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The G-Spot Lollipop

The G-spot Double Lollipops

When I first saw the colourful G-spot Lollipops I was intrigued to know more, as many of you know I love toys that are so completely different, to the run of the mill vibes and dildos. But as a huge bonus this is also great for your body too by exercising your kegals.
See more about the importance of your Pelvic Floor and kegals here in my article.
So when I found out I was going to have the opportunity to try one of these gorgeous toys I was really excited. They reminded me of the gobstopper sweets I used to have as a child because they come in the most gorgeous colours.
This ingenious range helps you find and master the G-spot girls, so for those of you who are new to g-spot orgasms or those of you like myself who just enjoy trying different ways to orgasm; these are great fun toy to buy.
They have been designed to reach any womans G-spot so with regular use your orgasms will become more intense as you step up in size by strengthening your kegals too, offering better sex for your partner, so both of you will benefit from this fun toy to use.

When my parcel arrived G-spot Lollipops had treated me to 2 of the Double pops in a different colour and size. thank you so much G-spot Lollipops wow.
The G-spot Lollipop double pop (try saying that 5 times) is double the fun and the biggest selling style in the G-spot Lollipop range.

The medium Double pop in Wild Apple and small Double pop in Passion purple.

These pretty feminine toys comes shrink wrapped with clear cellophane at one end and tied with a corresponding colour bow, this makes it look even more like the lollipops I had as a child.

Every G-spot Lollipop comes with a pretty bow of its corresponding colour, a gorgeous finish to these unique toys.

Tied to the lollipop is a small card explaining how to use it, if anyone is unsure.

The Pops are made from beautifully smooth acrylic and have a gorgeous shine to them. The 2 balls are different sizes giving you a choice of which size depending on your mood. The balls are then connected by a body safe surgical steel bar which is hypo-allergenic and will last a lifetime, both Pops are secured firmly on each end with no worries of coming off.
 When you hold a pop in your hand for the first time its so touchy feely and you cant help but touch and stroke the ultra smooth surface.

All the Pops come in a gorgeous variety of yummy colours so there will be something to suit everyone.

 Double Pops comes with a ball at each end which are slightly different sizes so you can use the ball which you think will fit you best. With these you are always getting 2 toys in 1. Its always best to start with the smaller ball and work your way to the second.

The Passion Purple is a size small Double pop.
The Purple metallic marbling has a beautiful swirly a boiled I'm not addicted to really looks similar. They really catch the light.
The pop on one side is 1.50 inch in diameter and the other is slightly bigger of 1.75 inch in diameter both connected by a metal bar of 6.8 inches or 17.5 cm long.

This Wild Apple Medium Double pop
 Is a gorgeous fresh looking colour, something quite different to the main pink, purple and black sextoys. This medium double pop has a ball which is 1.75 inch in diameter and the 2nd ball which is 2 inches in diameter again connected by a metal rod which is slightly longer than the small of 7.2 inches long.
There is a marked difference in weight between the 2 Double Pops, the medium is definitely heavier to hold.It actually has a nice substantial weight to it.

Here are the 2 largest ball on each pop, the 1.75 and the 2 inch.

The surgical steel rods are well secured into the pops, I had a little tug on all the balls and they didn't budge. I did have a very brief concern "what of one came off while inside me", but they are really well secured, there is no give whatsoever.

The Double Pops come in 3 sizes
  1. Small- 1.50- 1.75 inch,
  2. Medium -1.75- 2 inch,
  3. Large - 2- 2.50 inch,
If you are used to using sextoys and dildos I would go for the small or medium, but if you are new to toys and are not used to G-spot orgasms or squirting then I would go for the small. I was extremely comfortable with the small and I class myself as quite experienced, but I am quite small down there.
If you enjoy larger girthed vibes and dildos then you have a choice between the medium and large.
The large pop would give you a nice challenge if you enjoy feeling tight and full.

Here are some comparisons in my hand.

How do they work
The Pops are an ingenious unique shape and are designed to find the g-spot of any woman, like no other toy on the market (and I've tried some toys in my years....). They are the homing device of g-spots.
The perfect spherical shape fits in-between the kegal muscles in your vagina well, so when you orgasm the kegals literally grip around the pop contracting and gripping spasmodically during your orgasm till its finished. I have to say I have never felt anything quite like this.

I was excited to try these as I had never tried anything like these before, not even kegal balls.
I'm quite small down there and chose the small ball of my passion purple pop, I followed the instructions. yes there are instructions and you do need them as they explain how to find and angle the pop into your g-spot, it really is informative.
 I started by lying on my back and applied lots of lube, being acrylic you can use any favorite lube as it cant damage the acrylic.

Pop can be used to insert or used as handle.

To insert I used the opposite pop to hold onto, this fits easy into the palm of your hand and enables you to control the pop perfectly. So simple yet so clever......!
Once inside angle the pop upwards and towards you in a "come hither" motion. You will feel a slightly raised bump. Or simply crook the pop upwards and it should automatically hit your g-spot. Its then up to you whether you simply thrust it gently or insert a vibrator for extra stimulation.

My favorite is to add a vibe as it slides alongside the steel rod and touches the pop inside. The vibrations transfer well along the thin steel rod. So you are getting the gentle pressure on your gspot from the movement and getting the vibrations from your favorite toy.
This lends itself well to having a cheaper thinner harder style vibe ie; the lady finger as this transfers vibrations easily along the thin surgical steel rod.
Well it took me a few minutes and I had a massive intense orgasm, then I felt something I hadn't felt before and that was my own muscles (kegals) clamping and spasming around the pop, at first it felt odd but once I got used to the feeling it felt amazing. I thought I had felt most things with sex in my many years, but this was a new feeling and I love it.

I did however get slightly concerned as I tried to remove the pop almost immediately, but found my muscles were still tightly around the pop, I have now learnt its best to wait a few minutes till you have relaxed after your orgasm and your kegals will release and you can pull the pop out with no problems.
I have never felt these amazing sensations before and I'm so pleased to still be learning so much more about my body at my age woohoo.

 Your pussy will love the G-spot Lollipops!

Your pussy wont want to let go!
Because of the unique shape of the G-Spot lollipop it creates sensations you probably would not have experienced before.
With a normal vibe you thrust it in and out and the width remains equal all round holding the vagina open.
But with the pops you thrust in and out and the vagina opens and then closes around it as you move it backwards and forwards; giving you more sensations than you would feel with a normal vibe.
Your pussy really grips onto the pop as you pull it backwards and forwards, so you are exercising more than you think you are. On orgasm you feel how powerful your muscles are as they literally clamp and hold that pop till your orgasms fades; incredible! My pussy does not want to let that pop go!!!!

1.75 inch pop and 1.50 inch pop.

Once you have mastered the smaller pop you can then move onto the second pop. I found this gave me harder contractions around the 1.75 inch pop, the larger of the 2 pops on the small Double.
I have yet to master the 2 inch diameter pop but I love a challenge; some of you however may find these quite easy, but its still best to get used to the smaller end fist.
I'm looking forward to mastering the 2 inch diameter as I love challenges.

Another way to use the Lollipops is to simply insert one of the pops and just clench and hold, you can even stand up clenching the pop inside in your pussy, this is another way to exercise your kegals. (obviously not with friends and family around, they may wonder what's dangling between your thighs.)
Try this while doing the washing up, it'll make housework a whole new experience.
A simple way is to pop one in while watching telly and clench for a few seconds and release. 
You can also use these pops for anal play, although I have yet to try that, I much prefer teasing my G-spot at the moment. I feel caution is needed if using for anal stimulation as it maybe too tempting to push the pop further than it should as you have a longer handle and a firm grip on the other end. I would suggest inserting no further than 3-4 inches.
Being waterproof you can also heat these up and down for sensory play to your taste too, the acrylic cools a little faster than glass but you get the same effect and it feels amazing. I tried warmed up under warm running water and pressed it against the g-spot and felt heaven......what else can I say!

So we have 6 ways to use this unique toy and probably many more;
  • G-spot stimulation by yourself.
  • G-spot stimulation by yourself but add a vibrator to allow the vibes to travel down the steel rod,
  • Used with a partner,
  • Used for anal stimulation,
  • Simply inserting and clenching with your pelvic floor for exercise,
  • Sensory play,
Please let me know if you find anymore ways to use this toy and I'll add them to the list.

This is so easy to care for and being completely waterproof, you can simply wash under warm soapy running water; then I would spray with a good sextoy cleaner, paying particular attention to the join between the acrylic ball and rod.
I would not boil though as I'm not sure how the acrylic would react.
They are extremely hard wearing, you cant easily dent or scratch these, unlike a silicon toy which could catch on zips and buttons ruining the smooth surface; these pops are resilient to knocks and scuffs and are unlikely to break if they fell on the floor.

G-spot Lollipop also do other types of pop;,
  • The Travel pops which are palm sized more portable and light, ideal for travel no one would have any idea what they were. 
  • Single pop where you simply have just a single pop like a lollipop. 
  • The double here 
  • J-pop an exclusive design which is the shape of a J.

Exercise your G-spot!!
I never would have thought such a simple idea would give so much pleasure, these ingenious Lollipops are like a homing device to your g-spot you cannot miss it with these, because of the spherical shape and with the correct angling and movement you could be a squirting queen overnight.
Those of you that have trouble finding your G-spot, or have never squirted would definitely benefit from trying a G-spot Lollipop.
This 2 in 1 toy is so versatile in the fact it can be used in so many different ways to achieve orgasm.

I love my small pop the metallic marbling purple colouration really is gorgeous

 I also love my Wild Apple as it remains a challenge for me.

The largest ball on the medium pop is still too big for me but I love a challenge.  So for now I tend to grab my passion purple as it fits me perfectly.
You can also leave these lying around and no one will have any idea what they are, but if you have children they may be attracted to the amazing colours.
Its a sensation girls like you probably have never had as you feel your kegals clamp around these pops as you orgasm, don't be surprised if you start to get comments from your OH that you feel tighter or stronger down there. I certainly do.
They are a fun colourful toy to add to any collection; plus they are good for your health.
 Exercise has never been so much fun!

I dont often rave about a particular toy especially one that doesn't have vibrations, but this is so unique compared to any other sextoy I have ever tried.
Its an affordable toy that is almost bomb proof and will probably last a lifetime.Your orgasms will become more intense the more you use this incredible toy by gradually strengthening your pelvic floor; improving your health and sexual experiences; not just for yourself but with your partner, can you really put a price on that?

Unique, unusual,
Different sizes,
Smoothness of the acrylic,
Ergonomic to hold.
Improves your health,
No power needed,


You can buy yours directly from G-Spot Lollipop

Please watch this brilliantly fun video and I swear you'll be humming the tune all day.

All my thanks goes to G-Spot Lollipop for sending me these gorgeous pops to review, thank you guys! X

The company G-spot Lollipops have just been nominated for the best sextoy for women at the AVN awards.
Congratulations guys you really deserve it.


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