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Sweet Streak Parisian Ruffles Lace-Up Basque G-String and Skirt Set


I fell in love with this Sweet Streak Parisian Ruffles lace-up basque G-string and Skirt set because it looked so complete and I didn't have to worry about buying anything else to match. It comes with the little matching mini skirt and thong; a complete sexy designer look for any special occasion. It looked really special with a beautiful touch of Paris decadence.

I bought this last Summer and only now had the time to review it.

When it arrived it came packaged very simply no labels or tissue just a plastic transparent sleeve.

The Parisian ruffles set comes in a gorgeous black satin, that is 90% polyester and 10% spandex to give some stretch, the material is extremely soft and comes in 3 pieces, the corset, the mini skirt and the thong.

The Basque
The basque is beautifully made and well stitched with no loose threads.The fashion style basque is not waist reducing as the bones are plastic not steel.
It has hook and eye fastening at the side which offers 2 widths like a bra, to enable you to fit comfortably and perfect to undress quicker for that sexy striptease. Once in you can then tighten the lacing for that hourglass effect; or better still get a friend as it can be a little fiddly to do yourself if your planning to surprise your OH, although I have done this once.
The front of the basque is plain satin to show off your new figure as the plastic boning is enough to flatten the stomach a little and smooths small rolls away. The top and bottom of the basque has several lines of organza and lace ruffles making it very sexy and sensual.
The bust area is fitted with standard B-cup underwires that will also work on an A cup with bust boosters or C cup.
The back has long black satin ribbon which forms the lacing to give you some extra shaping and a more defined waist. It doesn't have a modesty flap though like most corsets as this is meant to show some sexy skin.

The Skirt
This is the reason I bought this set as the little mini skirt really makes this set stunning. Its very stretchy and most sized woman easily, it then clings beautifully giving you shape and sexiness. It has a side zip enabling you to put it on without over stretching the material. It has 3 large vertical bows which you can wear at the back front or side, I wore mine in the middle at the back, because I had bow style stockings and the effect looked great; but it looks just as good at the front, I've worn it both ways.

I wore this with bow topped stockings for the full effect and of course killer heels...what else.

The Thong 
Not much to say its a matching satin triangle with elastic attached, all the detail and expense have gone into the basque and skirt, after all the thong cant be seen under the skirt. It fitted ok and the elastic didn't dig in but Im not a lover of thongs and I simply wore something more comfortable and lacy.

I bought the small as I'm a size 8 with a 34b bust and 5ft 4. I couldn't wait to try this as its so sexy.
When it first arrives you need to loosen the ribboning even with the zip at the side, this gives you some extra room to play with. With a little help my OH laced me into this and it definitely pulled in my waist to give me a more curvy look, I was stunned at the effect; I am fairly slim to begin with but I just wanted that extra cinching in and the corset smoothed out the rolls I had; wow I felt amazing and my OH loved the effect too.

I am a B cup and I still overflowed a little and moving in any direction would result in a slight booby escape.It felt very comfortable and supportive though despite the booby mishap, my boobs are the bane of my life; I like them full but my clothes don't lol.
The skirt slips on well because its so stretchy, but when they say mini it really is mini, it just covered my bum and as you walk it does have a habit of either slipping up or down. But its comfortable to wear and looks stunning.The 3 bows at the back (or front however you decide to wear it) really gives this skirt a burlesque feel and the style is a mini version of the Victorian girdle style, it feels sooo comfortable; I have worn it on several occasions for a full day now.

All 3 items wash well, by hand wash only and do not lose their shape. 

Please note that basques are not designed to reduce the waist and you should therefore buy a size that will fit your natural shape. If you are in between sizes, you can wear this bustier with a gap in the lacing at the back, but do not try to close it on measurements larger than the basque.  
This basque is fitted with standard underwires B-cup  that will also work on an A cup with bust boosters or C cup.  When ordering you need to order your actual size not any smaller.

This looked stunning, it fitted well, even my slight booby overflow still looked sexy and I felt a million dollars. The plastic boning pulled my stomach in enough to smooth my curves and the ribboning pulled me in a little more to give me a more hourglass effect, thank you thank you! 
This has to be one of my favourite basques, I even prefer it to some of my actual corsets as you can wear this for longer periods being so comfortable, whereas with some corsets its uncomfortable within a few girls do suffer for the cause you know guys!
I would absolutely recommend this set but make sure you buy your dress size, don't be tempted to buy smaller thinking it'll give you a smaller waist, its not a steel boned corset and the plastic bones can stretch out of shape ruining the basque.
The skirt adds femininity and a stunning Moulin Rouge burlesque effect, this can then be worn with other outfits if you wish to dress up or down.

 In the Summer I didn't wear any stockings and it was just as sexy.

This set is guaranteed to make you look and feel sexy for girls of all sizes. Perfect for fancy dress, cat woman or burlesque style look or a special night in.

Instant sexiness,
A complete outfit for special occasions,
Soft satiny material,
Luxury feel,
Smooths out curves,

The skirt kept falling down.( I have added an extra clip and it fits well).

The very sexy Red Version
You can buy yours in red or black from 

I have since found a cute pink version available from

Gorgeous lingerie and corsets from our Sweet Streak range

Lovehoney Sexy Lingerie

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