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I Rub My Penguin

People that know me know how much I love my unusual vibes, those that know me more; know how much I adore my animals and birds or anything with big brown/blue eyes.
So when I found out I could have the "I rub my Penguin" to review from Eden fantasy's  I was over the moon. I knew I could have a little light-hearted fun with this review.

 Front and back of packaging
The I rub my penguin is made by Big Teaze Toys and arrives in its own plastic clam opening packaging, with fun well drawn designs showing the "Penguin personal massager". Being marketed as a massager allows this product to be sold in a wider range of stores and promoted within a wider audience.
After owning the "I rub my fishie" that comes with a plastic water looking stand and The Retro Pocket Rocket that sits in its own Luna base; it is such a shame he doesn't come with his own little ice-flow to sit on. The earlier versions of the penguin I believe seems to have the ice-flow but this newer version is missing, but as far as I know he is slightly more powerful. Despite no stand he is quite large and looks just as cute standing up by himself. He is quite stable whereas the others would need something to steady them.
This penguin will melt anything!

 The I Rub My Penguin is an adorable cartoony replica of the real thing with the biggest most adorable eyes you have ever seen, look into his eyes and tell me you didn't smile...go on try it...well did you smile...Oh I know you did..!
His penguin detailing has been well painted, usually with a toy like this you have dribby bits or blobs left uncleaned, but his colourations are smooth and sharp with no faults.

The Science bit
He is solid and smooth to touch and has a lovely substantial weight to him, But he did have a slight plastic smell which faded after a few hours.
He is made of Phthalate and latex free polyvinyl chloride which contains no Natural Rubbers, Toxic Heavy Metals like Cadmium and Lead. He also has the International Safety & Environmental Compliance: CE, ROHS, WEEE and ASTM.


The front of the penguin is shaped smoothly with the added penguin features to give him that adorability (is that a word?) with his wings embossed onto his body.

Back and tail.
The back of the penguin is again made of the same black rubber and has a cute dumpy shaped tail  with Big teaze toys logo embossed around his tail.

Big Tease toys logo

Leave him on show and no-one will know he can be used as is a sextoy as he has no visible buttons or on/off switch, I feel some may pick him up as he is so touchy feely but will still have no idea of his true use. The only clue that he is something mechanical is if you tip him on his back and under his flat feet you can see the circular battery compartment with a convenient coin slot to save broken nails to help you replace the batteries.

 Battery cover with coin slot

He needs  2 AA batteries and inside the compartment are 2 diagrams to show you which way up they go.

Batteries and cover

One press on his tummy and it will turn him on, I do find the button quite hard to press as he has so much blubber/rubber around his middle.It can take a few attempts to turn him on and switch speeds.

 Turn me on!

But this little guy is shaped perfectly for us girls; the 3 vibrations are rumbly which I love, the vibrations are stronger around his head giving you more pinpoint accuracy.
When I got this penguin I wasn't worried if he would work for me as I was already in love with him, but to my surprise he really had more power than I expected. The first 2 speeds were not quite strong enough for me but still feel great when rolled and pressed into your muscles for relaxation. Vibration 3 is slightly stronger and deeper than an electric razor and the rumbliness alone feels wonderful.

His larger plumper body is perfect size to hold in the palm of your hand and his head and solid beak give amazing pinpoint pressure, perfect for your clit and pussy.
Well this little guy definitely works for me, he isn't one of my most powerful vibes but the rumbliness of the vibrations were enough to get me there, if your after a quickie you may need something extra but he certainly warms things up and definitely gave me a strong intense orgasm eventually.
Plus the fact he has a lovely substantial weight makes this toy feel amazing. His own body weight makes him easy to keep in place leaving you hands free for more fun with yourself or your partner.

 Beak and belly profile.

His beak is perfect for clitoral stimulation and his gorgeous chunky fat belly covers your whole pussy for complete cover stimulation. For me the back of his head and the tip of his beak gave the strongest vibes and best stimulation. I found you can even insert his head a little way if you wish  (this seems sooooo wrong......) be aware though, this toy isn't flexible and the beak is quite hard, but I actually liked this, it gives more pinpoint accuracy.
 I would not consider him for anal play as his head is slightly wider and the beak maybe uncomfortable, but that may suit some.
 He is compatible with water (Well he is a penguin) and silicon based lubes for extra sensation and slip. I have found I have not needed to use much lube especially when using his belly as he is already very smooth; but the lube will definitely add more sensation to your fun especially when using him as a massage toy all over the body. He is quite discreet too and cannot be heard through a wall or a door; and is also perfect for use in the bath or shower with the radio on for some personal fun.

NOTE to dog owners I nearly lost him several times when my dog was so fascinated by him as the textures are very similar to most dog toys you can buy.
 He loves to swim.

Being completely waterproof this little guy is easy to wash under warm running soapy water, perfect for playing in the bath or shower and he actually does float. My only problem is that the battery compartment cap is slightly awkward to screw back on, you have to make sure you level the fine thread with the cap as its all too easy to cross thread it.
Make sure its completely screwed on tightly and correctly or you will not have a waterproof seal; if you are concerned at all use a condom and tie it securely at the base. Attention must be paid to the detailing around his beak and feet, always use a sextoy spray to make sure. 

My penguin
  Did he jump or was he pushed?
I adore this little guy and I think anyone who is an animal/bird lover will too, even if it were just for the cuteness.The toy itself is made of excellent quality materials and beautifully designed.
Its not the most powerful toy I have but you can use different parts of him for different strengths of vibration, so there is something for everyone. the 3 speeds make this even easier, he will warm up any sexy session and get you there just as fast.
 He is discreet and safe to leave on show with kids around or with nosey family and friends, they will never know he is one of your toys. keep him in the bathroom or in easy grab distance, this is one toy you don't have to hide.
 Cute and Unintimidating

For someone new to sextoys this is ideal in so many ways, he is cute and unintimidating and not sleazy at all, a perfect introduction to the fun world of sextoys or people like myself who just love unusual unique sextoy designs. If you travel alot this little guy is small and discreet enough travel with you, the on/off switch is very firm and is unlikey to be turned on by accident. No excuse for not enjoying your sextoys while away and perfect to give as a gift to the one you love, I guarantee a smile when they look into those big blue cheeky eyes.
Meeting his friends.
(I rub my Fishie)

Fun and cute design
Hidden as a childrens toy,
Rumbly vibes,
Quiet vibrations,

Awkward battery cap and thread,
An extra power would be nice,
An iceberg stand to keep him on.

A fun and discreet multi-function vibrator cleverly disguised as a cute penguin

Click The penguin image above or link below and add the code V3E at checkout to get 15% discount.
I rub my penguin - Discreet vibrators

product picture
Discreet massager by Big Teaze Toys
Material: Phthalate Free PVC
This product was provided free of charge to the reviewer.

Thanks to
for allowing me to review this product free of charge. 

This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines
Thanks Eden Fantasy's
Sex toys - EdenFantasys adult toys store


  1. thanks for the review
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  2. Great review on such cute toy. I love penguins, and am glad to hear this toy is not extremely weak. That was my only setback to wishlisting it. Thanks.
    Jan 3, 3:05 am

  3. Thanks for the review.
    Jan 3, 1:14 pm

  4. Love penguins.
    Jan 3, 3:30 pm

  5. Thanks for your review. so cute
    Jan 25, 12:46 am


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