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Onye Galerie Petite- Floral

I was really excited when I found out I was going to have the opportunity to test this little Onye Galerie petite, as I adore fun feminine sextoys. I also love flowers and the colour purple so this is almost made for me.
When I first saw this I immediately loved the fact it came with a little travel case. I’m fed up with having to find little plastic sandwich bags to slip my little bullet toys into to take them out anywhere, but this little Onye comes with its own black plastic travel case.
With already being a huge fan of Big teaze toys and owning The Retro Pocket rocket, I rub my fishie and I rub my Penguin I knew I was going to love this.

 Front and back of packaging.
The little Galerie Onye comes in a transparent clamshell sealed packaging. Showing the actual Onye on the front and the little travel case on the back, not images of them, no badly drawn copies or photos; but the actual product. Showing you clearly what you have.
The floral package designs match the feminine floral designs on the bullet giving a classy look to a beautiful bullet vibrator.

Big Teaze sum up this little vibe perfectly;
“The vision of our Onye Galerie series is to fuse sophisticated personal pleasure with artistic elegance.”
 This gorgeous feminine white bullet is made of ABS plastic and is 9.3cm long and 1.6cm wide, this is the first  feminine classy looking bullet vibrator I have ever seen. 

 The beautiful floral design

The purple printed pansies flowers extend from the base to ¾ the way up, they have added some beautiful scrollwork to the design giving it more of a sophisticated elegance. 

 On the other side it has Big teaze Toys printed along the length of the bullet, there is no mistaking who makes these.

 The waterproof seal and battery compartment.

The base unscrews allowing you to replace the 1 AAA battery, around the edge of the join is a purple silicon ring that forms a waterproof seal when tightened securely; enabling you to use this in the bath or shower.

 Image showing correct way to insert battery.

For  those of you who struggle with knowing which way round to use batteries Big teaze have added a small battery image clearly showing the correct way round to insert the battery on the outside of the bullet. It also shows where to tighten in the closed position.

 The on/off button

The matching silicon purple on/off button has a well-defined click to turn it on to its 1 speed vibration; the button has the world wide known on/off sign embossed onto it, to also give some grip. Its almost impossible to accidently turn on this little bullet as the button is very firm.
 This vibration is more than I expected from a 1 speed bullet, a really nice surprise as it’s a fairly rumbly vibe rather than a cheap low hum buzzy vibe.
It has a white noise type hum similar to a mobile phone vibration and you cannot hear this through any of our doors or walls, but it can be heard through covers, but then so can you.... If being used in the shower the splash of water will certainly cover any noise.

Science bit
The Petite galerie Onye contains no latex, natural Rubbers, phthalates or toxic Heavy Metals like Cadmium and Lead and it comes with the International Safety & Environmental Compliance: CE, ROHS, WEEE and ASTM. 
From what I can see the on/off button and the waterproof seal look and feel like silicon.

 I love the fact this little Onye comes with its own strong black flip top case.
What can I say; this beautiful bullet has a perfectly rounded tip for pinpoint stimulation, perfect size for clitoral and nipple play. I found the 1 speed vibe surprisingly powerful it is slightly quieter than a razor but still maintains the rumbliness, which I definitely prefer to buzzy vibes. I felt this little Onye just needed an extra speed or a pulse for me as I am a power queen but it did get me there and for 1 speed 1.5 volt toy it was impressive at how rumbly the vibes are.
I wouldn't suggest inserting this toy anally as you do not have much grip, but you can insert an inch or two vaginally for extra stimualtion if you wanted to; being made of smooth ABS plastic I found I didnt need any lube, but if you do for extra sensation I would suggest a water-based lube due to the seal and on/off button being made of silicon (I think), a silicon lube will degrade these over time.

I would say the vibrations are twice as strong as a mobile phone and cheaper by the minute lol. Its a strong easily felt vibe that will stimulate most people, for something this small I’m impressed. 

Perfect storage and carry case for your Onye.
I finally have found the perfect discreet bullet to take out with me, I love the little black plastic flip top case, to keep it in, no one would have a clue what it was if they peeked into my bag and saw it, or if I dropped the contents of my bag everywhere….yes girls weve all done

 Small and discreet

The discreet case doesn’t have Big teaze toys displayed all over it, just a simple embossed logo, this case looks similar to some lipstick cases I have had in the past.

 Easy flip top lid

The strong Flip-top lid case is a huge bonus to have free with your bullet perfect for storing your Onye and keeping it hygenically clean. but if you over stretch the lid you may find it will ping open occasionally, so make sure you really press shut the lid before popping into your hand bag or pocket.

This little Onye is waterproof so its perfect for running under warm soapy water, making sure you have tightened the battery compartment to secure the waterproof seal.

 I love this little Onye, I adore the floral design on the side, I actually found it hard to choose between the 3 gorgeous designs available. The floral, the butterfly and the dragon; there really is something to suit everyone.
 What I love is the fact that the little floral bullet wouldn’t look out of place sitting on your dressing table with your Chanel or Dior perfumes and your favorite lipsticks.
I would absolutely recommend this little vibe, it’s a sophisticated little bullet to keep amongst your other feminine items in your bag or dressing table, keeping it clean and ready for action in its own little case. This is one bullet you will be proud to own, like a piece of favorite jewellery or favorite lippy.

These small beautifully designed bullets are perfect for the someone new to sextoys, its unthreatening feminine and sophisticated and has a place in every girly toybox.
Its not the most powerful vibe in the world and those of you that need full power it may not be for you; but everyone needs a small bullet in their collection and its certainly the most powerful bullet Ive ever tried that runs on 1 AAA battery, it worked for me and I personally will be keeping this little gem in my hand bag, so it’s always there when the mood takes me. Ideal for those of you that travel, discreet enough to be used in hotel rooms or in the bath or shower.
Any one of these beautifully designed Onye galerie petite's would make a gorgeous inexpensive gift for someone you love or as a little treat for yourself.

Just a bit of fun with animation

Beautifully feminine attractive designs,
Rumbly vibe,stronger than your average bullet.
Carry case,
Discreet and fairly quiet,

1 speed, it would have been lovely to have 3 speeds or pulses,
The fliptop case sometimes doesnt close,

You can buy yours from  

Huge thanks to Big Teaze Toys for allowing me to review the Onye galerie Petite free of charge for an honest fair review.

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