what ideas you can have over a ginger-nut and a cuppa.
I will be buying ginger-nuts on my next shop. 

But most people like you and I assume running an agency or brothel is easy, just sit on the phone and partner the right girl with the right guy to match his unique kinky needs, easy eh..? Oh no after reading this book will see the difficulties she encountered.
From this moment her life changed completely and Milton Keynes didn't know what was about to hit them. It became an uphill struggle with the authorities and their ridiculous legalities, jealous competitors and even death threats and of course keeping her young excitable girls from getting them and her into more trouble. She'd play devils advocate in keeping her girls and the clients happy on a daily basis.
She has added personal photos sharing times in her life

The way Becky talks its like she's sitting right next to you, her book is easy to read and flows beautifully as you join her side by side through a rollercoaster of emotions, I laughed outloud to the point I woke my dog up and made my parrot fall off its perch. I shed tears of laughter at her wit and comedy and I also welled up at her continual fighting against the law and shocked at how close friends and employees could betray her so badly. I was shocked at how aggressive rival brothels and agencies could be, how she could be scared for her life; but I was also touched how a few close friends stood by her through thick and thin.
Becky's unique way of life caught the eye of TV producers who were quick to want her for a TV documentary series that I was lucky enough to see back in the 80's, she also appeared on The Trisha show and This morning. The British public however gave her mixed results and yet again she battled bureaucracy and the reserved snooty British public's views of the sex industry.

I dont want to give much away as you really need to read this book, I cant even begin to explain about some of the antics of Beckys kittens, Spanky the monkey, postman Pat and a Rolf Harris fetish it is far better coming from the words of Becky Adams herself.

 This is a woman that knew what she has wanted, knew how to get it and fought her damnedest to keep it. She is truly an inspirational person to so many people. I have a heartfelt admiration for a woman who has been knocked down so many times, not just by strangers but close friends and family, but she still gets up and carries on.
 To the point she made herself ill and has come back yet again reinventing herself as this brilliant writer, motivational speaker and lecturer for the sex industry; I would want her on my side anyday.
This is one book I will pick up again and again. Its an incredible read for both men and women if you want to lose yourself in time and forget your own stresses and worries just for a little while; and fall into Becky's world this is a must have read.
 You cant make these stories up; Becky really is living proof that real life can be stranger than fiction.

Read more about Becky and what she's doing now on her site
You can buy your own signed copy of Madam from
or take a peek inside this gorgeous book
  on Amazon
Plus you can download to Kindle too.

All my love and thanks goes to Becky for sending me a copy of this wonderful book for me to review.
Spank you so much!

Becky has since become number 1 best selling book at Waterstones, huge congratulations to a special lady!

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  1. Brilliant book! *****!!!! Best book of this genre I have read, and I have read many. There are so many valuable life lesson, no matter what side of the pond you live on. What a fabulous PC reality check, not only of facts of the business, but of mythical mindsets that are still very present in todays time; and to think we are in the new millennium living in the dark ages of conservative society with in the virtual just a click away of the web secret society. Go Becky! The ending made it! Spot On! Keep fighting for the under dog and the change that is needed in modern society! LOVE LOVE LOVE this book!
    Brightest of blessings,


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