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Fresh by Leaf

I found this range of toys totally by accident and fell in love with not just the sensual shapes of each of the 6 new products, but what they stand for, the company Leaf was inspired by nature and produced by a creative team in Canada and Influenced by the perfection of the natural leaf's structure and they have incorporated that into this beautiful line of products.
So I was over the moon to have the opportunity to try the Fresh directly from the manufacturer.

The set includes Life, Bloom, Vitality, Touch, fresh and Spirit.

Each and every leaf is environmentally friendly and contains a rechargeable lithium-polymer battery to help you reduce your carbon footprint. Its durable, long lasting and waterproof exterior is made of 100% silicone that seamlessly conceals its PowerBullet core.

 Front and back

I was blown away when the Fresh arrived, no plastic clamshell pack with leud sexy images. It comes in its own solid, recyclable cardboard box with environmentally friendly simplistic designs.
Im so impressed with the design of just the box as its a box, in a box, in a box which has a strong magnet lid.

 The opening!

As I opened the lid I found the Leaf instructions in a brown book which was Velcro closed, as I lifted that out I found a high quality natural canvas drawstring tote bag which is also environmentally friendly. Then to also find its rechargeable power supply was a huge bonus.

 The box contents

I have never seen environmentally friendly packaging that had such an expensive classy feel to it.
As you open the box you feel special, every aspect has been considered; even the little instruction manual has its own cardboard velcro closed case. The "Leaf-let" (sorry had to be said). It is even written on recyclable paper. I was very impressed as it is so informative and it even apologised for having to put RoHS compliant and CE certified embossed onto the Fresh.


When I first held the Fresh I surprised how ergonomic it felt in my hand, its extremely touchy feely as its is 100% silicon with only very faint seams, nothing unfinished and protruding. Its completely soft and smooth to touch and warms quickly in your hand.

The Fresh showing all positions

Its shape is that of a curved heart so you have the choice whether to use a slim edge or pointier tip or a soft curve the choice is yours.
Ive never been a fan of the colour green but in the sextoy world it’s a welcome change from pinks, purples and blacks and this green is fun and fresh and modern looking and I really like it.
Its measurements are a little awkward to gauge because of its soft curved shape but it’s approximately 
7.2 cm x 5.8 cm, and sits beautifully in the palm of your hand.

 The Fresh comes with its own recharging unit.

This gorgeous little toy is completely rechargeable with its rechargeable Lithium-Polymer battery which powers a single motor powered by PowerBullet™ technology.

The Science bit

PowerBullet technology
I just want to mention briefly about the patented PowerBullet technology in the leaf range. Adult manufacturers are creating the most beautiful elaborate designs with extraordinary functions, but without the technology of PowerBullet, the vibe will barely tickle. BMS Factory provides the most powerful vibrations for adult novelties and is now manufacturing the products of many distributors around the world.Including We-Vibe.
PowerBullet is famous for its amazing power and is operates on the toughest lithium ion batteries. When you see this name you know you are getting a powerful well made motor.

The Fresh has a small button which has a good well defined click and is hidden on the edge of the Fresh, this turns it on and then you hold it down for the speed of your choice.  The Fresh has an innovative travel lock when it arrives to you, which you unlock by pressing the button quickly 3 times.

 On button lit up in the dark

When the Fresh is turned on you will see the button glow green (above) and while charging it glows red (below).

 Button glowing red whille charging.

I adore toys which have lit up buttons, it really makes the toy feel expensive. I have never owned such a small clitoral a toy that gives you such a range of power.
 One press is the slowest, which is rumbly the next press is an increment of speed the longer you keep your finger on the button till its maximum.The odd thing (not a bad thing) is that it reaches almost maximum with your finger kept on for more than 2 seconds; but the moment you take your finger off it then reaches maximum vibration.
The most powerful vibration is very strong and rumbly I love it. Then you press quickly at any time throughout and it turns off. It will then start again at the slowest vibration.
So it goes from low rumbling power to high intensity vibrations in a couple of seconds of holding the button down, incredible!!
All vibrations are fairly discreet and quiet, you could easily use this vibe in the bedroom and not be heard through the door or walls. Plus safe enough to use in the bath or shower with running water or music in the background. For such a powerful vibe its one of the quietest vibrating toys I have.

When you first recieve your Fresh you then need to charge it for 3 hours the first time then its approximately 2 hours, don’t be tempted to use it before as if you do not allow the unit to recharge fully it will never reach its full potential. This is very true with many rechargeable products.

The Fresh charging (Glowing red light) on its tote bag.

As I recieved my Fresh from America it came with a universal voltage powersupply meaning it works from 100 volts to 240 volts, so can be used anywhere in the States and Europe; the only thing I needed was a European 2 prong plug adaptor (Shaver adapter) to convert the plug, this is easily bought from many shops in the UK.
The Fresh I originally thought was going to be too small for me to do anything with, but after trying the amazing vibrations wow I was so wrong, this is the best clitoral vibrator I own, its vibration and frequency have been balanced perfectly and to have that control of speed, its amazing.
I must admit I can’t start at the fastest speed as its too powerful I have to work myself to it. This really has a speed for everyone, the first speed is perfect for those new to vibrators; then you can work your way up to full power if you want to.
As for power and run time, it lasts well; this amazing toy makes me come in minutes...seeeeriously......!
So I have never had any need to use it any longer than about 5 minutes. The Fresh will last approximately 40 minutes on fast and if you are using low speed it will last approximately for an hour and 15 minutes.

I would recomend lube as the silicon is very grippy and the lube will give you so much more sensitivity than without. But you can only use a water-based lube with any of the products from Leaf due to being 100% silicon.
Still people get confused and use a silicon based lube on a silicon toy, this will degrade and damage your much loved expensive toys.

 The Fresh actually comes with a warning sticker on the Fresh itself.

They have designed this Fresh to fit the woman perfectly; you can use multiple angles of the Fresh apart from the top of the heart from where it is charged from as I feel this could harbour bacteria.
 My 2 favorite Fresh pinpoint stimulation points, tip and sensuous curve.
My favorite angles are the tip of the heart shape for pinpoint stimulation and the sensual curves of its edge. (see above).
But my favourite is once on the right speed I can sit it between my lips and I can feel the vibrations through my whole pelvis, this really is a micro powerhouse, you will not want for another clitoral vibe.
I tend to find it easier to find the speed I enjoy so I don’t have to change it as this makes me come so fast and intense. If you are the type of person who wants to change speeds a lot during your playtime, you may find it a little fiddly when using lube, try to keep lube and fluids from the button to leave some grip if you can.
I must admit I wish it were a little bigger as it would be easier to control in one hand as once you have lube on this little toy it becomes quite slippery to change speeds. The only other thing for me is that if I do want to change speeds I can’t just press the button with 1 finger while using it against me as the button is too rigid; I need my thumb and middle finger to support it so I don’t do my clit a mischief and by this time it’s a squirmy little fella.
You can use the tip to insert should you wish for extra stimulation, but it is produced for external stimulation only.
Something to be aware of is to check for scratches or dent as the soft texture will mark or damage easily or used on the outside of clothes.

Travel lock feature
 The Fresh has a the innovative idea like other high-end luxury toys available and has included a travel lock feature for each product in the range, perfect for travelling or just to make sure no one can turn it on to find out what it is. Its a little fiddly but it works beautifully. Lock Feature- press button 3 times while the Leaf is off.

The Fresh is easily cleaned as its waterproof by running it under warm soapy water or just while you are in the bath or shower.  
I was concerned about completely submerging the charging port, but its been completely confirmed by leaf the charging port is completely self-sealing, so you don’t need to worry about any water getting inside the charger.
 Recharging hole.

I simply run it under warm running water and use my sextoy cleaner; but I feel confident you can as you have a years warranty with this company.

I absolutely love this little toy; the Fresh and the whole Leaf range really are in a league of their own. the vibrations are very deep and powerful and I love that it’s rechargeable, no running out at the wrong moment, no fumbling for batteries at the back of the drawer.

But I can see some of you saying its so small is it really worth that price? Well I admit I did think this at first but after using this product and feeling the excellent craftsmanship and feeling the powerful motor, I say yes it’s the best clitoral toy I have ever tried.
Plus Leaf not only gives you this beautifully designed toy but a years warranty too for any defects in materials and workmanship from the date of original retail purchase.

All in all I would absolutely recommend this range, but I personally would pay the extra for the larger 2 motor version of the Leaf of either the Bloom or the Vitality, as I am quite a power queen as I feel that 2 of these excellent Powerbullet motors would absolutely blow you away. You also have more to hold while using the toy. Plus the fact you can work both motors independently of each other with separately controlled vibrations. This in itself is amazing technology.
But I definitely think any one of the Leaf product are innovative and there is one to suit everyone.
This Fresh I feel would make a great gift to someone who travels alot and would love something discreet small to take with them, or someone very new to sextoys, as its unthreatening and feminine and feels beaurtiful to touch. Plus the Fresh or any of the range do not look like the standard image of a vibrator, its unlikely people would know what this was should they see it lying around.
The amazing thing about the whole leaf range is that you are actually helping the environment as much as treating yourself; your carbon footprint will be very small.

  • Environmentally friendly,
  • Fresh modern colour green,
  • Rechargable,
  • Small and beaurtifully formed to the womans body,
  • Different ways to use this vibe,
  • Doesnt look like standard image of a vibrator.
  • the canvas tote bag for storage,
  • Informative booklet in many languages.
  • A little too small for me,

You can buy yours from

    Or from the US

    product picture
    Discreet massager by Leaf
    Material: Silicone

    All my thanks to Leaf for allowing me to review this free of charge for a fair and honest review.



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