Tuesday, 31 January 2012

The Velvet Kiss Collection - Royal Twist

I was really excited when I found out I was going to be reviewing The Royal Twist as I don't have many anal toys. I also love the idea of being able to use it vaginally and anally.

The Velvet kiss Royal twist comes in a transparent plastic clam opening packaging, it has a cardboard insert which is beautifully and simply designed with no lewd or graphic images, making it ideal as a gift for someone.

 The Royal twist is shaped more like a butt plug than a vaginal toy. It is made of phthalate free TPR rubber which is a lovely coloured purple, it has a spiral ribbed shaft  similar to a corkscrew design running from top to bottom. The shaft gets wider at the middle and at then follows down to a secure t-bar so you can leave it working away while you're hands free and preventing the toy slipping up inside.
 The texture is soft and smooth and you can squeeze it gently in your hand; but its firm enough to to be too to hold its shape well. Below that is a silver ABS plastic base and at the very base is a matching purple TPR button.

The silver base unscrews to replace a AAA battery. The thread is really well made and the toy is easy to open and close with a thick water proof seal, its almost like a small bottle top.
The button is a well defined click with a one speed vibration which is quite fast and a little buzzy, it is slightly quieter than a shaver and you cant hear it through our bedroom door, so its discreet.
You can take this with you into the bath or shower and I feel with the water or a radio on no one would hear you, depending how loud you get though...!!
The length is 13cm long.
The width of the T piece is 7.7cm.
Insertable length is 7.7cm long
Diameter of the girth is 3.2cm wide.

I love this toy to use vaginally in preference to anally as I love the thickness of the twist and that you can hold the silver base so the T-piece transfers the vibrations to my clit and anus. This worked well for me which surprised me as I usually need very powerful vibrations but because of the shape and extra T pieces it felt amazing.
I couldn't actually feel the twist on the toy, but many of you are more sensitive to textures on toys than others.
Always use a water-based lube with TPR rubbers so not to damage the toy and of course to add more slip for anal use and sensitivity.

Anally this toy has the perfect tapered head for insertion (with plenty of lube). This is the widest toy I have tried anally (as I do not own many anal toys as of yet). The vibrations definitely helped with relaxation enabling me to insert a little way.
This toy is brilliant for double penetration either with another toy, vibrator or dildo or by your partner, I also loved using my favourite glass dildo as it added to the vibrations on that too. Use with your OH and you can share the vibes together.
Never insert an anal toy into your vagina after using it anally you may transfer bacteria and cause unnecessary problems, always clean and sterilise well in-between if your are using it vaginally too.

The Royal twist washes easily under warm soapy water or while in the bath or shower, paying attention to the twists, then use your sextoy cleaner.

I was really impressed with the Royal twist as I don't own many specific anal toys and found it really comfortable the vibrations felt good inside and my OH loved it when I was wearing this as he could feel the vibes well.
Vaginally I loved the thickness and the T-piece stimulated my clit too, the vibes weren't as strong as I generally like for vaginal and clit toys but they still felt great and it was a great warm-up to then use it anally.
This is a great beginners 2 in 1 toy as the vibes are good and I loved the girth of the toy for both vaginal and anal penetration.If you are new to anal toys the head is beautifully tapered to insert to where you are comfortable and those of you that love anal toys will enjoy the tapered twisted girth.
The Royal twist is a gorgeous affordable waterproof 2 in 1 toy.

Soft texture,
Lovely purple,
Tapered twist design,

Just 1 speed,

You can buy your own Royal Twist from 

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