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The Velvet Kiss Collection - Little Dragon

The Velvet kiss Little dragon

I was lucky to have the chance to review this cute little dildo from Nasstoys, the shape really appealed to me as I have recently been trying to collect G-spot toys.

 Front and back of packaging.

The Little Dragon comes in a transparent plastic clam opening packaging clearly showing the whole Little Dragon, a cardboard insert behind is tastefully designed and feminine looking with no graphic images or lewd designs making it ideal as a gift.

Soft as a velvet glove, strong as a lovers kiss.

The Velvet Kiss Little Dragon is a pure silicon G-spot dildo, which is super soft to touch and you cant help run your fingers over it. It came in a gorgeous pastel girly lilac. It also comes in black and skin coloured.
The Little dragon has a beautiful sensuous curve very similar to that of the fun factory Curve design but much smaller.

Being called the Little dragon it has two finger holes which are made by the "dragon tail", it even has the dragons tail triangle tip; its a shame it doesn't have any other dragon features as I do love my fantasy stuff and unusual toys, a small face with eyes, arms or wings would have been nice. 
The  Full length of 13.2 cm
The Width of head 3cm
With an Insertable length of 8.3cm to the finger holes.

Angled head for G-spot stimulation.

The 100% silicon dragon is very soft and pliable with a beautifully tapered head for easy insertion.

Wow they do say good things comes in small packages and this is one of them. This Little dragon I would say is a fantastic slim G-spot toy, especially if you are new to using them.
When I first saw this I thought it would be slightly bigger, but how big do you need a g-spot toy?
The Little dragon is pure 100% silicon so it is 100% waterproof, you can take this little beauty anywhere you want to, great for using in the bath or shower and of course no worry about noise, except yours of course.

Ergonomic to hold.

This can also be heated up or cooled down to add some sensory play. I prefer to warm it up in a jug of warm water and slip 2 fingers through the 2 holes made by the "tail" and gently insert it, being so small it slides in easily and the curve gently hits my g-spot.
With some water-based lube for extra stimulation and some rocking (similar to the Rocks off Rock chick style), it really felt amazing, I had full control with my 2 fingers through the perfectly placed holes of the tail allowing me to rock the toy comfortably; the opposite curve also stimulated my clit.
I would have preferred the Dragon to be slightly wider as its a little too slim for me as I like to feel completely full, but it still gave me great sensations and the angle managed to find my G-spot and the opposite curve sits comfortably against my clit.
The finger holes will give perfect control for an anal toy too; due to its smaller sizing for both men and woman, it may also work for the mans P-spot too, but I have not tried this.
This is so easy to clean just run under warm, soapy running water and spray with your favorite sextoy cleaner, mine is the Lelo sextoy cleaner. It is non-porous and allows water-based lubricants to last longer by not being absorbed into the toy.
Please note that only water-based lubricants should be used with this toy; my favorite is the Sliquids oraganics H20.
You can store this little dragon in its own clam opening packet or in a siilk/satin bag, never store silicon toys against silicon toys as these will degrade each too.

This is an adorable toy which has such a gorgeous shape, I adore the sensuous curves and for someone new to dildos and g-spot toys this is perfect starter toy as its very feminine, flirty and unthreatening. The slim small size I feel will fit most women but those of you that love girthier toys may find it too small. Also everyone's G-spot is slightly different so sensations may differ from person to person, but at this cheap affordable price I feel its definitely worth"Draggin" into your toybox.

 I loved the finger holes made by the tail of the dragon as its really easy to control the toy by yourself or with a partner. Being so small its also perfect for travel too, no worries about accidentally pressing buttons and vibrators going off through customs, its small and dinky enough to hide in a suitcase or your hand bag for play anywhere.
If you love silicon dildos you will love this Little dragon.

Great G-spot dildo,
100% silicon,
Soft texture,
Finger holes for great control,

Would have liked it slightly bigger for me,

*Colour in the photographs varies due to my different lighting, its actually a lilac.

You can buy yours from 
Amazon and other US stores

All my thanks to Nasstoys for sending me The Little Dragon free of charge for a honest fair review.

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