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The Intensity by Jopen

I fell in love with this amazing innovative new product as soon I first saw it advertised by the manufacturer Jopen, as its not just a sextoy in my favourite rabbit style but also a kegal exerciser, so when I discovered this uses electrical stimulation (ES) I was over the moon. I know this technology works as I have been using ES for years to exercise my waist, thighs and hips via the belt and shorts. Plus I use a TENs machine for my back pain; so I felt quietly confident this was definitely going to work for me.
I was fully aware of how it feels in the respect of making muscles contract, but I was also a little apprehensive too as I know how powerful contractions can be and where it concerns my vagina I was a little worried.
As an ex- nurse I love anything which can combines women's health with medical technology. I felt I could review The Intensity well as a young teen or girl in her twenties without children may not see any effects of this except as a sextoy, but I knew I needed help to reverse the ageing process...sigh!.
 This was designed using years of scientific research to help improve the woman's sexual health while giving pleasure at the same time. The electro stimulation (ES) causes your vaginal muscles to contract like they do during an orgasm. Isn't that every woman's dream to have an orgasm instantly at the touch of a button.  
It is the ONLY toy available to buy at this time which by using a customisable shaft a woman can get a rabbit style G-spot and clitoral stimulation and Pelvic floor stimulation using ES all combined into 1 amazing!
"It uses science to improve your pleasure today, and improves your tone for more pleasure tomorrow."

The Scientific bit- The Pelvic Floor
Do you know exactly what your kegals do...?
I couldnt review a pelvic floor product without explaining what the pelvic floor does to help you understand how important it actually is to keep these muscles healthy. 
The female pelvic floor is basically composed of muscles and ligaments that all work together to offer support and function to the organs that exit through the female pelvis. Most the time they are contracted to hold and support the genital tracts and the exits, but during urination, defecation, orgasm and childbirth they all relax.

 The pelvic floor effects Bladder, vaginal and anal functions as you can see from this diagram.

Our pelvic floor muscles, can lose their strength for many reasons, childbirth, certain pelvic problems and ageing. This leads to embarrassing symptoms such as incontinence and lack of sexual pleasure.
 A weak pelvic floor literally sags, and when the muscles are weak, you’ll find it very difficult to get them back with the usual squeeze "n" release' exercises. 
The Intensity accurately targets your PC (kegal) muscles by the innovative shape even if they are too weak for you to squeeze, it will help to restore your control and even more importantly you're your confidence!
It creates mild currents to help stimulate your internal muscles in rhythmic motions, it then literally induces the feeling of orgasm that your body does naturally. At the same time its toning your internal muscles, what more could a girl want.....!
Pelvic floor workouts will never be the same, no more lift and squeeze 100 times giving you back ache or getting out of puff. Now you can exercise your pelvic floor and get out of puff with pleasure.
Plus the fact I adore rabbit style vibes so I already knew this was going to be one of my favorite toys.

 Top Slip box, bottom attractive storage box.

The Intensity arrives in 2 boxes the outer white slipbox with well taken images of the intensity and descriptions and a taster of what it does.

 A gorgeous gift

Inside the beautifully designed purple box, the Intensity sits shrink wrapped in its own black flocked base along side a tube of electro conductive gel and the instruction booklet.The black flock annoyingly sticks to everything including the intensity, to use the box as a storage box you need to wipe this down, i was finding this stuff on everything for weeks.

 Intensity and ES Gel all shrink wrapped for hygiene.

The Science bit - yes again sorry.
Insertable length: 5 3/4"
Circumference:4 1/2"
Diameter:1 1/2"
Weight:1.3 lb 
The Electrical Stimulation gel
 The gel has a blue colour in the tube and is almost colourless once on smoothed on the metal plates, it is not sticky and it has the consistency of a hair gel. But it cannot be classed as lube as its used simply for better conduction of the ES.
Reverse Osmosis water, Humectant polymers (acrylic acid/cellulose polymer), propyl paraben and methyl paraben in bacteriostatic concentration, FD&C Blue #2, and FD&C Yellow #5
 (If you're sensitive to parabens do not use the electro gel),

The intensity is much bigger than I thought it would be and is made of pastel pink medical grade, phthalate-free silicone, it had a good substantial weight of  1.3lb. It is designed like no other sextoy vibrator around, you immediately see its rabbit style and long insertable shaft. What makes this even more unusual is that you can inflate the shaft to the thickness which is comfortable for you, meaning it will fit every woman. A customisable girth.

 The 3rd extra prong to the standard 2 eared rabbit vibes.

It also has 3 prongs on the rabbit clitoral stimulator instead of the average 2, then on the shaft it has a G-spot bump which houses its own motor, so when you inflate the shaft it will lift and reach your g-spot perfectly.
 On both sides of the shaft you have 2 metal plates, which when I first looked was a little unfinished as the silicon was peeling away from the edges of the plates where it overlapped. I rubbed it gently and it smoothed out.


The base of the Intensity is much wider than the shaft in length and thickness as it holds the 4 AAA batteries, these are inserted after removing a twist cap and slide in end to end. Quite different to other vibes.
 Battery compartment

The base not only holds the batteries with a very easy to undo battery cap, no breaking a nail here it has a lovely precise threading, similar to a bottle. I have been using my Intensity regularly and the batteries are lasting well with no drop in power.

The base is very ergonomic it enables you to comfortably inflate while inserted and your thumb then sits on the button pad easily to control vibes and electro stimulation. The inflation ensures the G-spot stimulator is properly positioned so the Intensity wont slip out of place during use.

 The Intensity inflates just by squeezing the bulb to give the user a customisable girth.

 Before and after inflation to show just how wide you can inflate this toy.

 You can pump a full 10 pumps and I would say this is maximum. but do not wish to break the toy, once inflated the intensity's shaft becomes wobbly from the handle, I originally thought I had over-pumped and broke it.

 Underneath you have a little black button which you can quickly deflate when needed. Again this is ergonomically positioned for your thumb or finger to release quickly.

The control panel has 5 buttons covered in the silicon and is a sealed unit. 

 It has been very well designed so the control pad is angled upwards for you to see while its inserted...genius!

On button is marked with the universal on/off sign, seen here on the bottom. I love vibes which have a separate on/off button incase you need to stop quickly, you maybe disturbed, phone, kids anything.The vibrations are marked on the control pad as "V" and you then simply scroll through the 5 levels on the up and down buttons to suit you. It simply has 5 levels of increasing vibrations with no pulses or escalations which is a little surprising in such an expensive toy.
The vibrations are not ultra powerful but they are not weak either, I couldn't really feel much vibration internally through the shaft even when inflated as far as I could go, but then I'm used to using more rumbly powerful vibes.

 The high speed vibes of the ears

The body of the rabbit I found was a little clampy making full insertion difficult, I had to lift the whole rabbit away to achieve full insertion, then I found the rabbit ears missed my clit, they were too long for me. It was quite frustrating as to feel the ear vibes I had to not insert all the way and then I found they were actually too buzzy on my clit and I became too sensitive and I had to start again. After several uses it does feels good as long as I don't go up to 5 too soon. Its working slowly to get used to this as a toy. The vibrations are fairly discreet and I feel wouldn't be heard behind a closed door and under a duvet.

 What I love too is that the panel is lit up with LED's so you can see what levels you are on with Vibration and ES.

Electro stimulation
The main purpose of the intensity is the fact it has an added electro stimulation option once inserted, by applying the electro stimulation gel to the metal plates prior to insertion it will give you more of a surface area and better stimulation than lube by allowing the pulses to reach your muscles not your skin.
 I also added a waterbased only (as its a silicon toy) lube too as the silicon is too grippy for me making it slightly uncomfortable to insert without, the gel cannot be classed as lube its simply used for better conduction of the ES. You really do need to add alot of lube for this toy. That is really...really unusual for me to say as I can usually go without lube on most toys as Im lucky to have plenty of lube...Oh naturelle..!

Then inflate till you feel it has a snug comfortable fit and that's comfortable for you and use the buttons marked "S" and click up and down till you find the intensity for you.  
There are 10 levels and it goes from a normal solid light meaning 1 level to the next a flashing one; meaning 2 and so on as there are only 5 LED's .
I haven't used the vibrations and ES together yet I feel you need to use them separately at first, but I will once I get completely used to it, or its hard to distinguish between vibes and contractions, I'd rather be fully aware of the ES till I'm 100% used to it.

Always start at 1 and work through till you feel a pulse then get used to the feeling before going to the next; give your body a chance to adjust for a few minutes even up to 10-15 minutes. it feels like small contractions not a vibration, its quite different to what you have felt before in any toy. Never rush as if you go high you may feel a sharp shock and it can feel uncomfortable.
This is an exercise toy that you need to get used to, like any exercise for your body, you may be uncomfortable at first, simply turn off and start at the beginning and move up slower.
 I love the fact the Vibration and ES buttons are separated as its easy to use without much though.

 TIP: Vibration on the left, ES on the right dont get your left and rights mixed up accidentally pressing the wrong button...eeek that would wake you up lol!

With both vibration and ES you must always deflate before removing or you may feel discomfort.

Opinions of using the ES
The first time I used the ES I couldn't feel 1 and 2 and when I pressed 3 it felt like Id been shocked, I'm not sure if it was because I didn't use the gel as I was a little concerned with being sensitive as I'm allergic to many products down there. Plus I hadn't fully inflated it.
So the 2nd time, I plucked up the courage to go again, applied lube and ES gel (Im not allergic woohoo) and fully inflated, I went from 1 to 2 slower this time trying desperately to feel something, but still couldn't and then pressed to 3 quickly and I felt a contraction, so I stayed on this for about 10 minutes to get used to it.
Once I deflated it and slowly removed the intensity and I had to pull it quite firmly like my muscles were still gripping it, such an odd sensation but it shows its working woohoo!
An odd thing too it was almost dry and Id applied loads of lube and gel.

The Intensity is NOT totally waterproof because of the inflation bulb and deflation button. The soft pink silicon is like a dust hoover too so you have to clean it before and after every use. I was at first a little worried about the inflation ridges and the flaky silicon around the metal pads. The dirt could become trapped while deflated, but it is easy to wipe clean just using a damp cloth or antibacterial wipe and then spray with a good sextoy cleaner to get into the ridge. I use my Lelo sextoy cleaner as I don't have to rinse this.

 Just for fun
I was really impressed with just the technology of this amazing new toy. The soft pink silicon really gives it a soft luxury feel and its comfortable in your hand with an excellent quality motor. The buttons are well defined and the batteries last well.
I noticed a change straight away and I could definitely feel it working my muscles, I have yet to orgasm using the ES alone, which is a little odd as I generally orgasm with little work multiple times, so I need to play with this more and Ill update you again.
I also prefer my vibrations more rumbly for me, but it was still enjoyable; Id rather break a sweat with this than at the gym any day; plus squeezing my muscles is harder work than using this and I can make an effort to use this; whilst I never remember to squeeze myself . 
If you are caught by your partner you can honestly say "I'm doing this workout for you". 
You also know this toy is working directly in the right place to as you can feel it.
I adored the expanding girth as its up to me depending on my mood what width I want to use. but the main thing for me is it is gradually improving my muscles, I'm already noticing some changes I definitely feel they are a little stronger.
Women who are early twenties and below or haven't had children may not notice much change. But I  would definitely recommend the Intensity for the older lady as well as the woman who has had  children or gynaecological operations leaving you with weak muscles. At some point in a woman's life I feel this will be a sextoy essential something every woman should own for their own sexual health and at the same time improving sexual pleasure with their partners.
Because it tightens and tones your body, your partner will be able to notice more sensation – and you’ll enjoy the sensation of your partner more. In other words, more intense orgasms when you’re using it, and more intense orgasms with your partner as well.
 You pay a fortune at the gym, hours listening to crap at the hairdressers, pain and mess of waxing and effort involved in finding the correct foods to eat for our health, but nothing....till now for our kegals.
So why shouldn't something be fun and good for you.
This is a product you can keep and use at home whenever you wish, finally we can now slow the ageing process just a bit from the inside...can I use this on my
It will restore your control and even more importantly you're confidence!

After a month
I am still struggling to get further than level 3 on the ES and I must admit Im slightly jealous of some reviewers who are orgasming at the touch of a button, I'm still not finding this, but maybe its because I'm not at level 10 I'm still stuck on level 3, I'm hoping Ill get to this stage at some point!
 But I can feel my kegals are feeling stronger but I'm not reaching orgasms like some....sigh.

I will be adding more info of my experiences after I have been using this for longer.

Amazing technology,
Scientifically designed,
Customisable girth,
2 motors for Vibrations for clit and g-spot,
Soft silicon,
Lit LED,

Could do with some pulses and escalations for the price,
The booklet needs to have extra information on how the ES works, do we need the gel etc.

 Video review coming soon.

The first easy-to-use kegel exerciser that automatically strengthens and tones the pelvic muscles responsible for intensifying orgasms.

Jopen Intensity from EdenFantasys

If you want to save 15% on your own Intensity just click the above Intensity image and add V3E discount code to your basket!

product picture
Vaginal exerciser by Jopen
Material: Silicone
This product was provided free of charge to the reviewer.

All my thanks for supplying the Intensity free of charge for a fair and honest review.


  1. This is soooo on the wishlist!
    Feb 17, 8:13 pm

  2. I'm like you in that I feel the electrostim starting at level 3. I often go up to 8, 9 or 10 now. I like the strength of the higher settings.

    Also, the plates on mine are super dry when I remove it too. I didn't mention that in my review. In fact, I feel that sticking on removal too. I think that the plates adhere a bit to the vaginal wall. That's what it feels like.

    I don't think I could climax from the electrostim alone either.

    Nice review. I hope you write a follow up review later.
    Feb 17, 8:41 pm

  3. That was a really helpful review, thank you so much. After much consideration, I'm probably going to give this a try when I can afford it.
    Feb 17, 10:49 pm

  4. Excellent review great pictures.
    Feb 17, 11:07 pm

  5. Thanks for the review! and all the pictures, and details! This toy still scares me....
    Feb 17, 11:32 pm

  6. Thanks everyone, yes Tuesday its definitely a toy to get used to, the drynesss bothered me at first, I use half a ton of lube and its still a bit dry especially on removal.
    Upskirt its nothing to worry about its just taking things really slowly, were all nervous of the unknown. I too was a little concerned at first and even jumpy, but you get used to the unusual feelings and I definitely feeling a difference.

  7. Thanks for the review!
    Feb 18, 4:59 pm

  8. This looks awesome. Every review I read of it makes me want it.
    Feb 23, 9:20 pm

  9. I'll wait for the price to go down then jump at it!
    Yesterday, 3:34 pm

  10. I'm loving your pictures, excellent review, thanks!

  11. I just got mine today. Very unusual toy. its going to take time to mess with it & play around with it. It seems very large even deflated. I've never been a loose girl so to speak. I feel my vagina is so small for this toy. I got mine on.Amazon for about $144. Thanks for your review :)


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