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Fleur D'Amour

Fleur D'Amour
"The Flower of Love"

A great idea for a Valentine's day gift.

I love roses not just because I can be a silly romantic, but I love the idea of something that isn't what it seems. This gorgeous artificial red rose is a sexy game for lovers.

The Fleur D'Amour in the middle of some of my other rose toys I own.
For details see HERE

The Rose arrives in a gorgeous transparent box similar to that of the packaging if it had been a real single rose from an exclusive florist, you can see the rose in the middle of my other rose gifts above.
This makes it perfect to wrap as a gift.
Labels clearly explains the game
How do I love thee!
Oh very Shakespear!

The plastic artificial rose is beautifully crafted and actual size, I wasn't expecting something as pretty for such a cheap price. The green plastic stems have a mix of plastic and fabric leaves and the red fabric petals are perfectly shaped and contoured like the real thing and from a distance it really does look real.
Its 45cm in length and the red fabric rose is approximately 6cm in width.

I was attracted to this because of my love of flowers and how beautiful it did look; plus the fact I love items that are not what they seem. The Fleur D'Amour "The Flower of Love" is played by taking it in turns to gently peel down a rose petal and do what is printed on it.
As you get further towards the centre of the rose it gives more intimate actions to do on each other, so it goes from "Rub neck" to "Nibble earlobe" to "Fondle below the waist" or "Give a spanking".
Then once you have opened all the petals I hope you are oblivious to the petals instructions, and everything rose to your expectations...sorry couldn't resist!!
Once completed the petals simply fold back up to hide its naughty secrets and can be put on display around the house without anyone knowing what's written on its petals.

This is an affordable gift that you can both have some fun with, I did expect for such a cheap price it would fall apart after a few tries but the petals are well glued on and peel backwards and forwards easily, we've used this a few times and it now sits above the bed looking very romantic and pretty.
The instructions on the petals have been well designed so when you fold back the petals to form the full rose you cannot see the writing. So no one would know the secret of such a pretty decoration.
This would make a perfect added fun gift for Valentines day or a fun wedding gift, or just something to say I love you at anytime!
Ideal for the 3rd date if you know what I mean! This would also make a great ice-breaker for swinger parties and couples who love to play with others, I can see this being passed round a small intimate group of people and being a very sexy ice-breaker. A great modern and romantic take of spin the bottle!  A simple idea that could make a simple party as wild as you like.
This a fun foreplay rose!

Simple idea,
Rose well made,
Very affordable,
A pretty decoration for everyday that holds a hidden secret.


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