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Crimes of passion When Lust breaks the law - Edited by Elizabeth Coldwell

Crimes of passion
When lust breaks the law

I adore reading when I get the time, but I have not read many erotic books; so I was really excited to have the opportunity to review some books for Xcite books accent press.

I have always loved reading crime books, so I'm familiar with the usual cop and robber scenarios but to find an erotic crime book that was my perfect combination.
I have always had a vivid imagination and enjoy a great read where I can immerse myself in the storyline and become one of the characters, feel what they are feeling and with erotica I want to feel turned on like I was there. Crimes of passion is no exception this book takes you through many scenarios of forbidden desires.
The cover of the book is beautifully designed and if you accidentally left it out, it doesn't directly scream erotica; just a small sentence at the bottom saying Best erotic book brand 2010 and 2011.This shows the quality of the writers within the book.

 Back Cover.

The Back cover gives a good taster to make you want to buy this book

There is an index of the title and page of each story with the name of the author, so you can easily track some more work from your favorite author.

I wasn't quite sure what to expect as I don't usually read short stories I generally like to get thoroughly involved in an inch thick novel and I didn't think I would enjoy it as much; wow how wrong was I!

Crimes of Passion has twenty steamy short stories of love and lust that break all rules. Lust can drive people to do crazy things; including breaking the law.
Even criminals have desires from the naughty shoplifter to the lesbian jewel thief who comes out of retirement as she couldn't resist a priceless sextoy, but the owner seeks revenge. A dominant policewoman to the blackmailer who has the tables turned on them.

I got involved in almost every story to the point I couldn't put it down. Each story had a different sexual theme and despite being mostly cop scenarios each was so completely different. I didn't feel "Oh its another cop story" at all as the variety and styles of writing were all so different.
Elizabeth Coldwell has chosen an excellent range of stories and has managed to get some great erotic writers within the cover of one book; each with their own writing style, this really gives you an introduction to some really talented authors.
I have completely changed my view of short stories and realise now they have a place within busy lifestyles as I hate putting a book down once I get involved, but with short stories the sizzling hot scenarios lasted from 5-6 pages and I could easily read one full story during a coffee break, or at night before sleep.
 I personally love my erotica slightly darker and some stories definitely appealed to me more than others but most of them fired my imagination. The sex wasn't cheesy (bar one) and each story was written with passion and desire drawing you into their scenes well.

Subjects covered
Elizabeth has covered, popular sexual encounters from voyeurism, oral sex, anal, domination, fetish, spanking, a few girl on girl stories which I enjoyed and one story completely on the foot fetish, and even though foot fetish doesn't do it for me, it was well written and I still enjoyed the storyline.
As well as a great variety of scenarios cops, thieves, prostitutes, escorts,Vegas showgirls, historical, witches, revenge and extortion, all the usual suspects...pardon the pun for a crime novel, but all in 20 short stories...that's brilliant.

Here is a rough run-down on the sexual scenes of each story without giving too much away.

  • Rough Justice by Angel Propps - girl on girl, BDSM, toys,
  • In brief by Kate J Cameron- Legal, blackmail, m/f,
  • Taking Down her particulars by Courtney James - vegas showgirls,  blackmail, m/f,
  • Diamonds arnt forever by Tony Haynes, - theif, voyeurism, girl girl, m/f,  
  • Sex rides the bus by Landon Dixon - Thief, Blowjob, m/f, voyeurism, 
  • The naughty Rich girl, by Angela Goldsberry -  shoplifting, blow-job, m/f,
  • Foot-fall by Lynn lake - foot fetish, m/f, domination, blackmail,
  • The surveillance operation by Gary Philpot -  m/f, fetish, bdsm, voyeurism,
  • Mimi by Jasmine Benedict - Historical, fetish,
  • Speeding Ticket by Shashauna P Thomas- cops, girl on girl, domination, public, 
  • Internal affairs by Megan Hussey - escort,  oral sex, 
  • Out of Body by Giselle Raynarde - missing persons, gay,
  • Whats all this then? by Lucy Felthouse - voyeurism, anal, public, 
  • Blackmailer transformed by Serles - Blackmail, kidnap, deceit, 
  • The puzzle of Natalie X by  Cesar Sanchez Zapta - prostitution, escorts, murder,
  • Damsel in distress by Troy Seate - MMF, gang-bang, abduction, anal, blowjobs, 
  • Belly Dance by Landon Dixon - Historical, strap-on, Girl on girl, breast fetish,
  • Who pays by JR Roberts - Extortion, Domination,  
  • Return of the black Lily by Elizabeth Coldwell - Revenge, domination, girl on girl, sextoys, 
  • The Fire Triangle by Mia Lovejoy -  Witchcraft, masterbation, public,
All in all the variety of sexual encounters is brilliant and even though there were only a couple of stories I didn't take to; I still thoroughly enjoyed reading the book and the quality of writing.  Its a perfect travelling companion but you may want to make sure you have some privacy as some of them are very hot and sexy and you may want to share the book with your favorite sextoy.
 If you have never read an erotica book before and you love crime novels this is a great introduction, some are definitely more kinky than others and we all have different tastes and but I feel there is something for everyone; and if you appreciate good writers you will enjoy most of the stories.
I would definitely be reading more short stories from Xcite books.

You can get yours from Xcite books

All my thanks to Xcite books for sending me this book
free of charge for an honest fair review.

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