Friday, 30 March 2012

Xar The Karabos Bad Dragon Review coming soon

Im really excited to say that I will be shortly bringing you one of the amazing creations from 
the lovely guys at Bad Dragon.

For those of you like me who love their extreme fantasy toys from werewolves to dragons.
 Bad Dragon offer you specially made Dildo's made from 100% silicon; in the most incredible designs and in a huge array of sizes and colours to suit you.

 Officially launched in summer 2008 in Phoenix, AZ, Bad Dragon has quickly grown to become the most popular fantasy adult toy manufacturer in the world.

I'm really honoured to have received Xar to review made especially for me, I cant thank Bad Dragon enough. I'm so excited.

I have always loved the fantasy side of things and being an avid World of warcraft gamer these sextoy designs are right up my street.
Bad dragon will take you to Azeroth and back on a flight of fantasy.

  Not me...but close!
I can now stay in my world of fantasy just a little bit longer now....sigh ...big smile!

While you are waiting for my review please take a look at the incredible range of fantasy dildos and toys available; Im sure there is something that will suit everyone, I fell in love with Xar as I love a girthy dildo, loved the colours and the incredibly unusual shape.

I know this company will appeal to so many of you who love their fantasy toys or something which is just so very different.

 Come back soon for my full review with lots of photos and video!

All my thanks goes to bad Dragon for sending me this to review 

Make your fantasies real!


Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Lovehoney March special offers!

This weeks Special offers from Lovehoney include the Lovehoney Bedtime bullet collection featuring 4 powerful vibes, each with knee-trembling attachment guaranteed to put a big smile on your face.
Each for an amazing price of £19.99

 Lovehoneys NEW G_WHIZZ is smooth and incredibly powerful and contoured for intense G_Spot stimulation. Indulge in the array of 10 vibration modes, direction the soft, angled silicon tip to your G-spot.

Plus a UK exclusive to Lovehoney

Free Delay Lube worth £5.99 when you buy the new Flight by Fleshlight

A UK first at Lovehoney! The number 1 selling sex toy for men just got even better. Flight by Fleshlight is a discreet and fantastically textured masturbator with an aerodynamic exterior and incredibly bumpy canal to take you to new heights of pleasure.

The standard Fleshlight model has been completely re-designed to make it softer, more satisfying and discreeter than ever before.

Flight's internal sleeve is transparent with a non-anatomical stealth opening inviting you to plunge into the depths of a textured canal. Lined with dozens of stimulating bumps, the realistic-feel sleeve offers intense pleasure with the added bonus of suction that can be controlled via the screw cap base.

The stealth opening measures just under 0.5 inches in diameter for a tight, snug welcome that graduates into better-than-real sensations for an unbelievable climax.

Contained in a stylish, sleek and aerodynamic case measuring 8 inches in height, Flight by Fleshlight is discreet and easy to store away. For complete discretion, a secure screw cap covers the opening of Fleshlight Flight, hiding the stimulating sleeve that lies beneath.

Free Delay Lube worth £5.99 when you buy the new Flight by Fleshlight

Friday, 23 March 2012

Lovely Lingerie from BeCheeky!

From gorgeous lingerie sets to everyday basics, something to suit all tastes and all pockets. Plus fantastic free delivery and free returns policy means you can shop online with confidence at BeCheeky!
Passion Bassaya Carine Peignoir See Through Gown and French Knickers Set at BeCheeky!
Lingerie Sets
Check out the beautiful, high quality Lingerie Sets all at affordable prices. Including leading brands that you won't find on the high street like the stunning Livia Corsetti range, gorgeous Rene Rofe, and Cottelli. Just check out this gorgeous Passion Bassaya Carine Peignoir Gown and French Knickers Set featuring a sheer cropped robe and soft French knickers with beautiful intricate embroidery. All presented in a gorgeous gift box from Passion and just £34.99! See all Lingerie Sets
Vintage Lingerie
BeCheeky has an incredible collection of Vintage Lingerie in stylish and unique designs you won't find on the high street and all at affordable prices! Don't miss the stunning iCollection, What Katie Did, and Seven Til Midnight ranges for retro lingerie that's a little bit special! Plus with free delivery and free returns you can shop with confidence at BeCheeky:
Seven Til Midnight Floor-Length Chemise and G-String Set at BeCheeky!
BlueBella Grace Satin Bra with Chiffon Trim at BeCheeky!
Kiss Me Deadly 6 Straps Boned Van Doren Suspender Belt at BeCheeky!
Roza Lingerie
Don't miss the gorgeous range of Róza lingerie. A collection of original and beautiful lingerie in delicate lace, sheer chiffon and soft micro-fibre, with rich embroidery. We just can't resist these beautiful Genezis Lace and Mesh Knickers with their exquisite back featuring a garland of laurel leaves and lattice detailing, only £15.99. Roza lingerie comes wrapped in tissue paper and neatly boxed, making them the perfect gift!
Roza Genezis Lace and Mesh Knickers at BeCheeky!
Sensualle Thongs
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Be Cheeky Winter Sale

Click here for BeCheeky

The Pleasurists 171

Courtesy of Dangerous Lilly

Welcome to Pleasurists, a round-up of the adult product and sex toy reviews that came out in the last seven days. If you like what you see and want more of it be sure to follow the RSS Feed and Twitter for updates.
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Scarlet Lotus
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Pleasurists adult product review round-up

Thursday, 22 March 2012

Premium Aqua Gel by Give Lube

Lubricants for me have always been a bit of a battle rather than a pleasure as I have been so allergic to most over the years with endless embarrassing trips to the GP for antibiotics when I've reacted badly to the latest, slipperiest, best tasting etc etc.
Not only have I suffered from basic hypersensitivity but most have succeeded in completely upsetting my PH balance and then taking up to a month to get back to normal, so you can see my reluctance to try new lubes.
But after receiving this lube with some sextoys from a company at Christmas I found that after tentatively doing some small skin tests, that WOOHOO YIPPEE I wasn't allergic to Give Lubes Premium aqua gel; this for me was a huge success and such a relief and really exciting to be able to use such a lovely lube.
So of course its completely improved my sexlife over night.
Thank you Give Lube...x

The mini Lube Tube I originally received as a free sample was a little on the runny side, but just being able to use a lube for me was a huge success so being a little runny wasn't a real problem. So when I found out Give Lube had updated their latest Premium Aqua gel to a slightly thicker formula I couldn't wait to try it.
I spoke to Give Lube and they explained they had listened to all of their previous customer feedback and simply added a little extra thickening to the already brilliant formula. Just the fact they made this slight alteration in itself after listening to feedback is a very high recommendation about the company themselves.

So I was really excited to receive some new samples from the lovely guys at Give Lube I cant thank them enough!
I knew I was going to like it, if not love it. I am also a firm believer of supporting local companies that have really made the effort to produce a beautiful safe healthy product for us all.

The Premium aqua gels comes in a brilliant black plastic tube with a well made flip top lid avoiding spills or gunky leaky lids, the tubes are easily wipeable.

I loved the modern looking classy packaging and the 3 sizes they come in, Give Lube kindly sent me the tiny compact 30ml Mini tube and the Midi 100ml midi tube.

The simplistic luxury classy packaging makes you feel like you have a very expensive cosmetic product in your hand, I loved the modern black and blue logo, it could easily be mistaken for shampoo or shower gel at first glance.
The flip top lids are firm and completely secure, you have to snap them shut forming a great seal with no leaks or spills. There's no worry of them popping open in your bag or jacket.

The classy compact mini is absolutely ideal for everyone to take anywhere; pop in a bag, glove box, in the bedside drawer, I keep mine in my pillowcase for lube emergencies.The Mini lube tube is slightly bigger than an average sized lipstick so wouldn't really be noticed in your bag or left on the side unless someone was to be nosey and pick it always get one dont
We now have one in my bag, the bedroom and the car....well you never know I like to be prepared.

The Midi a 100ml size lube tube with identical great quality fliptop lid will last you ages.I adore this size and again the packaging looks like an expensive high-end shower gel or shampoo bottle. A little lube goes a very long way.

The Science bit
Being an ex-nurse and beautician I really appreciate when a company adds excellent quality ingredients.
The Premium Aqua gel is dermatologically tested and contains Aloe vera and panthenol for added skincare. Give Lube have completely PH balanced their lubes making them completely safe for those of us who are extremely sensitive to products found in many other brands of lube.
Its Paraben, Glycerine and Oil FREE, colourless and easy to clean up. Once opened you have 12 months to use it and unopened it has a shelf-life of 30 months.
 I want to add a little more than I usually would as its so important to know what's in a product that you will be using in and on your body; its vital to know what you are using is safe; so if you get bored with basic ingredient facts scroll to the next paragraph.
Aloe vera
Anti inflamotory benefits has been used as a skin treatment for hundreds of years.
Aloe Vera is one of the most popular and sought after as it hydrates cracked, dry skin and helps restore softness in a remarkably gentle and non-abrasive way. It has been nature’s anti-aging lotion for centuries....even better to know for down there girls.
Panthenol, also known as vitamin B5, is one of the most beneficial sensitive skin care supplements and cosmetic ingredients available on the market today. Because of its soluble compounds it can be found in moisturisers, skin care products, hair conditioners, shampoos; as well as in eye shadow, lipstick and mascara.
It acts as a lubricant on the skin surface, which gives the skin a soft and smooth appearance. It improves hydration, reduces itching and inflammation of the skin as well as accelerating the healing processes.
It works by being absorbed into the skin moisturising the layers of the skin giving a plumping effect erasing fine lines and naturally stretching the skin, think how sexy your pussy will be girls.
Both these lubes are completely safe on all toys and latex condoms.

Whats even more important is what this lube DOESNT HAVE IN IT!!!
The Premium Aqua gel doesn't contain Parabens and on my inquisitive public ...!
This is just a precautionary note as there are so many arguments for and against why so many companies now choose NOT to use Parabens; because there have been studies that say that it is potentially dangerous and that have linked parabens to cancer.
Glycerins are not advised in personal products because they contain sugars which can promote the growth or yeasts internally leading to infections.

Okay you can wake up now guys and girls.......sorry!!!

The upgraded formula has such a huge improvement on an already great product. The consistency of the original gel was a little runny and would drip or run off fairly quickly, the new upgraded formula is much thicker with just enough gloopiness which clings and slowly runs down your finger or a toy covering the surface well.
Rubbing your fingers together you really gain that extra slip and slide and I found works beautifully with my extra grippy silicon toys.

I just wanted to add a quickie video so you can see the actual consistency.

You don't have to squeeze the tube just flip the cap and tilt and the lube slowly pours out, the tube is firm so you cant accidentally squeeze too much out,  the hole is just a perfect size to get the right amount onto your hand or toy; they really have thought of everything.

 The Mini Premium Aqua Gel Lube tube

You don't need much at all a little goes a very long way. It doesn't leave any sticky residue afterwards, funnily enough my lube I have been using for years did leave a sticky residue. But I put up with it as I wasn't allergic to it.
I did my usual patch test on the lube before using it and WOOHOO it was such a relief not to feel the familiar tingling or worse itching, YAY it actually felt really soothing, something I had never felt before.

For masturbation it combines well with natural lubrication and hasn't ever dried out at all on me. But being waterbased it activates again using saliva.Once applied to my sextoys it runs slowly down giving and even coverage of lube without dripping off.

It has a pleasant Aloe Vera taste and very slight herbal aroma (even though it says its odourless) but nothing unpleasant.
Anal play
We have even used this for anal play and found it plenty thick enough so its a 2 for one lube, although some of you may prefer your anal lubes a little thicker. Some anal lubes for me have been too slippy and we couldn't get any friction, but this gives us just enough slip and slide without losing any sensation.
This is one of the few lubes you can actually use for massage ideal for foreplay. It absorbs into my skin well but not too fast and it does leave it soft and being an eczema sufferer I still had no itchy irritations. I'm so relieved.
 The lube itself is washed off easily with soap and water.

I absolutely love this excellent quality lube and I have officially changed over from my only regular lube I have used for many years because it actually feels soothing on my skin and leaves no after sticky residue. I have even considered using it as a hand-cream as I adore the consistency its just perfect now they have upgraded the formula of an already great product.
If anyone was going to be allergic to something it would be me so I can absolutely say hand on heart I didn't even feel a tingle or itch anywhere. I can use it all over my body and in a variety of ways for vaginal, masturbation, anal, massage and even oral.
I also love the easy to use elegant, classy packaging that comes in different sizes depending where you wish to use it. I adore the small affordable 30ml tube as it fits in your bag, pocket, glove compartment anywhere for that "Lube emergency" what's not to like!

Modern, classy packaging,
Variety of sizes,
Soothing on the skin,
Can be used for all types of sexual pleasures,
Thick enough for anal sex (for us, but others may prefer thicker consistencies).
No sticky residues,
No unpleasant odours,
PH optimised,
Long lasting,
A little goes a long way,


Thanks to The boudoir for sending me the Lelo Gigi to review (coming soon).

Please see Give Lube's highly informative site if you would like more information and details.
"Give and be great. Give and be desired. Give and be adored. Give and you will receive. Give, the brand that shows you care."  Give Lube.

You can buy your Premium Aqua Gel  from Give Lube 

Lubetube Mini (30ml) — £3.95
Lubetube Midi (100ml) — £8.95
Lubetube Maxi (250ml) — £12.95

 All my thanks goes to Give Lube for sending me these 2 products for this review free of charge.

 Give Lube also produces The Lube Tube silicon plus.
So you can enjoy sex comfortably anywhere as well as the bath or shower.

Sunday, 18 March 2012

Nassty Collection G-Spot Arouser

I had been looking at this toy for some time, so when I found I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to review this product for Nasstoys I was over the moon.
Those that know me know my absolute favourite type of toy is the rabbit and this toy is a miniature version and what with having a remote I knew I was going to love this little toy, plus it reminded me of "Dino"from The Flintstones or is that just me then..? No dont answer that?

This little toy comes in a lovely black modern looking box with photos of the Arouser on the outside with excellent graphics explaining what it does. Its a nice fun box that would make a lovely gift too.

Well what can I say it looks like Dino, okay seriously now, this gorgeous little toy is made from TPR and comes in the most vibrant glossy cerise pink colouration, I'm in love. I know its not everyone's choice in materials but this toy really is beautiful. 

The shaft tapers from the chunky base into a gorgeous G-spot curve ending in the shape of a small penis.I didn't think such a small penis would do wrong was I..!!!

The Science Bit
Full length is 5inches,
Width of the head is .9 inches wide,
Insertable length  approximate 3.8 inches long.
Width of the widest insertable part of the shaft is 1.5 inches wide.
Clitoral stimulator is 1.4 inches long from insertion.
Cable length 32 inches long.

Sextoy Material
TPR is hypoallergenic, nontoxic, and Phthalate free, its less porous than cyberskin but more porous than silicon, therefore if sharing this toy I do recommend wearing a condom on this toy. It did have slight rubbery smell but it faded in a few days.

The clitoral stimulator comes from the base and has 3 raised ticklers to touch the clit depending on what shape and size you are, these are very soft and squishy and are completely comfortable, infact you can hardly feel them until your turn on those vibes.

From the base the wire is an extra 32 inches long giving you plenty of room to play by yourself or give the control to a friend or partner.

 The wire ends onto a jack connector which clicks firmly into a larger silver remote box.

The control box has a matching silver slider switch which moves from Low to medium then to high, giving you 3 different speeds of vibrations.
It does what it says on the box!

 Inside the base of the "Boost box" as its called it contains 2 AA batteries so you know it will be powerful.These clip in easily with stickers inside showing you which way up to to insert them.

The Vibrations
The Arouser has 3 vibrations speeds all controlled by the slider on the Booster box.This doesn't feel at all cheap like some slider controls, it slots into place with a well defined click.

A small red LED light lights up to let you know you have power and vibration, if you cant feel them already...?

All 3 vibrations are rumbly rather than buzzy and I like them all, its nice to work up to 3 which is the highest speed. Its easy to turn off when finished or disturbed too; always a huge plus if you have kids or family around.No having to scroll through sequences to turn off. (a real bug-bear of mine)

This toy isn't exactly discreet all 3 vibes are quite noisy and I feel would be heard outside a door, but then this has more power than some vibes that are quiet, I know what id rather have!

I really wanted this toy to work for me and it didn't disappoint, the angle of the shaft coming from the base hit my G-Spot perfectly, it inserted with very little lube, even though I did add some as its quite grippy I didnt really need it, the thin shaft inserts easily and comfortably.
I only have 2 other toys which hits my g-spot as well as this one does and once I had turned on the vibes, clicked quickly through to 3 I could feel it vibrating my whole pelvis. I then to my astonishment I really felt the urge to thrust with this toy (so unusual for me) and it gave me an incredibly intense orgasm in minutes making me squirt too...oh my..! :-)
For such a small toy with little girth I was astounded, what a brilliantly designed toy and the best g-spot kept secret out there.

The base has large embossed ridges to give more stimulation inside I really felt these when thrusting this toy and the clitoral stimulation was just an added bonus, the 3 fronds were so soft I could hardly feel them; but once the vibes were turned on to full it really added to the incredible feelings. 

Which Lube?
Being TPR you can use any of your favourite water-based or silicon lubes on this toy, but no oils as its porous.

This toy isn't waterproof due to the wire exiting from the base of the toy, so use a antibacterial wipe and simply wipe dry and spray with a sextoy cleaner, obviously unplugging the booster box from the arouser first ..right!!!!

See it looks like Dino...!
I loved my Arouser, its cute and I loved the deep glossy cerise pink its so pretty, I'm shocked such a small toy can give such powerful orgasms, this is brilliantly designed for us girlies and for me it hit my g-spot perfectly and it gives me the most intense orgasms.
Absolutely ideal for a quickie or a longer lasting orgasm, enjoy this by yourself relaxing with the remote or hand the controller over to your partner. The extra long wire enables so much freedom with this toy.

This toy is a G-spot must have if you have trouble orgasming from you g-spot or are still unsure where it is or have not yet learnt how to squirt this toy will be invaluable, its affordable and unthreatening if you dont have many toys and it deserves a place in every girls toybox; it really is a toybox essential.

I absolutely recommend this toy how could I not; it gives me some of the best g-spot orgasms and makes me squirt everytime! What's not to like.

G-spot shaft perfect bend and shape for me and hopefully for many of you too,
Gorgeous bright cerise pink colour,
Remote with extra long wire,

Noisy but then you have brainer for me.

You can buy your 
reduced from

All my thanks goes to Nasstoys for sending me the Nassty collection G-spot Arouser free of charge for my review.

More reviews from Nasstoys

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