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Dark desires Love thats out of this world edited by Miranda Forbes

The front cover sexy and tasteful.

Back cover a taster of what's inside.

I have been reading books all my life but only recently started reading erotica thanks to Xcite books. I was really excited to read this set of 20 stories about the paranormal as I adore fantasy and sci-fi. This is a set of 20 stories edited by Miranda Forbes. I love the variety of well written paranormal erotica Miranda has chosen, I didn't feel you could write so many different stories in this one genre...well how wrong was I.
The cover is tasteful and sexy, with no lewd images, what I love about this if you left it lying around you would not know in the first instance its an erotic book unless you picked it up and read the back.

The Back cover gives a few sentences as a taster of what's inside, it was enough for me to start reading the book immediately.
 I absolutely loved this book to the point I couldn't put it down at the end of each story, it was exactly the style and genre that I adore reading or watching on TV.
I completely blame this book for 2 sleepless nights where I kept getting to the end of 1 story and thinking "just one more..!". Sooo tired........
It was an excellent mixture of paranormal erotica each with some brilliant authors, the sex was quite vanilla compared to what I usually enjoy but the stories were so well written I loved each and every story. I didn't think I would say that out of 20 stories that I would enjoy each and everyone, obviously some more than others, but each author drew me into their own world to their last page. Lots of the writing had some great twists and turns and I assumed I would be able to guess the ending on most stories, I was very wrong.

There is a wonderful mix Demons, ghosts, highway woman, inccubus, witches and vampires with a werewolf thrown in for good measure, something for everyone who loves their fantasy. I have a passion for vampire stories, I love the whole dark and smouldering sexy, evil, scary thing which I find such a turn on and this was no exception.
I really find it hard to pick a favourite but I had a few which I have gone back to read again which is very unusual for me, I loved the writing of authors Scarlet Blue, Kat Black and Tabitha Rayne, plus an excellent short story from KD Grace who is so well known for her book The initiation of Miss Holly. and her latest Pet Shop.

I have never been a lover of short stories as I usually love to fall into a big novel and lap it up till the very end and not stop reading, but these have changed my mind completely; the beauty with short stories, each is only approximately 5-6 pages long and I can grab a story to read in a coffee break or a few hours before sleep ..or the whole night if you are!
It also gives you a huge taster of some amazing writers out there I would not have known about. it has made me thirsty for more.

A sexual rundown of each story.

  • Animal attraction by Lucy Felthouse - Werewolf, M/F,
  • Familiar by Sommer Marsden - Witches M/F,
  • Seance by Mary Borsellino - Ghost M/F/F, oral.
  • Come with us by Landon Dixon - Sci-Fi, orgy, oral,
  • Circle in the Sand by Elizabeth Coldwell - Witchcraft M/F, oral.
  • Making Lewis hard by Esmerelda Greene - Ghost M/F, oral, booby masturbation,
  • Demon by Kathryn OHalloran - Demonic M/F Domination, oral, masturbation,
  • On the other side by Peter Baltensperger - Fantasy paranormal, M/F, F/F, domination,
  • Something about Mary by JS Black - Ghost, witchcraft, M/F/F,
  • Dancer in the Dark by Scarlett Blue - Vampire, M/F, MFF, oral,
  • Call of the night by Tabitha Rayne - Vampire, Paranormal, F/F, oral, orgy,
  • House of Seven inches by Michael Bracken - Paranormal ghost, M/M, gay, anal, masturbation,
  • Incubus at your service by Maggie Morton - Demon, M/F,
  • Skyggen by Giselle Renarde - Paranormal, Ghost, shadow magic, M/F, anal,
  • Lord Nano's Nemesis by Slave Nano - Highwayman, dominance, BDSM,
  • Ghost with the most by Lynne Lake - Paranormal, ghost, M/F, voyeurism, 
  • Flaws by KD Grace - Paranormal, witchcraft, M/F,
  • Nymph by Kyoko Church, Paranormal, fantasy, oral,  M/F,
  • Skin Deep by Kat Black - Vampire, dominance, compulsion,M/F,
  • Airfield by James Hornby - Ghosts, M/F/F,
Each story you will see are mostly male and female; so if you are new to reading erotica and love your fantasy paranormal you really will love this book, but don't let that put you off if prefer things more rampant, as I generally like my sex with more wild fetish but they are all so well written and each a compulsive sexy read, I thoroughly enjoyed each story and it will stay in mind for a long time.
I absolutely recommend Dark Desires; fall into the world of fantasy, lose yourself amongst the realms of this world and the next for a few hours, get away from real life just for awhile.

You can get yours from 
Xcite books
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All my thanks goes to Xcite Books for sending me this book free of charge for an honest and fair review.

See my other review from Xcite Books.

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