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Twilite Dual Ball massager

Twilite Ball Massager

When I first found the Nasstoys site I was quite excited to see so many toys that were slightly different to the ones we can buy in the UK. They are an American company who have spent 32 Years of putting the FUN into Adult Toys! So I was really excited to have the opportunity to review some of their wonderful products, thank you Nasstoys.
I fell in love with the look of The Twillite Duo Ball Massager as I adore the sensual smoothness of ABS plastic like The LUV by Rocks Off. I also suffer with back and muscle pain so I was looking forward to trying this for sore muscles as well as for my own pleasure.

Front and back of box
The Twilite massager is exclusive to Nasstoys and comes in a fun modern simply printed box with the product displayed through a window cut out in the front panel showing the massager perfectly, on the back it shows a beautiful photo of it and explanations of speeds and batteries etc.

As I took the massager out of the box it had a lovely weight to it and the gorgeous white ABS plastic is smooth and cool to touch, its so touchy-feely and you cant help but run your hands over the smooth cool balls.

Very ergonomic in your hand.

The 9cm long ABS plastic handle has a lovely ergonomic curve enabling you to use this yourself to get to hard to reach places like between your shoulder blades and lower back.
2 Massage balls.

The 2 massage balls are 4cm in diameter with a lovely pink silicon neck to cover the joins where they are attached to the shaft of the handle. With a distance between the two of 3.1cm.

 The thumb sits comfortably on the button.

As you hold the massager your thumb sits naturally and comfortably over the small matching ABS button.

 From the top.

 Smooth ABS plastic button.
The matching ABS button has a well defined click and feels well made, this turns on the massager enabling you to scroll through 3 increasing speeds then press again to turn off.

Battery compartment

 The battery compartment is at the base of the handle with a slide of cover allowing you to replace your 4 AAA batteries, inside it shows clearly which way up to put them in.....should you not know. The cover then clips firmly back on.

The Vibrations
The 3 vibrations are rumbly which I love not at all buzzy which can make you numb fairly quickly, the rumbly vibes penetrate your muscles deeper than any buzzy vibes.
There is only 1 motor within this massager but it certainly feels like there are two, but I can confirm there is only 1 strong powerful motor.
The first vibration is very low and rumbly and at first I didn't think it would do much for me, but as I played with it in my hands and I ran it up and down my thigh pressing it quite firmly into my muscles even the first vibe felt great, I then scrolled through the next 2 vibrations to full speed and it felt amazing. having 2 balls vibrating deeply into your muscles really relieves any tension, stress or aches and pains quickly. The gap between them makes a huge difference too as it presses either side of the muscles supporting them.

Long handle enables comfort to hold in any position.
On the box it is sold as an adult novelty only, but this of course enables it to be sold more worldwide.
Using as a massager
The 9 inches of handle means I can reach my upper and lower back easily and the smoothness of the ABS plastic enables the balls to run smoothly over your skin.perfect for massage.It almost feels like the balls are rolling its so smooth.
The Twilite dual ball massager has a lovely substantial weight in your hand and with the ergonomic curved handle enables you to add more pressure with very little effort. The massage balls offer a firm kneading motion and it really wouldn't have the full effect with just 1 massage ball; by having the 2 with the 3cm gap between the 2 balls it is very similar in feel to human knuckles which can knead deeply either side of those sore aching muscles.
By adding a backwards and forwards motion this increases the circulation which will not only help muscles but skin textures too; especially if used with your favourite massage or aromatherapy oil to add even more slip and slide over your skin, although it isn't necessary.
Im not a strong girl and my arms ache with the slightest effort...yeah I know Im a wimp. But this massager is perfectly angled and the massage balls feel amazing when pressed firmly into your muscles. I really was impressed at how well the vibrations penetrated through the balls and into my tendons and muscles.
I own a wand which is very powerful and relieves stress and tension well, but this dual ball massager relieves aches and pains in a totally different way. Its almost like the duo balls support your muscles either side as you smooth them over your body.
 Even if you don't suffer with sore aching muscles there are days when we all feel stressed or achy or for foreplay this is perfect to use firmly over your shoulders, back, bum and thighs or better still get someone else to do this for you.

Using as a sextoy
When you first look at this toy its hard to think of it as an insertable sextoy, for me its a little off putting as the balls look huge and I was thinking no way will they fit in me..
But as a reviewer and for scientific purposes only; I thought I would try as I have larger more girthier toys that are easily insertable. This massager also reminded me of a rabbit style sextoy.
I actually managed to insert the first ball, it popped easily inside giving an extremely full feeling and pressed tightly against the g-spot; the second ball sat snugly against my clit.
As I gently angled the massager using the long handle; the ABS plastic balls feel hard with no give, this makes the vibrations feel very powerful and intense as the vibes are pressed tightly against the g-spot. I then tried to gently move the ball to get a different angle, but it felt slightly uncomfortable for me.
So the results of my little I wouldn't recommend inserting this massager unless you are a bigger lass and can use girthier toys comfortably, but girls like myself who are fairly small, I would stick to using this externally.
Using the balls as pinpoint stimulation is what this toy excels at; as the first ball sits against your clit and the other at the entrance of your vagina. this didn't take long for me to get there, I adore rumbly to buzzy vibes and I had a really intense orgasm which lasted for minutes, both these massage balls sit in between your labia and when the vibrations were on full I could feel the vibes through my whole pelvis.
For a more intense vibrations use with a little lube, I would suggest using a waterbased lube as even though the main massage balls are ABS plastic the necks are sealed with silicon so in time will degrade if you use a silicon lube, ruining the seal and look of the toy.
This also has genuine possibilities as a mans toy, if you are lucky enough to be a larger girthed man you can position the 2 massage balls either side of the penis and move it up and down; but obviously this is a bonus and is not designed as a mans sextoy.

This massager I wouldn't say is waterproof as the battery compartment has no seal, but would say its splash proof, both balls are sealed with a collar of silicon to protect and cover the connection to the handle, so this part I feel is splash proof.
I have simply wiped clean and sprayed with my sextoy cleaner paying particular attention to the silicon joins and lip at the base of both the massage balls.

Yes yes yes I love this toy, I have a love for ABS as I adore the smooth, cool textures but to have 2 massage balls with such a powerful motor against my muscles is perfect.
Its an affordable massage wand with the 2 massage balls instead of one, they always say 2 heads are better than 1 and this is very true .
Its easy to hold, easy to add the right firm pressure on your muscles with little effort from you.
The white and hints of pink make it very feminine and the shape and curves very modern, the single motor feels and sounds excellent quality and the rumbly vibrations are far better than any buzzy ones.
This versatile massager would suit any person even if its just used for massage, but having the extra bonus of using it as a sextoy gives 2 toys in 1.
This would suit beginners to advanced toy enthusiasts as you have the control of the vibrations, those who don't like large insertable toys can use this as a stress reliever and in this modern world we all need one of those.
This is not only a great toy to use alone but an ideal couples toy for foreplay, you can both share the relaxing rumbly vibrations to get you both completely relaxed, I challenge anyone not to fall asleep to this when used on your back, bum and thighs!

This really is a fun, feminine toy box must have.

Feminine, fun and modern design,
Easy press button,
Powerful rumbly vibes,
Perfect ergonomic handle,
Deep muscle massage,

Not a con but would be great with more pulses or escalations,

Huge thanks to Nasstoys for sending me The Twilite Dual ball Massager to try for an honest fair review.

More Nasstoys Reviews coming soon


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