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Sweet Streak Gothic deep red Corset.

Sweet Streak Gothic deep red corset

I have loved this corset for absolutely months and was over the moon when I got the email from sextoys uk to say I was going to have the opportunity to review such a sexy corset.
My love of corsets only started recently and since then I have been obsessed; I adore the way I feel when I'm tightly bound and laced into one. It feels so supportive and  it smooths out my rolls and bumps that I have. 

The Gothic corset comes in a simple transparent plastic bag with a matching thong.I did find it was quite creased but was able to smooth it out.

The Corset is made of 90% polyester and 10% spandex, so the fabric can stretch a little without tearing or thinning.

The Front of the corset
It has 14 plastic bones not including the 2 metal busks which is alot more than the 12 in most fashion corsets, it has 6 bones at the front to give you a beautiful flattened stomach.

 Busk and bones.

The gothic corset is a longer length corset as it skims the hips giving you a slimmer sleeker line, I find corsets which finishes higher up can cause and emphasise unsightly bulges.
From the centre to the bottom is 12.5 inches long and from the highest ruffle to the base of the bow suspender is approximately 23 inches in length.
What I love about this corset is the shape its perfectly designed to flatter the feminine form, the detailed red embroidery covers this stunning well made corset, the pattern is a gorgeous gothic/Edwardian style which gives a really decadent feel.

The black delicate ruffles edge the top of the corset which looks stunning against your skin and its complimented by 2 black satin bows to highlight your boobs and a satin bow at the end of each of the suspenders to highlight your thighs.

Black satin bows on the suspender belt giving you instant bow topped stockings.

 Dramatic straight line along base of the corset.

These suspenders are built into the corset giving a dramatic longer length; the suspender belt is designed straight across the base of the corset again helping to flatten the stomach area....can I kiss the designers. The whole corset is beautifully finished with satin edging all along the base of the corset.
The suspenders are removable and it leaves the bows behind to flatter any style you are wearing.

 The back of the bow showing the bra attachments for ease of removal.

 The back of the corset
Back of the corset
The back is double ribboned meaning it has 2 long lengths of black satin ribbon which is laced to meet in the middle; enabling you to gently tighten into the waist to really make this corset fit your shape.

 If you get a friend they can help pull the ribboning in the centre to tighten you into it, this is so much easier than trying to do this yourself.

  The corset has firmly fixed metal eyelets so when you tighten the ribboning it doesn't scrunch up the fabric.

 Larger width Modesty panel

If you want to open up the corset to allow for a better fit it has a 4.5 inch width modesty panel so you don't have to reveal any skin; this is the sign of an excellent quality corset.

The Thong

The thong arrived a little creased and was quite difficult to get the crease out, it is a satin edged triangle with elastic to form the thong, it didn't feel as good quality as the corset itself but I had to admit it did look great with the corset.

TIP to fit: Choose your dress size to get the best fit, don't be tempted to go smaller as if you tighten too much the plastic bones will eventually stretch and become malformed and wont return back to shape again. If you are looking for a waist training corset this isn't it, this is made as a dramatic fashion statement.

I absolutely loved this corset, it is an excellent quality corset from the beautiful fabric to the decadent embroidery to the finish of the black satin bows, this has many trademarks of a more expensive corset which you would pay double this price.
 I am a size 8-10 and did find this corset slightly small, but with some help from my OH the double ribboning really helped in allowing it to be opened up where I needed it and then tightened to still give me a smaller waist. I couldn't stop looking at myself in the mirror as it really smoothed out my rolls, not that I have many but it made me feel very sexy.
I must admit I struggled to connect the busks as I did one up another popped open; but with some fiddling I got there.

 1 corner of the skirt clipped up using the suspenders.

 The extra length of the suspender belt really adds a little extra to this style, enabling me to wear this with a long black velvet skirt and clipping the front up to the bow front suspenders giving a real luxurious look for fancy dress or a special night out.

 Both sides clipped up to show more leg.

This Gothic corset really does look sexy in the bedroom as a surprise for your OH with the matching thong or it can make a sexy base for a Halloween costume or just be matched with leggings and heels for a great night out with your girls; this is one of the most versatile corsets I own and will be wearing it again and again, I cant recommend this enough this high quality corset and adds a touch of drama and sense of decadence to any occasion!

You can buy yours from Sextoys uk

All my thanks goes to Sextoys Uk for sending me this corset to review free of charge for a fair and honest review.
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