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The Tingle Me by Silky Vibrations

When I first heard about the Tingle me from Silky Vibrations I thought it was a great fun idea, something small and feminine you could just pop into your underwear and wear at anytime you feel in the mood to spice up your day. Wear it to a club or pub for that extra sexy fun between you and your partner or just to make the housework so much more exciting, whatever your reasons this is a brilliant idea.

The Tingle me arrives in a well designed arty packet, similar to some jewellery gift packets. The pack colouration is simple and classy in grey and silver giving it a more classy feel. 

 It has a very 1930’s art deco luxury style with the suns stripy rays. This also has a cute idea in that the window flips opens up to reveal
the Tingle me inside.

Explanation of Silky Vibrations launch of this Tingle Me massager.

 The front of the package flips open to reveal a small heart window showing the Tingle me. 

Inside packaging.

The Tingle me inside is sandwiched between 2 small plastic snap shut pieces to keep it clean and sterile with its own leaflet explaining how best to use this.

 The leaflet front

 The leaflet opened up.
The leaflet explaines clearly in small images how to peel off the backing strip and stick into any underwear.

 The Tingle me.
On opening the Tingle me you have a gorgeous pastel pink silicon heart with a small bullet sitting in the middle. Then a small heart embossed onto the small bullet to give more contact against your clit. It is completely waterproof as its completely sealed in the body safe silicon. 

The wings of the heart give more surface area for the Tingle me to stick onto your knickers, without this it will slip and slide around and possibly fall out with maybe some embarrassing moments and red faces.
The Science Bit
The Complete width of the Tingle Me is 4cm wide.
The bullet width 1.2cm and length is 3.8cm with a depth of 1.5cm
At the base of the bullet is the worldwide on/off symbol!

The back of the heart has a peel of clear plastic so you can adhere it inside your knickers keeping it stable. The button at the base is precise and you can turn it on and off, incase your disturbed you can quickly turn it off; not so they dont hear as they cant, but to save those precious minutes of fun to save some vibes for another time, it isnt limited to 1 use if you havent used all your battery.

The Tingle me is so easy to use, simply peel off the backing plastic and stick it inside your knickers so the small soft silicon bullet snuggles in between your labia and the small heart sits against your clit. This little bullet is a perfect size to sit comfortably in your underwear without being uncomfortable, the extra embossed heart really helps to snuggle into the right place.

This is such a great idea as this little vibe will perkup your day with whatever you maybe be doing, wear this during the housework, watching TV, on a long car (as a passenger of course NOT driving), coach journey. A trip to the supermarket in the frozen food isle will no longer be bland and boring just make sure you have a trolley to lean on....!! Wear one for a night to the pub or club or restuarant, tell your partner and watch them watching you with that knowing smile; this will build sexual tension to explosive proprtions.
The vibrations are ultra quiet so you can wear this panty vibe anywhere, I wore mine in a silent room while typing on the computer and it could bearly be heard, you are completely safe knowing no one else will know your vibrating secret.
 The vibes are quite buzzy, this drove me wild while wearing this while walking around the house as I couldnt quite get there, as Im a power queen when it comes to vibes normally; but once I sat down I was able to grind a little against it and I finally had a most intense orgasm. It really heats things up giving amazing foreplay , Im so surprised they have been able to make this so quiet. But I feel any more powerful and you wouldnt have the discreetness of this toy; plus the battery would run out faster, they have managed to balance both length of time and medium vibration.
But you have to pick a moment when you can gurantee the time with this little toy, you only have approximately 20 minutes so the build up knowing you have it will burn a hole in your bag or drawer is excitement enough; or it was for me.....!!!! 
Idea for wearing the Tingle me:
Another idea is for women who enjoy wearing and using strap-ons, you can be wearing one of these on the inside of the harness while playing with your partner to get your own vibrations.
A Tip is no Brigit jones's here, make sure you wear nice tight knickers to keep the Timgle me close to you.

The Tingle me is waterproof as its completely sealed in silicon so if you did want to save some vibes its easily cleaned under warm running water.

Just a bit of fun.

This discreet well made little butterfly panty vibe is a so cute and feminine, it has a place in any girls life, I did have doubts wether I would really use a limited use vibe but you know you going to have a full battery of approx 20mins. If it had been one of my hand-bag toys, I probably couldnt guarrantee when my batteries were going to die on me, by using A Tingle me I was guaranteed 20 mins of "Me" time with maximum vibrations. You just have to make sure you are going to have that time with no interuptions.
Dont waste precious vibe time!

 Innovative and a cheap idea, for some fun anywhere you choose. I love the idea of it being so disposable wear it to the pub for the night and throw it away when your done. It is a fun gift to someone you know and is also an ideal beginners gift as its unthreatening, feminine and so tiny a perfect introduction into sextoys. If you like more power I would still say give these a go as...oh boy it really gets you going..!
I would also pay a little extra for another panty vibe that I could change batteries and re-use as I adored the shape and style of this.
This is such a lovely idea and cheap enough you can buy a few to leave in the car or your bag or in the back of the drawer, if you run out of batteries for your other toys; open one of these and away you go. Use when the mood takes you, its affordable and fun and would make a great gift for any woman anytime. Theres no excuse you can always keep one of these handy being so affordable.

  • Small and discreet,
  • Feminine and pink,
  • Disposable,
  • Quiet,
  • Waterproof,
  • Ideal beginners toy,
  • Easily affordable,
  • None for the price.

You can buy yours from Silky Vibrations for 

Thanks to Silky Vibrations for sending me one of these to try for a fair honest review.

Just for fun!
Press play several times to get full effect!


  1. Another fantastic review babe!
    These are pretty and so discreet and definately my kinda thing.
    Loved the vid ;)
    Kinda agree about the battery, i'd pay extra if you could change it. A wireless one would be fab, especially since they're so small.
    I'd worry about wearing one when out shopping - just in case it set off shop alarms in the same way that certain love balls do! lol Eeek!! ;D
    Thanks for the review hun ;) xx

  2. Great review and as always fabulous photos! :)


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