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The Fairy USB Rechargable Massager.

I was really excited to find out I would have the opportunity to try one of the latest in the Fairy range from one of the newest most exciting UK sextoy stores Vibrator Kindom.

Wands have been popular since the Hitachi and seen in 100's of porn movies, now they are easily available for all of us. I really do adore wands as I love the extra power you can achieve from them. Its not just a sextoy but a strong massage tool too, so you can ease those aches and pains away or enjoy long luxurious foreplay session with your partner.

 Beautifully wrapped in pink tissue.

To my surprise the Fairy massager and attachments all arrived beautifully wrapped in pink tissue paper, something you only ever get when buying the most expensive perfumes and exclusive creams; this really makes you feel special.Vibrator Kingdom's attention to detail makes this site really stand out.

 Front and back of box

The Fairy Mini 2 Lithium Charge Wand Massager itself comes in an unthreatening ultra feminine pink cardboard box, with a transparent window clearly showing the fairy.The back shows examples of the product and how to charge using the USB cables.

 The complete fairy wand package.

But...that's not all, with this massager you also get 2 wand attachments and a USB charger FREE, 
yes I did say FREE!

Yes for Love testers.

 But....that isn't an EXTRA surprise when you buy from Vibrator Kindom you also get a gorgeous selection of testers from the exclusive luxurious "Yes For Love" range, these include unscented wipes, sensuous massage oil, moisturising lubricants, soothing balms. This whole package really does make a beautiful gift for someone you love or just for yourself.

The complete Fairy kit
 The Fairy is substantial in weight of 190g and feels expensive to hold, it is 8″ in length with a soft medical grade silicone head of 1.77″ head. The neck is ribbed and is strong and flexible enough to be able to press it into tired aching muscles without snapping off.

 Rounded ribbed silicon head.

  The Fairy sits comfortably in your hand and is very ergonomic with contoured body shape and soft pink rubberised side grips; as a nice touch it has a cute fairy surrounded by stars, so very girly, I love this.

Vibrations and charging
The Fairy is a USB rechargeable wand massager with a Lithium Ion battery that powers a 11,000 RPM Japanese motor.No more worries about dead and dying batteries at the wrong moment or having to find a nearby power plug or hoping you have enough cable to reach where you want to be. Being a techie geek this is my kinda toy.

 The USB connector

On the back of the fairy is a small rubber power connector cover, which you lift up to plug the USB connector into.

 The USB connector plugs straight from the fairy in the back of the wand to your PC/Laptop. A green charging light shows you are connecting and its charging correctly.

 The scroll wheel and charging light.

The Front of the shaft of the fairy is a firm scroll wheel which is solid and well defined showing the excellent quality of this massager. 
TIP: Make sure the scroll wheel is clicked off before plugging into charge as it will make a whining noise.

Girls and boys attachments

But of course your not only getting the fairy you are getting both male and female medical safe attachments for FREE as an added bonus. 

 Hers and His attachments...did I say...for FREE!

Both his and hers attachments have a hollowed base to slip over the fairy head and the main part of the attachments are made of solid rubber..

Her Attachment
Hers is curved and cups the the whole vaginal area to transfer the powerful vibrations to the clit and labia, it has lots of small nodules for extra sensations.
It is 7cm in length and 3.8cm wide.

When you first see the attachments and then look at the size of the actual fairy head, you think...nooo way are they going to fit; but by gently supporting the silicon head of the fairy (not holding the shaft), you can press and wiggle it onto the head. (They are very stretchy). But this is not a grab-able quickie job though, you do have to plan to use this as it needs to be gently worked down.
TIP; something to know as you slip it over the head it creates an air bubble in the neck; utilise this by squeezing it towards the base using the air-bubble to your advantage it will vacuum itself onto the head, but take it carefully and slowly, taking care not to over bend the head of the fairy.

 Once on it fits snugly and as you see its not meant to fit down to the base of the fairy head, it just sits at the top.

On most sextoys that I have used in the past that have extremity parts they do not usually carry the vibrations to the tip, wow this transfers the powerful vibrations perfectly, when you hold the fairy in your hand with this attachment both curved tips are blurred at the amazing speed of the vibrations.
To remove simply lift the lip and peel up like removing a condom.

His Attachment.
Is a prostate P-spot attachment but it could be inserted vaginally too. The flexible attachment. is 10.7cm in length and the insertable length is 6.7cm. The slimest girth is 0.8cm and it expands to 1.8cm wide which is perfect for those new to anal or P-spot play.
P-spot and vaginal attachment.

Again you can see how much smaller it is against the fairy head and care must be taken to hold the fairy head securely while gently working the attachment onto the head.

 Once on the attachment wont cover the whole head just the upper half and like her attachment the vibrations transfer well right to the end.

Again to remove simply lift the edge and gently peel off like a condom.

I first plugged the fairy in for the 4 hours for first charge and then after this initial charge you only need an hour to charge it to full, easy when you are surfing or working on your PC or laptop.
When I first clicked the scroll wheel to switch on the Fairy, I was stunned to feel how strong and well defined the motor is, for a USB charged product its almost as powerful as my Deluxe magic wand my all time favorite toy which is mains powered. This fairy is half the size and easier and lighter to hold, ideal for smaller hands.
The power as you rev this little machine to full whack is amazing; it made my hand numb and I actually struggled to hold the head of the fairy because of the power of the vibrations. Its more rumbly than buzzy, but on full it does tend to have a higher pitch whine, but believe me you'll be louder.
I tried it on the outside of my clothes to start with and I was there in minutes..jeeze what a complete surprise, a USB toy with sooo much power.

Once using the female adapter this little wand will be your best friend forever, the curve hugs your whole vaginal area transferring the vibes so I could feel them through my pelvis. It gives me intense orgasms fast, the great thing is I don't have to worry about finding a plug or batteries, I can use it anywhere.(You can gain even more sensitivity when used with a waterbase lube).
I tried the male attachment vaginally and I can angle it onto my g-spot to get the powerful vibes on my G-spot, wow it certainly did it felt amazing it offers us girls an alternative sensation if you don't have a partner to share the P-spot with. But I've no doubt it'll work for the guys too.

The Fairy is also strong enough to use against your favorite dildo, it works best on my glass dildos for me.The rumbly vibes travel easily through my longest dildos.

As a massager
I suffer with alot of aches and you know...., so I was looking forward to trying this on my back and shoulders, I had no doubts about whether it would work and I was right; being so light it was easy to hold in the right place myself and the vibrations were powerful enough to ease the worst of my pains, what more can a girl ask for something to relax and something to pleasure.

The fairy is not waterproof so you simply wipe clean the head with a damp cloth; then both attachments can be removed and cleaned under warm soapy water and then sprayed with antibacterial spray, I use my Lelo sextoy cleaner.

Afterwards the fairy comes with its own lovely pink suedette drawstring bag to store it in or pop in your handbag later for use on yourself or with a friend. Stored away in this little bag no one would have any idea it was a sextoy, it simply looks like a mini umbrella or make-up bag.

 Stored in its own pink soft fabric suedette bag with its attachments

I love my Fairy Mini 2 Wand Massager it was all I expected it to be and more, the excellent quality motor produces powerful rumbly vibes just the way I love them, but if you are new to sextoys this wand is cute and girly with the adorable fairy and stars logo. The vibes start fairly low so anyone really sensitive can still use this, but you simply scroll up to full whack and its intense and powerful perfect for not only clitoral pleasure but relives those aches and pains too; plus being rechargeable you can take this luxury toy anywhere.
I absolutely recommend this Fairy wand it feels luxurious and expensive in your hand and what makes this package so special is that Vibrator Kingdom include not just 1 attachment but 2 for FREE. Most wand attachments are around £15-£20 each so you really are getting a special deal here.
Vibrator Kingdom's attention to detail is gorgeous from the pink tissue wrapping, to the extra testers giving you the chance to try exclusive luxury products makes this whole package a really beautiful gift for someone you love or something you can both share together, this really is definitely one of my sextoy essentials.

Super powerful rumbly vibes,
Comes with 2...yes 2 attachments,
USB rechargable,
Comes with soft suedette bag for storage,
Adorably feminine,


You can buy your

All my thanks goes to Vibrator Kingdom for sending me The fairy free of charge for a fair and honest review.

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