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Eroticon 2012 - Sponsored by Lovehoney

Eroticon 2012 Sex Bloggers Conference 3rd March 2012

The first ever sex blogger and erotic writers' conference, Eroticon 2012 promises to be a day packed with inspiration, advice, networking opportunities... and fun!

What's included?

Delegates at Eroticon 2012 will get 12 hours of discussion, inspiration, workshops and demonstrations from the very best in the business. They'll have unparalleled opportunities to network with publishers, sex toy retailers, writers and other sex bloggers.

There's FREE WiFi, breakfast, lunch, coffee throughout the day and FREE wine, entertainment and sexy readings after the conference.

Each delegate will also walk away with a goodie bag worth over £30, as well as £50 to spend on anything they like at Lovehoney!


Session highlights

There are 12 sessions and workshops across the day, with something for everyone including:

Identity, Ethics and Sex Blogging - with Zoe Margolis (Girl With a One Track Mind), Lori Smith, Molly Moore, Mina Lamieux.

Publisher's Panel - with Hazel Cushion (CEO of Xcite Books), Maxim Jakubowski, Lucy Felthouse, Andrews UK and Total E-Bound.

Marketing & Promoting Your Work - with Lucy Felthouse and Victoria Blisse.

Sacred Kink Demonstration - with sex-positive Dominant London Faerie.

Practical Workshops - including self-publishing, blog hosting, SEO (search engine optimisation), photography, podcasting and more.

See the full Eroticon 2012 schedule.

Meet the Lovehoney Team!

Meet the Lovehoney Team at Eroticon
As sponsors, we're coming along and we're looking forward to meeting you!

We'll be bringing along loads of high-end toys like the Minna Ola, Rock Box and a Violet Wand for you to have a play with - and Baconlube for you to taste! You can grill us about being in the business of pleasure and how to get your hands on free sex toys...

Session details

Identity, ethics and sex blogging : Zoe Margolis, Lori Smith, Molly Moore
Out or in?  Real name or pen-name?  Do you want your boss knowing what you did in or out of bed last night?  And should you really name and shame the milkman?  A discussion panel on identity and ethics, how it affects us as sex bloggers and those we write about.
Writing workshop : Maxim Jakubowski
A hands on workshop exploring ways to develop your writing and keep the creative juices flowing.
Taking Your Writing Beyond the Page: The Power of Collaboration : Scarlet French
Often writers can find themselves squirreled away, alone with their laptops.  Yet, erotic writing is a genre that has enormous potential for collaboration.
As the study of human sexuality burgeons, so too does the range of therapies and practices available to enable people to tap in to their full potential – for sexual pleasure and for overall wellbeing.  Scarlett believes that mindful erotic writings can contribute to the therapeutic process and aid the quest for sexual expansiveness.
In her talk, Scarlett explores this potential and discusses the power of collaborating with sex practitioners.
Meet the sponsors : Coco de Mer
A chance to meet the staff from Coco de Mer, find out what plans they have for the year ahead and discuss ways of working with them.

Tech workshop : Michael Knight
Delivered in plain English (or at least the American version) this workshop will give you a thorough run down of getting your geek on for your blog.  Topics covered include:
  • Securing & maintaining your install
  • Themes and plugins
  • Hacking the source – customizing your themes and plugins
  • Promotion, syndication and social media
  • Analytics, metrics, monitoring and impact
Publishers panel : Hazel Cushion, Maxim Jakubowski
Your chance to get the low down on what publishers are really looking for and find out how to avoid the slush pile
Sex and the media : Zoe Margolis, Lori Smith, Rubyyy Jones
Sex sells but does the media ever get it right?  A discussion panel looking at representations of sex in the media.
Photography workshop : John Tisbury
John will be giving a lecture covering how to take better pictures of yourself, partner or products and other objects. He explains that you don’t need to have expensive equipment or lots of it to take good photographs. Using a basic camera you can still achieve good results. John will cover posing techniques, lighting techniques, how to take better self-portraits, and tips and ideas for taking photographs or another person or object. The lecture is an informative and useful guide for those who don’t want to learn the technical details but still want to take better pictures.
Convincingly queer, writing beyond our experience : Aisling Weaver, Josephine Myles
A discussion on how to we write hot sex scenes when you’re a different gender, sexuality or kink to ever be able to participate first hand.
Marketing & promoting your work : Lucy Felthouse, Victoria Blisse
A session covering marketing your blog and your published work to build your audience.
Podcasting workshop : Michael Knight
Get your voice  heard, starting with podcasting.  This session will introduce you to the podcasting software Audacity, recording and editing, exporting your audio and embedding it in your blog.
Self publishing : MK Elliot 
Self-publishing no longer carries the stigma it once did. Thousands of authors—both established and new—are making the choice to self-publish in order to get their work to the people who matter most; the readers.
Though also traditionally published, M.K. Elliott has now self-published fourteen titles in two different names. Having been on both sides of the fence, she understands all the positives and pitfalls of both self-publishing and going with a small press. She’s had numerous titles hit the best-seller lists on Amazon, and Barnes and Noble, so she knows what works and what doesn’t.
Come and pick her brains about everything she’s learnt about self-publishing and see if she can help you decide which route is best for you.
It’s Kink, Jim, but not as we know it : London Faerie
Fetish is everywhere these days: popularized by Torture Garden, co-opted by the media, an evergreen favourite with Tory MPs. Despite this it remains haunted by misconceptions and the pathologising influence of Freud, Kraft-Ebbing and the gang.
This mixture of fear and fascination can be confusing. Rather than getting hung up on it, London Faerie will demonstrate his fierce, playful, high-energy style of kink on a friend’s willing bottom, then answer questions about it afterwards. It’s Kink, Jim, but not as we know it.

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