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The We-Vibe 2

The We-Vibe 2

I had been lusting after trying the We-Vibe for years as its won so many awards and the reviews have been amazing.
So when Honour asked if I would like to review the We-Vibe 2 I was thrilled. I adore rechargeable toys and love both G-spot and clitoral stimulation at the same time, so I was really excited to try this.

The History bit
I thought this was interesting if you want to just read about the We-Vibe 2 skip this!
The We-Vibe was born 7 years ago as a EUREKA MOMENT in the mind of entrepreneur Bruce Murison on a hot summers day on a long car journey, his mind started thinking about you do....!
That the world needed a couples vibrator.

"Why was there not a vibrator that would just slide in between two people while they made love? The ultimate toy would have to be completely self contained and water proof. He envisioned a toy that would not threaten or interfere with the man's desire to have sex and yet enable the women to receive all the perfectly placed vibrations she could ever want."
The perfect sex toy would have none of these draw backs and it would have zero maintenance.The We-Vibe was born!
The We-Vibe 2 was thoroughly road-tested by a couple for the popular UK TV programme "This morning" with an amazing mark of 9.5/10.
Well if it was good enough for telly it was good enough for us too, I was so excited!

The We-vibe 2 comes in a high class cream embossed retail package with a plastic insert showing the toy, with no gaudy sexual images, just simply and cleanly designed.It really shouts luxury toy.

Contents of the box.

Inside is the We-Vibe 2, the charger and a lovely pink satin drawstring bag to keep it in, thank you We-Vibe 2, I love it when a company includes a bag to store the toys in, especially one so pretty.

I was lucky enough to receive the red We-Vibe 2, as you see its a gorgeous sexy ruby red, a nice change to the usual pinks, purples and blacks you see in many toys.

 Feels comfortable in the hand

On getting it out of the box it has no strong smells and its warm to touch, and very flexible being 100% medical grade silicon, its very grippy and comfortable to hold.

The top of the We-vibe 2 has the name embossed beautifully across the top

 Very flexible.

The innovative clam shape design has a thin flexible arm that once inserted conforms to the womans shape, it has a springyness to it that you can hold it open then it will return back to its original shape again, so while inserted it hugs gently against your clit and labia without any need to hold, making it almost hands free.


The We-Vibe 2 is rechargeable so no more worries about dead and dying batteries at the wrong moment, as long as you have a plug socket your away.

 Smoothed ridges.

There are 2 gently tapered teardrop pads with the "C" pad being slightly thicker than the other; one sits on the outside against your clit ("C" pad) and the other is inserted and sits in your vagina against your g-spot ("G" pad), both pads have softened ridges which help give a larger surface area to transfer the vibrations.

Use for couple play.

The back of the "G" pad is completely smooth and flatter so your partner can penetrate you normally, this allows his penis to slide along the length of the vibe to also feel the same vibrations, his own movements then use the ridges to stimulate more.

The Science bit 
The We-Vibe 2 is latex and phthalate free and being rechargeable is environmentally friendly.
  • Length is 8.2cm, 
  • Width is 2.8cm, 
  • The thickness of the Clitoral pad is 2.1cm thick,
  • The thickness of the G-spot pad is 1.9cm in thickness.
  • With an insertable length of "G" pad is 7.8cm.
The rechargeable battery is NiMH 500mAh
Charging 16 hrs minimum, (charging from flat ).
Run time 1 to 2 hours depending on use,
Standby Up to 60 days,
Frequency 3000-5500 rpm

The Vibrations
There are 2 powerful motors, yes I said 2 not only one that simply resonates through to the other arm like in some toys, but 2, ONE IN EACH PAD!
It also has 9 modes and pulses to choose from, all of them fairly quiet and discreet; a complete upgrade to the We-Vibe 1 which only 2 vibes! You would be safe enough to play with this in your bedroom as it couldn't be heard through a door, some vibrations are so quite the person next to you cant hear them. This is perfect to be used in the bath or shower too being so discreet.You can scroll through the vibrations to find your favourite then when finished you simply hold the button down for 3 seconds and it will turn off.
A clever tip of the We-Vibe 2 is if it is turned on again within an hour it will remember where you were on your favorite vibe.

Easy to read vibrations chart. 

I have added the chart from We-Vibe themselves as it visually explains the vibrations better.
My own thoughts on the 9 amazing vibrations are;
  • Low - Great for beginners and those who like lighter sensations.Great foreplay,not for me.
  • High- Strong vibe for most, Id have liked a bit more but amazing on my clit.Loved this one.
  • Throb - A gorgeous deep throb, reminds me of a motorbike revving.
  • Wave - Softer acceleration and slow down, a real tease but not enough for me.
  • Pulse - 1/2 sec pulses quite good I felt it through my pelvis, wanted more.
  • Ramp - Slow rev a real tease to maybe get you over the edge,
  • Tease - Approx 9 hard pulses in 5 seconds and then 14 fast pulses in 3 seconds, loved this one could almost get there then the fast got me over the edge..phewy yes...!
  • Ascend- Slow ascend to reach its hardest then fast slowdown, a tease as I couldnt quite get there with this one.
  • Cha- cha- Powerful beats slightly different to the rest, enjoyed this one.
There is a great variety of vibrations which I love as I'm not a girl who sticks to one vibration, I like to start with a slow rumble and work my way up taking full advantage of the variety, each one giving me totally different sensations inside.
It depends on my mood as to wether I just want a quickie or a longer session on which vibration I prefer, I must admit I have always gone back to the High or Tease each time to push me over the edge, but my beginning vibrations always seem to differ. I have never felt a toy like this!
The vibrations have just the right frequency not to be underpowered or have too buzzy (high frequency) to make you numb, the designer has really explored what we want.

Harmonic throbbing
This is the name We-Vibe have given to the carefully chosen frequency patterns between the 2 motors in the pads, they create a varying beat frequency that resonates through your pelvis and work together so the clit and g-spot  receive slightly different frequencies creating this harmonic throbbing sensation.

When you first get the We-Vibe don't expect to use it straight away as you have to put it on charge for 24 hours, yes I did say 24 hours, most rechargeable toys I own are usually 6-8 hours so I can generally use them the same day, but this drove me crazy having to wait a full day.
It comes with a 2 pin European plug so I needed to use a 3 pin plug adapter bought cheaply from most stores.
I left it plugged in and charging and it was so hard not to just unplug it and use it, but as with most rechargeable products the first charge is the most important and may not get the full extent of the power if not charged fully the first time.
The rechargable NiMH 500mAh battery have a high charge density nickel-metal hydride with gold contacts another reason this toy has a higher pricing bracket than some, you really do pay for quality.

 Plugged into recharging sealed hole.

Being completely waterproof the We-Vibe 2 is surrounded in silicon even the recharging hole, which you have to pierce through on your first time.
 When charged the hole seals itself keeping any water and fluids away from the hole.

One annoyance for me is no charging light, a small red LED would be nice to say its charging which turns to green once charged would make this process so much easier.
The instructions do say you can keep it plugged in if you plan to use it regularly, so this is easier if you have a spare plug socket and you dont need to hide it from prying eyes.

Solo play
The We-Vibe slips easily inside well and the "C" pad (clitoral) hugs gently against my labia and clit and the "G" pad sat nicely against my g-spot, the vibrations travel well through the thin silicon and I could feel every vibration.
I would definitely recommend water based lube as the silicon is so very grippy and it gives more sensitivity to the vibrations (like you need anymore...!!!).

The thicker "C" pad a perfect size to sit against your clit

The fiddly bit came when I wanted to change vibration, the little nipple of a button is on the tip of the "C" pad which hugs your clit and pubic bone and once lubed up or wet was hard and fiddly to press, its the tinyest of buttons which you have to press in most awkward of places.

 The small on/off button above the charger hole

But I mastered the art in the end...I really do deserve a really! I needed finger and thumb to get a grip to press the button, but once I had chosen my vibe it was easy to just lie back and enjoy and wow I certainly did that.
TIP;Always use the pad of your finger to press the button not your nail, or it may tear the silicon.
I was blown away at the feel of the pad right on my G-spot I was shocked at how wet it makes me when I rock it like the Rocks Off Rock chick it made me come so fast and squirt once on the right vibration, all I can say is wow!
It is very secure inside and wont fall out if you wish to sit up or walk around; it keeps your hands free to play with your partner. This is ideal to wear before sex for foreplay as it will guarantee to warm things up fast.
What I love about this it can be used while walking round the house doing your housework, as its stays snuggly against your clit and G-spot without falling out. Would I wear this when going out, too powerful to use in public without embarrassing myself, but ideal for cheering up your hoovering or washing up.or even in the darkness of a pub or club. But remember you will have to turn it off or change speeds at some point which involves putting your hand down your knickers.

With other toys
I also tried the We-Vibe with other toys, it also breathes new life into dildo's to give you that something extra to try. But make sure they are not silicon toys as it will damage them both over time. I preferred using my glass toys especially if I have heated them up previously.
Plus if you use your favourite vibrator, obviously not G-spot you will have 3 different motors if you dare, not that you need it...!

For Men
The We-Vibe can be used anally for men to stimulate the P-spot. The "G" pad will should hug against the P-spot and the "C" pad against the perineum. We haven't tried this but I know many men that have successfully. It could also be worn as a loose cock ring so both pads hugs the penis.

Couple play
My OH is very well endowed and I was very concerned whether I could take the We-Vibe and him and I was right; we really struggled to get him in too, as I'm also very small down there.
So for now we will enjoy keep trying; but for me its a firm favourite for playing solo, but I'll get him to change the vibrations for me. But it is still really fun trying and he is still able to feel the vibrations on the tip and enjoy them.We will be trying many more positions although I definitely think Missionary will be the one when we eventually get there, doggy is another popular position for the We-Vibe2.

But watch this space I will be updating after more use!!

This is waterproof and easily cleaned under warm soapy running water or in the bath or shower. then store away in the pink silk bag or place back on charge to use again know you want to.....!
One slight problem was that it attracts dust like a hoover and you have to clean it before and after use every time.


I have to say I love, love, love the We-Vibe 2 its worth its weight in gold as a solo toy too, despite being made for couples. I love the amazing vibrations on my clit and G-spot at the same time, I have never felt a toy quite like this one. Despite the annoying nub of a button once on your favorite vibe its incredible, it makes me squirt everytime.
There is a vibration for everyone from beginners to advanced toy collectors, for both men and women and couples; the amazing 2 motors really feel different to anything I have ever tried before. The sensations inside you feel amazing; its a firm favourite for me and has shot to the top of my toy box.

Being rechargeable its environmentally friendly and you will always have power as long as you are near to a plug socket, its waterproof, light and has great variety of vibes and holds the charge well.
If you have the We-Vibe 1 then its definitely time to upgrade it!!!!
I was asked would I buy this instead of the We-Vibe 3, well it depends on how much you want to spend, the We-Vibe 2 is great value if you cant stretch to nearly £99 price tag of the We-Vibe 3; for the sake of pressing a button instead of using a remote you still have the outstanding quality of silicon and vibrations and motors.
I'd definitely recommend buying this if you are happy with manually changing the vibrations or better still get your other half to do it. An ideal gift for your loved one guys and you will get some enjoyment too.

Fun, exciting for women, men and couples together toy,
Powerful vibes,
100% Silicon,
Comes with silky pink satin storage bag,

Awkward to change vibrations,
No charging light,

You can buy yours from

All my thanks goes to Honour for sending me theWe-Vibe 2 for free for an honest fair review.X

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  1. Saw this in Amsterdam but maybe because of over enthusiastic salesman thought it might not be true. "Too Good to be true" and all that.

  2. want one so bad, next purchase for me i think

  3. I absolutely love the sound of this ...and have for a while! Until reading your review though, I didn't realise it was quite so flexible as most pics make it look quite hard and plastic. Thankyou so much for such a detailed review've put me straight on a few things and made me want one more than ever! lol ;) xx

  4. I need to get me a we-vibe, after reviewing the picobong mahana it was terrible. I need my faith to be renewed in couple toys such as this one!


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