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Fetish Fantasy Elite 6" straight vibrating realistic dildo

I have only recently realised I enjoy the girthier slightly firmer toys rather than the bendy squidgy ones and fell in love with this as soon as I saw it.
Plus the fact I dont own any large vibrators which have such a lovely wired controller, no more having to stretch and contort into awkward positions to change vibration patterns.
Fetish Fantasy range has been extremely popular for years and has won awards for their popularity, they have now introduced this new Elite range of toys manufactured by Pipedreams so I knew it was going to be excellent quality.

Front and back of the box.

This FF Elite comes in a gorgeous modern white fronted box with a lovely photographic image of the vibe on the front, on the sides has a beautifully embossed glossy purple snakeskin effect, this really gives a striking luxury appearance.

Absolutely perfect to be given as a gift any girl or guy would love this.

 The complete kit with FREE mask and toy cleaner and lubricant.

The waterproof 6 inch dildo is made from 100% medical grade elite silicon; it is body safe and hypoallergenic. This vibrator is realistically shaped like a penis with some added raised bumps and perfectly designed to fit the internal makings of us girlies for the best pleasure and stimulation. The flared base makes this compatible with most harnesses and will also sucker to any smooth surface like tiles, mirrors, floors, walls and doors.

From this vibrator is a wire that leads to a gorgeous ergonomic remote control that also comes in its own little holster that will clip onto outer clothing should you want to be hands free. This is a first  I have never seen this in any other toy, its a really neat touch!
Science bit
Total length 7 inches exactly.
Insertable length 6.5 inches.
Girth diameter widest point 1.9 inches,
Widest point of the head 1.6 inches wide.
Flared base width  diameter 2.65 inches.
Length of the wire from Vibe to remote 22 inches,
Latex and Phthalate free, non porous and the safest sextoy material available today.

But that's not all.... wait there more....
With this kit you not only get the vibrator but a 100% silicon blindfold/mask in the same purple colour and 2 sample bottles of Pipedreams Moist lube and Antibacterial toy cleaner.

Lube and Toy cleaner
I love that you are getting to try Pipedreams own makes of toy cleaner and personal moisturiser. But I sadly cant use these as I tend to be allergic and I stick to the few makes I can use.
So as  I haven't used these and cannot comment on them, both contain Parabens so those allergic must be cautious.

The Moist personal Lubricant
Aloe vera, Nettle extract, Rosemary extract, Balm mint extract, Ginseng extract, Water,  Glycerine, Hydroxyethyl, Ethylcellulose, Diazolidinyl, Urea, Carbpol, Sodium benzoate,  Methylparaben, PEG6-32  Triethanolamine,  Nomylphenol,  Citric acid,
Antibacterial Toy cleaner
Water, Amonium, Laury sulphate, Cocamidopropyl betaine, Cocamide DEA, Sodium carboxymethyl lauryl Glucoside,sodium PCA, Propyl-paraben, Methyparaben, Diazolidinyl, Citric acid

The silicon mask/blindfold
The Silicon mask comes rolled up in  a small plastic bag and I thought after reviewing for so long now it was going to be a nightmare to flatten to get any decent photos or to use and make it look nice; wow how wrong was I, it simply unfolded and laid flat with its own weight showing what excellent material it is.
 The back is adjustable through similar in style to swimming goggles or a bra so will fit most people.

It is also light to wear too unlike some heavier leather blindfolds this is ideal for beginners getting into BDSM, its pretty to look at; light to wear and easy to adjust.

The Vibrations
The 22 inches of wire gives you plenty of movement from vibe to remote so you can virtually sit in any position.

 Tightly packed batteries

The remote control pad takes 2 AAA batteries which are extremely tight and I recommend using a slim piece of ribbon around the ends of the batteries so you are able to pull them out to replace them again, I really struggled to replace the batteries and without resorting to bashing the remote on the table; it took me over 20 minutes to prize them out carefully using a sharp pointy implement.

The remote itself is made of ABS matching purple plastic and completely ergonomic and is beautifully shaped and curved which sits easily in the palm of your hand.

 To make this extra special this remote has a removable black holster which allows you to clip it to clothing for hands free play for extra fun.

Or take it off to feel the smooth, sleek curves of the remote itself.
The front sealed control panel is waterproof allowing you to take this into the bath or shower for extra personal time. the wire has a little white bung as it enters the remote to keep the insides waterproof.

The beautifully designed glossy black oval control panel is divided up into 2 segments the top is on/off and the bottom half is so you can scroll through the 7 patterns.

 In-between are 3 LED's which light up according to how strong the pulse is and flashes in time with the speeds of the patterns, these are so bright and really is excellent quality.
The Vibration patterns;
  1. Lowest Vibrations I though this was fast when I first turned it on as its faster than most toys fastest functions
  2. Medium vibrations this is fast,
  3. Fastest Vibrations super fast , can get a little buzzy but its feels great,
  4. 2 Pulses a second,
  5. Escalation all the way to full speed and start again, this is a nice revving feeling,
  6. Pulse every second, nice and powerful,
  7. 3 short pulses and 1 long.

I really love these vibrations but they are a little buzzy rather than rumbly, this toy still feels amazing though as its bordering on having some rumblier patterns that I really enjoy. I personally would prefer slightly more rumblier ones. Most people would enjoy these vibes as its completely middling.
Sadly for me though they are just not quite strong enough for me again, but those of you that know me know I love my power. This doesn't mean though I didn't enjoy this toy, I really did and the girth itself was enjoyment enough and the vibrations a complete bonus. I would have bought this as a dildo so to have 7 patterns to play with depending on my mood is an added bonus for me.

Noise Levels
Some of the patterns are louder than others but most won't be heard through a closed door or under a duvet or in the shower with water running. Its noisy till you hold it and it quietens and the same as soon as its inserted its nicely muffled.

The Blindfold.
I tried on the blindfold and it was light and soft and I was able to tighten it comfortably around my face, I have had blindfolds in the past that are too rough, hard and inflexible, this was none of those. The complete opposite and so easy to wear for longer lengths of time. It  doesn't block all the light so if you want darkness buy or use your blackout blindfold, the soft silicon moulds comfortably around your face, this is an ingenious idea to make it from silicon, everyone needs to have one of these and this comes completely FREE.

The Suction cup
This vibe has another feature which gives yet more ways to play with this. The flared base being made of silicon allows it to easily stick to wall, floor, tiles, mirrors or any shiny surface, let your imagination run away with you.

 Flared base for harnesses or suction to use hands-free.

If you are by yourself stick it to a surface, in the shower or bath or maybe the washing machine for added vibrations for more hands-free play, the floor is another good one, it allows you to take your time as you slowly lower yourself down over it to enjoy it more, savouring every moment.

It sticks well and its very strong I had to peel it off the wall to remove it, I couldn't just pull it off.

This is a gorgeous kit to have and as soon as you pickup the dildo feels smooth and its a nice substantial weight in your hand and really comfortable to hold. This toy really is ultra soft to touch but isn't flexible, perfect for pinpoint stimulation of the nipples and clit, I have grown to prefer vibes which are much firmer, the surface also becomes slippy quickly so I found I didn't need to use so much water based lube.
I'm often turned off by realistic vibes but I loved the extra girth and shape plus the feminine purple colour of this Elite, the head is beautifully tapered to allow gently insertion, it does have that nice popping on entering as its a more pronounced head which then presses nicely against my G-spot once fully inserted.

 Half way down the vibe it has an extra bump for...yes more stimulation inside us girls..woohoo. This also gives this vibe its 1.9 inch girth.

I found by angling it forwards an upwards I was able to reach my G-spot easily and the width and front bump gave me the extra stimulation I needed, what a great toy.

Those of you that enjoy thrusty toys will love this one as the extra girth really makes this pleasurable, I'm not normally a thrusty person but this toy made me into a "Wanton woman".
My maximum toy width I have ever managed has been just over 2.2 inches in diameter so this is close to my all time widest I thoroughly enjoyed feeling stretched inside and completely full.
 Once inserted this warms quickly to your body temperature or better still you can warm it under running warm water for sensory play, this is beautiful as it stays warm for over 20 minutes.

This fitted perfectly in my harness, (photo coming soon) and is "O" ring compatible the flared base slipped easily through the ring and sat comfortably, as the silicon base is grippy enough to stay secure and not move around.
The flared base is also great for anal play as you can hold the base easily for perfect control, make sure you are used to the width first before attempting this anally remember its 1.9 inches wide..

 Front profile and yummy girth!

This is girthy enough to really make you feel full and your OH can feel the vibrations easily inside you too, making this a great couples toy for Double penetration. But I can only take the tip of the head anally at this time but I love a challenge.....I know I'm a woos.
What makes this a better toy than most is the remote, it allows you such a great variety of ways to play;
  • By yourself relaxing and scrolling the 7 vibes and patterns,
  • Inserted but your OH taking control of the remote, surprises are more fun and brilliant for orgasm control play to drive you wild...or it does me..!!
  • Couple play for Double penetration, sharing the controls this is incredible,
  • Anally,
  • Harness compatible,
  • Use in the shower by yourself with it suckered on a wall,
If you can think of more let me know and I'll add them to this review.

I loved my Elite 6 inch (or 7 inch) as it really is one of the thickest vibrators I own; it comes in a great modern sexy box ideal and strong enough for storage too.
I adored the girthiness (is that a word?), the vibrations to me are just an added bonus but would have liked them a little rumblier and as I said before I would have bought this just as a dildo. The wired remote adds extra excitement, try handing the control over to your OH or use by yourself for extra comfort instead of fumbling for buttons on a slippy vibe.
I feel the size could be a little intimidating for beginners but those who love girth will love this toy. Use with a strap- on for added fun as it fits most standard harnesses or use by yourself using the suckered base in the bath or shower for hands-free fun.
What a great kit to buy as a gift for someone or as a treat for yourself! What's not to like about this vibrator!

100% medical grade silicon,
battery power lasts well,

Battery compartment is awkward to replace batteries.

Strap-on vibrating dildo is made from silicone and features a superior suction cup and whisper-quiet motor.
You can buy yours from
All my thanks to Eden Fantasys for sending me this gorgeous product to review free of charge for an honest fair review!

product picture
Realistic vibrator by Pipedream
Material: Silicone
This product was provided free of charge to the reviewer.

Sex toys - EdenFantasys adult toys store

Sex toys - EdenFantasys adult toys store

Sex toys - EdenFantasys adult toys store


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