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The Illusion massager

The illusion Massager

This was one of the group of toys I was lucky enough to have received from Nasstoys to review. I plumped straight for this cute feminine pink massager from the Illusion range. It reminded me of an older TV series I used to watch Flash Gordon and his it has an elegant art deco style running through it...I know I'm showing my age!

  Front of the box.
The illusion massager comes in a plastic formed box which has some clever white vignetting revealing the toy through the transparent central part. 
The photo here doesn't do it justice. The box is feminine and has an angelic quality to it being a faded white with pink girly writing and designs, perfect as a gift for someone.
These elevations give this toy a soft triangle shape when looking down the tip.

The Illusion massager is 7.25 inches of ABS plastic with TPR soft-ridge patterns to add extra pleasure, these are cleverly designed and layered carefully to add graduating widths and 2 differing textures offering you a more expensive feel toy.

 You can see the brilliant graduations and the build up in layers of the TPR to give this slightly wider grippy effect giving this vibe a more luxury feel.

 Side profile of the graduations.

The Science bit
The toy is pthalate and latex free.
Full length is 7.25 inches long.
Insertable length is 5 inches,
Widest insertable diameter is 1.2 inches wide,

At the base is a silver metallic inch strip to show you where the insertable part of the vibe ends and the battery compartment starts. Its this that reminds me of an art deco feel, quite an arty design, I really like it.

The base unscrews to reveal a removable battery compartment so you can replace your 2 AAA batteries, I love toys which use a cartridge as its so easy to slip back inside with no rattling from loose batteries.

 Its also clearly marked which way up to insert your cartridge of batteries.

 The base has a bayonette fitting, where you line up the embossed square into its groove and screw back up tightly to seal the transparent silicon seal (shown above) to make it completely waterproof.

At the very end of the base is a slightly tapered tip which is a sealed button also made of the TPR for easy grip. Click once to start a low buzz, again for medium and a third press for high vibrations. Press again to switch off, it cant be any easier.
The button is well defined and good quality and unlikely to be pressed accidentally if travelling as you have to click it quite firmly.

This is fairly discreet, on 1 and 2 you cannot be heard at all through a door or even under the duvet in the same room; but on 3 its just slightly quieter than a shaver, I couldn't be heard through the door and if you were in the shower or bath with water running you would be quite safe too.

This massager has a nice substantial weight to it and its a standard size width ideal for beginners or those who are not used to girthy vibes.
I loved the feel of this toy right from the start with its pretty pink feminine looks and its added grippyness of the cleverly TPR layered designs giving you 2 different textures for a luxury feel.
I was genuinely surprised with how powerful this toy was. the number 3 vibration is rumbly and feels quite deep; perfect for massage and pinpoint stimulation on the nipples and clit or anus.

What I do like is that the vibrations are evenly distributed through the whole length of the toy; usually vibrators have sections along its widths that are better than others. It has been so well made its perfectly even allowing vibrations to pass through your whole vagina.
(But of course it can make your fingers a little numb with prolonged use.)
Another way to use this toy and really feel those soft ridges is to get your OH to twist or roll it between their fingers while its inserted, this gives a really sensual sensations.
But the best way to feel this toy is to sit on it between your lips; as being a sleek triangle shape it fits us girlies perfectly.

I have more powerful vibes but they are also alot more expensive, this has I would say medium power.
The first 2 vibrations didn't really do it for me but were great for warming up and pinpoint stimulation of anywhere on the body.
Number 3 vibration has definitely more rumble to buzzy vibes which I prefer. Inserted it was a fab warm up but a little too pointy for me to come from my g-spot, but when moved to the tip of my clit it was fantastic. For me this little Illusion massager is better for a quickie than a longer journey orgasm and even better for foreplay.
Being a smaller vibe its ideal to keep in your bag or in grabbable distance for a quickie when you feel like it. For extra sensation use a waterbased lube for more slip and slide.

Anal Play
This may be a good little toy for anal play but be cautious as the tip is a little pointy, but I do prefer this as its gives more control and ideal for those new to anal play.. Be aware that it doesn't have a flared base and you must hold onto the end. It is unlikely you could lose this toy being a lovely long length but with any anal play proceed with caution.

Being completely waterproof you can run the vibe under warm soapy water or simply rinse off after in the bath or shower then sprayed with a sextoy cleaner paying attention to the edges of the TPR and the very tip of the vibe which has a very small seam, but nothing to effect any enjoyment you cant feel this.

This little toy was a brilliant surprise to me, usually standard looking toys do not have the power for me, but when I clicked to 3 it actually made me jump. If I had the choice to grab a small bullet or this vibe; it would be this one, its really cute and a nice insertable length size for a quickie.
The cute pastel pink vibe is a great toy for beginners being completely unthreatening with a luxurious feel and texture; as well as being fairly slim and the 3 vibrations feel wonderful, number 3 being surprisingly rumbly and very enjoyable. 
So those of you that enjoy stronger vibes like myself will still enjoy this great affordable little toy. Its a nice addition to any toybox.
l now keep this in my bag as the button wont easily get turned on, its ideal as weekend away toy for you and your OH; as it is a 2 for 1 toy in the fact the rumbly 3rd vibe is gorgeous rolled along your body for massage or some fun in the shower for the 2 of you.
I really liked this stylish well balanced, feminine vibe I would recommend this as a perfect gift for yourself or guys to buy your girl; after all it turned me on and got me there, what's not to like!!

Gorgeous choice of a girly pink or pretty Lilac,
Luxury combination of TPR and ABS plastic,
Luxury feel,
Rumbly vibes for massage,
Easy battery replacement,

None, its an adorable beginners vibrator.
But if I have to say anything maybe a few extra pulses or escalations would make this perfect for me.
maybe a simple plastic or satin bag to keep it in; but this puts up costs and this is so very affordable.

Buy your illusion massager for approximately 
from various US stores.

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