Friday, 2 March 2012

Lovehoney Crazy Random Grab bag

Lovehoney sell a Crazy Random Grab Bag occasionally and the amount of amazing reviews really show that you can get something brilliant in almost every one. Of course you have to accept, you will probably not like everything in your box. Most times the Grab bags sell out within hours, this was no exception, it was out of stock within 24 hours of receiving my email; I was one of the lucky ones.

You pay £29 for one of the completely random bags and you can expect toys to the value of £50 or alot more. You can then choose which selection bag of toys you would like;
  • Male Toys,
  • Female toys,
  • Couples toys,
  • Bondage toys,
  • Anal Toys 
You will receive a selection of toys including vibrators, dildos, strap-ons, anal toys, bondage toys and male masturbators, lubes, oils and creams depending on the bag you choose.
You do though take the chance of what you will receive and you cant complain or send it back unless of course its faulty.
Its all completely random.

I love surprises, its all in the waiting for me and the not knowing what your getting, this goes back to my childhood with my sweetie lucky bags; now being a sextoy addict I wanted to take that chance of getting something really special.
I had read many reviews about people receiving Lelo and other luxury makes so I was really excited like a big kid (well I am in my 2nd childhood) and I promised I would try hard not to rugby tackle the postie when he arrives.
My main worry was that I'm allergic to most lubes and creams and oils so it would have been a real disappointment to have a bag full of these. For me it was quite a gamble and I was fully expecting something that I wouldn't like.

My toys arrived the very next day in quite a large box.

I absolutely loved my Female Toys Random Grab bag or "box" as you can see I got.

Mantric Siena Rondo 10 Function Silicon vibrator Discontinued but approx £30-£35 on other sites.
I love this whole range from Mantric, this was my number one surprise today.

Tracey Cox Supersex 3 speed secret Vibe £14.99.
I had been after this one for a while now.

Cupids Punk Rock Bingo Rabbit Vibrator  £29.99
What can I say its Punk Rock and its a rabbit, I'm in love.

Lovehoney Love bear Bullet Vibrator £14.99
I adore anything cutie and I had this little fella on my list for while too.

Mantric mPod 10 function Bullet Vibrator 19.99
I hadn't seen this one and at first glance thought it would work with my ipod or something similar because of the name mPod, but its doesn't its simply a wired bullet. I realised it was because its "Looks" similar to a small ipod; So I was slightly disappointed.
But I haven't tried it yet and it does have 10 functions plus its a wired bullet which I like too; so we'll see. I hope to be completely surprised.

I received in total of £108 approx worth of toys for my £30, I'm over the moon and chuffed to bits about receiving the Rondo and I will look forward to trying each one of these and reviewing them all individually; watch this space.

Thank you Lovehoney this was a great random choice for me.

You can get yours when they are back in stock from

But if you do receive something and isn't for you, simply give it away as a gift or put it up for the
Adopt a toy thread on Lovehoney.

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  1. Some great contents in this one, Good selection of different toys :)


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