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Love Diamond Rabbit by Cal Exotics Novelties

 "Its all she really wants"

Anyone who knows me knows how much I adore my rabbits and over the last year I have collected quite a few. 
 My Warren

Each one with their own key points; I never think "OH its another rabbit" as each has their own good points that make it better than another.
The thing about rabbits is that you can get penetration and clitoral stimulation at once and sometimes depending on the rabbit G-spot stimulation too, what more could a girl ask for...oh apart from someone to do the washing up and bring you breakfast in bed, yeah I know. 

This is no exception I had been wanting this little bunny for a while, its strange in everyday life I hate pink, but with sextoys I love it. I received this as my monthly review item from Cal Exotic Novelties.
This gorgeous Love Diamond Rabbit from CalExotic novelties is the ultimate in girly sextoys, its pink and it has a diamond to sit against your G-spot..arhhh Im in love.


The Love Diamond bunny is packaged beautifully in a pink and white cardboard box which has a full length image of the rabbit covered in diamonds on the front with a pretty blonde model behind it.

On the back it explains clearly the best points about this bunny. Its tastefully packaged making it a nice gift for someone. On the back it states that it is for novelty use only, I often get mails asking if a toy is ok to use with this statement on, yes it is, this is so it can be distributed to a wider variety of stores.

The main shaft and clit stimulator is made of clear TPR and the metallic base is made of ABS plastic. It is 24.5cm long and 4.5cm at its widest insertable width, the insertable length is 13.25cm long.
TPR is hypoallergenic, nontoxic and phthalate free and is less porous than Cyberskin but more porous than Silicone, therefore if sharing this toy its best to use a condom to prevent the spread of bacteria.

 The softly tapered head is only 3.5 cm in width at its widest point and the 3 finger stimulator is 5cm long with a width of  2.2cm. The whole shaft and clit stimulator is extremely flexible and bendy.

The 3 fingers forming the clit stimulator

This is the first rabbit vibrator that isn't actually a rabbit vibrator, this clitoral stimulator is actually 3 fingers, you can see the elegant feminine manicured nails formed in the TPR. To the side if you look carefully ( just above the copyright symbol) you can see another finger and on the other side, the thumb all formed in the clear TPR, its designed to look like you are holding a large penis with the ring on the end or an alien hand that has 6 fingers whatever way you want to look at it....well I'm still a little confused.
Its an odd concept Im still trying to get my head round, but I love the ring design and the fingers on the clit stimulator.

One of the main problems with a lot of rabbits is that the stimulator is often too long, too short, to angled away or even too clampy; this has been designed to cover most women. Two fingers form the first clit stimulator and the middle finger forms an extra cm longer and 0.5cm higher, so it will try to reach the clit of most women as we are all different shapes and sizes.

You can see the beautifully designed embossed curved ring reaching around the shaft

What makes this Love diamond vibe so unique to all my other rabbits (apart from having a hand as a clit stimulator instead of a bunny) is that it has an embossed external diamond shape ring around the shaft finishing with a large pink diamond which is angled to hit your G-spot. 

The G-spot Diamond

 This looks hard and uncomfortable but it is extremely soft TPR just shaped like a diamond. 
To make it more believable they have added a beautiful pink inner giving it a real crystal effect this really catches the sunlight and actually sparkles casting pink light across the room.

 I really was impressed at how gorgeous this looked, the metallic base can cheapen it a little but its meant to be over the top after all it has a diamond on your G-spot, only the best for us!

 The ABS Metallic base 

The EZ touch control panel is a sealed unit and has 6 buttons; the back has some embossed ribbing to help with grip because the ABS is quite shiny. The panel has a separate on/off button to turn off all the power in 1 go, incase of an emergency discovery, kids or the phone etc; so no scrolling through vibrations to frantically turn off.

The control panel
The base cap unscrews easily to reveal an EZ load battery cartridge, it even has a cute red ribbon to pull it out, its these touches that make a great toy. The battery cartridge is easy to click in your 3 AA batteries and its clearly marked which way up, so no mistakes guys and girls.

Inside the rabbit its been made so you can only replace the cartridge in 1 way, making it quick and simple.

 The cartridge can only go back in 1 way.

Being a waterproof rabbit make sure you replace the screw on cap tightly to make sure you maintain your waterproof seal.

The Vibration, Pulsation and Rotation
When turned on you get a bright red LED to show your ready to go, then you have the choice of 8 speeds of the shaft rotation by using the up and down button and you have 8 speeds of vibration on the clit stimulator using the up and down button.
TIP: I found that instead of clicking through the vibes up or down you simply hold the buttons down till you find the vibe and speed you like.

In the middle you have a Function (F) button this is different to any other rabbit I own, by pressing the F button you then move into the pulses for both shaft and finger clit stim, this then gives you an extra 3 functions of vibration, rotation and pulsation to both shaft and rabbit; which you can then alter the speed up or down on each of these variations giving you 24 rotations on the shaft and
24 vibrations and pulses on the rabbit.

The box says 200 intense patterns of vibrations and rotation but we have found its actually 576 with 24x24 in different combinations. You then have an incredible combination of patterns, vibes and rotation sequences to your mood, if you just want the shaft to rotate, you can turn off the rabbit and vice-versa, if you want a low speed just on the finger you can. Its the most versatile rabbit vibrator I own. 

I was so impressed with the smoothness of the motor and the powerful vibrations of the finger clit stimulator, but I found it can get slightly buzzy; despite this the vibes are still powerful which makes a nice change.
Even though I love power I still had to start slowly, once the shaft is inserted the fingers (clit stimulator) for me sits a little to far away from my clit so I have use "my" finger to press it harder against me to feel the full vibes. The bullet itself though sits against the labia well so I can feel the vibes all over. The power this has is amazing, but you  know me I always want a little more.
 I'm not a girl who can often feel the rotations of the shaft very well in any of my other rabbits, the head on this Love Diamond is so soft I could barely feel it, but when I press the Function button I can actually feel the shaft change direction, in all my other rabbits I would have had switch it myself between CW and ACW when I felt like it, now I can have the shaft alternating CW and ACW by itself while I concentrate on scrolling through the pulses I want. It feels amazing inside and gives a really full feeling.
I would suggest using lube as the TPR is ultra grippy, you can use either a waterbased lube or silicon to use in the bath or shower.

Its very unique and its fairly powerful, its not the strongest vibe I have, but its not the weakest either, the clit stim still gets me there fast due to the high frequency vibes and pulses, I would have loved it a little more rumbly than buzzy but it still worked for me having the combination of penetration and clit stimulation.
The buttons are very well defined, the quality of the motor is excellent its so smooth and to my great surprise fairly quiet, if you use the clit stimulator by itself no one will hear through duvet and a door/walls, add the shaft rotation it gets a little louder the faster you go. Its about the level of a shaver and if you use it in the shower with water running and a radio on you'll be fine.
 The Flexible clear soft TPR shaft and clit stimulator enables the Love diamond to be completely flexible to fit round you.


Being completely waterproof you can clean your love Diamond with warm soapy water or in the bath or shower, then use a antibacterial sextoy cleaner, I use Lelo sextoy cleaner as it doesn't have to be rinsed. Its easy to clean even around the embossed ring and fingers.

 Here are my main 4 rabbit style vibrators and you can see the size comparisons of the shaft and bunny .

Mr Big, Recieved as gift(sextoysUK), Cal exotics Love Diamond, Diamond affairs rabbit vibe,
In order from left to right

I love my new Love Diamond rabbit its quite different to my other rabbit style vibes, its slightly thicker, it doesn't have the metal balls or pearls to grind away inside, but what it does have is an excellent quality motor which sounds and feels smooth. The Love diamond gives a combination of up to 576 patterns escalations and vibrations more than any of my others and is worth every penny.
I love the ring, hand and finger idea, its quite different to having the usual cute bunny face; even though I love my bunnies. 
Despite the clitoral stimulator fingers sitting too far away for, they still felt great when pressed against the clit and the combination of the head turning backwards and forwards inside is a great feeling; like your lovers fingers moving inside you.
Its a very feminine vibrator and will make an ideal gift, the female hand on the vibe gives an almost bisexual/lesbian view on this toy with female fingers caressing your clit and a long female finger inserted, its how you persieve it.....I know what I'm fantasising.
This would make a gorgeous gift to your partner, this is one way to hand over a diamond. The ring on the shaft is quite beautiful in the sunlight, even though I cant quite decide whether I can feel it on my G-spot the whole shaft still makes me feel full.
This is ideal for anyone who adores rabbits its a unique addition to any collection its one of the best I've tried yet. It is perfect for those new to sextoys and those who are experienced as you have the huge choice and variation of functions. It also gives a luxury feel despite the metallic base due to the weight of the motors.
I would absolutely recommend this hand...6 fingered alien...I'm still trying to decide either way its pretty, feminine and powerful.

Unique design,
G-spot stimulator,
200-576?  patterns, vibrations and rotations,
Excellent quality,

Little buzzy,
It would be nice to have a storage bag for the price,

product picture
Rabbit vibrator by California Exotic
Material: Plastic / TPR (Thermoplastic Rubber)

All my thanks goes to Cal-Exotics for providing The Love Diamond rabbit free of charge for an honest fair review.

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