Friday, 17 February 2012

What Size Am I? The amazing new fashion sizing app

What Size are you...?

What's your perfect fitting top, skirt and dress on the highstreet?

 I dont normally blog about fashion as this blog for me has been mainly about lingerie, books and sextoys, but I had to share this article I read about in the Guardian. Being a self confessed geek I thought this was a fantastic idea.

Do you have trouble finding the right size clothing to fit you; does it drive you crazy everytime you go into a shop and try on a size 12, go into another store and try a 12 but you cant get into it.

A story in the Guardian by Anna Powell-smith has made a web app to help us.
Here is the story in The Guardian .

The App Whats size am I?

It is brilliance, pure genius its an essential app for any woman...well what you waiting for go get and try it...! The App Whats size am I?

The story explains that this web app you simply input your waist, bust and hips and it shows a selection of major high street stores in a line graph, click the store of your choice on the buttons to the side and find your sizing (the black line), then follow it to see what size is closest to yours, you may fit a 12 better in some stores with your size but a 10 in another, this app advises you which size to choose..omg I could kiss her.

Another nifty part of it by adding your sizes to the 3 sliders at the top; it then tells you which store best suits you, I tried this and found for me French Connection best suited my its so clever.
Go on try it...!

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