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The Lelo TOR II

We don't own many men's toys, I have monopolised the market in this house of female sextoys so I was really excited to find out we would have the opportunity to try the new Lelo TOR II together. The most sophisticated and luxurious of all gentleman's rings.
TOR 2 is the world’s first waterproof and rechargeable couples’ ring, boasting 100% more powerful vibrations than any product of its kind. LELO’s original TOR was already the premium couples’ ring on the market, but now LELO's designers have improved it again; the TOR 2 is 100% more powerful and slightly bigger than the original TOR so we were really excited to try this out.


  The TOR 2 arrives in a stylish green slip box oozing luxury and class, it makes an ideal gift.

 On the back is a beautifully simple image of the TOR 2 with simple writing explaining its use.

Inside this slip box you pull out a beautiful black box with Lelo clearly stamped on the front in silver metallic writing again oozing luxury as you lift the lid you realise its not just any old card board box it is made by Lelo so even that is solid and has a textured surface again perfect to receive as a gift.

Inside the TOR2 sits inside on a black foam inset on one side, you lift the lid on the other inside revealing the well hidden rechargeable plug and cable, the instruction booklet, a sample of Lelo moisturising lube and a black satin bag to keep it in.

I absolutely adore toys which comes with their own bag but Lelo make it extra special by adding a designer label saying Lelo on the outside as you find with many designer products, you really feel spoilt when receiving this product.
You also get a 10 year guarantee and a 1 year warranty booklet.

The rechargeable TOR 2 is sealed with a single piece of body-safe silicon which completely seals the rechargeable battery making it waterproof, perfect for cleaning. The sealed battery is ABS plastic.
The super soft stretchy silicon TOR 2 comes in 3 luxury colours black, green and purple,something to suit everyone.

It comes in 2 parts the top is a solid rectangle rechargeable battery which produces the 6 vibrations and pulses controlled by the 2 plus and minus buttons either side of the TOR2.

The main stretchy silicon ring will sit and hug the base of the penis to transfer the vibes to the man and to the clitoris of the woman when having sex.
 Being 100% more powerful motor than the original TOR it is crafted from the best materials available.The soft silicon is so soft and almost velvety it feels gorgeous.
The lifespan of the TOR" is equivalent to 10,000 disposable cockrings, I found this a fascinating fact and makes this ring quite affordable.

The science bit
The sizing is 6cm x 4.2cm x 2.2 cm, the actual ring has a minimum diameter of  3cm and can stretch comfortably to a width of 6.5cm, but will be tight at this.

 It has a nice quality weight to it of 30grams and is very discreet and small in your hand.
 The rechargeable battery is a Li-lon 70 mAh 3.7V for those of you that like to know and charges at 2 h at 5.0 V 500 mA (I wish I understood this).
I love a company who also tells us details in sound it is 50 db (Very quiet)and the frequency is 120hz .
I quickly put this on charge, it comes with a long 60 inch cable so it will reach most plugs.

 The adapter clicks easily into the connection hole fitting perfectly with no force showing how well made this product is and then it simply plugs into the normal power supply, no more batteries....yes!!.

Recharging connector


I then left this to charge for 4 hours for the 1st charge, then after the initial charge it only needs 2 hours a time this will give you both 2 hours of play. When first plugged in the LED will blink; this light acknowledges you have power and will change once fully charged.

When the TOR2 arrives it will arrive travel locked which I love, you really know you have a luxury product. Just hold the plus and minus buttons down together for 2 seconds to unlock and again to lock if you need to.
Once charged you now have 2 hours of play for the both of you. You can also keep this baby on standby ready for your every need for 90 days with full charge wow.
To start the vibes press and hold down the + button and the vibrations will increase, press the - and they will decrease. If you continue pressing + to its maximum vibration then let go and then press and hold for 2 seconds; as you let go this starts the TOR 2's series of patterns and sequences, this is so clever.

I was so impressed with the power this little toy puts out, even the lowest settings felt rumbly. Plus it is sooo quiet this is the quietest vibe sorry we own..! I could hardly hear it and I was right next to my OH.
This really wont be heard through doors even at full pulse and speed, its ideal if have to share a house with friends or children .
The series of patterns and vibrations;
  1. Vibration from low to high at the press of a button, press and hold for the speed you want, it will escalate till you reach maximum, then press and hold for 2 seconds and let go to start 5 different pulses and escalations.
  2. Pulse every second,
  3. Pulse every 1/2 second,
  4. Pulse escalation every second,
  5. Rev up and rev down, slower and deeper,
  6. Mind of its own, no idea how to explain this one, no real pulse or escalation, its a lucky dip.Secret Santa!
    To turn off press minus and hold till it turns off. Dont be too quick to turn off, you have to hold the minus sign down till you have nothing or you will put it away and it could be quietly rumbling away till it goes flat.
    We did find it awkward to change pulses and patterns, the buttons are well defined and excellent quality but you do have to press quite hard to change pulse and we did find it very awkward to turn off, this is not a toy you can turn off in a hurry.

    TIP; It is advised in the instruction booklet for men not to wear this for more than an hour, especially around the testicles because of the constriction. It is also advised if you suffer with a heart condition or any condition involving restricted blood flow to avoid completely...sorry people.

    The TOR 2 is best put on when the penis is soft, stretch the ring open and gently slide over the penis till its at the base with the vibration part on the top, this gives a tight comforting fit for the man and will provide stimulation to the clit for us girlie's.
    You can apply water-based lube (not silicon) to help slide over more easily preventing dragging or tugging of hairs and skin..ouchy.

     The TOR stretches to approx 6cm but will be tight.

    Some men may even enjoy stretching this around their testicles too; it is stretchy but it is tight to transfer the vibrations through the toy well. When fitted behind the scrotum the TOR 2 gives constriction and sensation to the peri-anal area while the tension maintains the erection. But I personally feel this maybe too tight for most men to do this.Especially to remove afterwards ouchy X 2.

    OH opinion
     For us we sadly couldn't use this as a couples toy as my OH is so well endowed with his girth of 2.2 inches in diameter, he couldn't stretch it enough to slide it to the base of the penis, it really is tight; but it wasn't a problem to us at all as he was able to stretch it so the rectangle battery area (with the most vibrations) sat tightly against the front of the penis on the Frenulum the F-spot, this gave incredible vibrations right where its needed most, the ring itself carried the vibrations well around the whole penis, better than any cockring he has ever used and it worked its magic fast.

    He loved the variety of vibrations and number 3 and 5 were the best for him; but would he have liked something extra rumbly when it was at maximum with these 2 sequences. For example he recommends a build up for a second then stay at that speed for a second that would have made it perfect, but its still the best cockring he's ever tried.
    This is the first cockring which he was able to orgasm completely without any manual help, he was able to sit back hands free and enjoy the vibes till the point of orgasm; then for him he felt he just had to support the base to feel secure and held and then was able to come hard.
    This is because when the TOR 2 is tightly on the penis the vibrations are so strong they move the penis in time with the vibes by itself, quite entertaining to watch and quite a turn on for me.

    My Opinion
    As we couldn't use this as a couples toy...sniff sniff, but hey whose complaining I have a partner who is well endowed, I'll take that any day..lucky me.
    I used this on its own as a separate clit toy and I was there in minutes I too loved the deep rumbly vibrations of number 4 and 5, they felt incredible. The shape of the TOR 2 enabled me to hold it by the ring and it sat nicely between my lips.

    Upgrade your favorite vibes and dildo's 
    The TOR 2 fitted perfectly onto a few of my favorite toys (below) so it upgrades any of your insertable toys to an extra clit/rabbit type vibe too, believe me you will be fighting over who is going to use this toy. We both loved experimenting on different ways to use this gorgeous luxury toy.

     The Lovemoiselle Noemie (review coming soon).

    Always use a water based lube not silicon as this will make the silicon permanently tacky and it will degrade your toy.
    Clean the TOR 2 under warm running water and then spray with sextoy cleaner, I recommend the Lelo sextoy cleaner as you don't have to rinse.
    It is waterproof and you may be slightly concerned with the recharging hole as you can clearly see the connection ports inside; but I have since dunked it several times and its still working fine; after all that's what reviewers are for; I'm so relieved I didn't just kill my little Lelo off phew!!!

    I do find with such soft silicon toys they are an absolute dust magnet and Hoover rolled into one and being black it was no exception.

    Just for fun!

    We both loved the Lelo TOR 2 despite not being able to use it for what it was intended, we both still found it an incredible  quiet and discreet powerhouse for its minute size. My OH found no other cockring has ever worked completely hands-free for him before, he absolutely loved this luxury toy.
    The TOR 2 is however slightly awkward to change vibrations especially once lubed and slippy, I would definitely recommend finding the vibe you like best before you start.
    If you love your luxury toys this is no exception you will be in love with this, it really is the best cockring we've ever tried, the power of the deep rumbly vibes worked well for the both of us whatever way we chose to use it, its so versatile as a sextoy, I would actually say a unisex sextoy.
    This will fit the majority of men and is great for the guys in all ways, great for us girls as a couples toy, clitoral stimulator on your guy or on its own or used to upgrade the toys you have.This is also ideal for those men who wish to constrict the base of the penis to prevent orgasm too.
    This is an ideal travel toy as you can use the easy travel lock to make sure you don't have any embarrassing moments through customs on the bus or at the parents. The stunning extravagant  packaging makes the TOR 2 a really gorgeous luxury gift for your man. He will be doing your washing up and bringing you breakfast in bed for weeks after receiving this. Remember if you do buy this for him you cant blame him if he goes off to use it.
    It has definitely moved to the top of our toybox and finally a toy my OH really loves.

    Quiet and discreet,
    Latex/Phthalate free,

    We needed the next size up,

    You can buy yours from Lelo directly in the US

    product picture
    Cock ring by LELO
    Material: Silicone

    All my thanks goes Lelo for providing the TOR 2 free of charge for a fair honest review.


    1. Fantastic review! Thanks for sharing.

    2. Thanks for showing this ring around a few different things. I can see how that could be too tight! It seems like it really shouldn't be that snug, but I'm glad that you were able to have fun with it anyways.

    3. Too bad the fit was no good for you as I would consider that to be a lot to pay for something that didn't fit. Thanks for the great review.

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