Tuesday, 31 January 2012

The Velvet Kiss Collection - Royal Twist

I was really excited when I found out I was going to be reviewing The Royal Twist as I don't have many anal toys. I also love the idea of being able to use it vaginally and anally.

The Velvet kiss Royal twist comes in a transparent plastic clam opening packaging, it has a cardboard insert which is beautifully and simply designed with no lewd or graphic images, making it ideal as a gift for someone.

 The Royal twist is shaped more like a butt plug than a vaginal toy. It is made of phthalate free TPR rubber which is a lovely coloured purple, it has a spiral ribbed shaft  similar to a corkscrew design running from top to bottom. The shaft gets wider at the middle and at then follows down to a secure t-bar so you can leave it working away while you're hands free and preventing the toy slipping up inside.
 The texture is soft and smooth and you can squeeze it gently in your hand; but its firm enough to to be too to hold its shape well. Below that is a silver ABS plastic base and at the very base is a matching purple TPR button.

The silver base unscrews to replace a AAA battery. The thread is really well made and the toy is easy to open and close with a thick water proof seal, its almost like a small bottle top.
The button is a well defined click with a one speed vibration which is quite fast and a little buzzy, it is slightly quieter than a shaver and you cant hear it through our bedroom door, so its discreet.
You can take this with you into the bath or shower and I feel with the water or a radio on no one would hear you, depending how loud you get though...!!
The length is 13cm long.
The width of the T piece is 7.7cm.
Insertable length is 7.7cm long
Diameter of the girth is 3.2cm wide.

I love this toy to use vaginally in preference to anally as I love the thickness of the twist and that you can hold the silver base so the T-piece transfers the vibrations to my clit and anus. This worked well for me which surprised me as I usually need very powerful vibrations but because of the shape and extra T pieces it felt amazing.
I couldn't actually feel the twist on the toy, but many of you are more sensitive to textures on toys than others.
Always use a water-based lube with TPR rubbers so not to damage the toy and of course to add more slip for anal use and sensitivity.

Anally this toy has the perfect tapered head for insertion (with plenty of lube). This is the widest toy I have tried anally (as I do not own many anal toys as of yet). The vibrations definitely helped with relaxation enabling me to insert a little way.
This toy is brilliant for double penetration either with another toy, vibrator or dildo or by your partner, I also loved using my favourite glass dildo as it added to the vibrations on that too. Use with your OH and you can share the vibes together.
Never insert an anal toy into your vagina after using it anally you may transfer bacteria and cause unnecessary problems, always clean and sterilise well in-between if your are using it vaginally too.

The Royal twist washes easily under warm soapy water or while in the bath or shower, paying attention to the twists, then use your sextoy cleaner.

I was really impressed with the Royal twist as I don't own many specific anal toys and found it really comfortable the vibrations felt good inside and my OH loved it when I was wearing this as he could feel the vibes well.
Vaginally I loved the thickness and the T-piece stimulated my clit too, the vibes weren't as strong as I generally like for vaginal and clit toys but they still felt great and it was a great warm-up to then use it anally.
This is a great beginners 2 in 1 toy as the vibes are good and I loved the girth of the toy for both vaginal and anal penetration.If you are new to anal toys the head is beautifully tapered to insert to where you are comfortable and those of you that love anal toys will enjoy the tapered twisted girth.
The Royal twist is a gorgeous affordable waterproof 2 in 1 toy.

Soft texture,
Lovely purple,
Tapered twist design,

Just 1 speed,

You can buy your own Royal Twist from 

Valentines Day Special!

Valentine's Day Special!

Time to choose something special for that special person in your life, make them feel sexy and loved!

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Nosy – This vibrant yellow vibe has an extreme angled head with rounded stimulator, perfect for erogenous zone exploration as well as penetrative pleasure
Bubbly – In a romantic deep rose colour, Bubbly features three graduated bubbles on the angled tip, perfect for vaginal or anal stimulation.
Seti – The sky blue satellite of love... Pin point your sensual areas with this disc and small probe tipped wonder which engulfs you with pleasure.
Coney – you’ll love this black bunny made for long eared lustful liaisons... Coney is the perfect clitoral stimulator and as well as the long ears, it’s cute nose will nuzzle you to heaven too!
The Power Ticklers are waterproof, boast 5 functions and even come with batteries.
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Valentine's Lingerie

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For the ultimate in sheer, feminine elegance, don't miss out on the seductive charms of Bijoux Indiscrets, as well as the beautiful bedroom accessories from LELO.

Thursday, 26 January 2012

The Velvet Kiss Collection - Little Dragon

The Velvet kiss Little dragon

I was lucky to have the chance to review this cute little dildo from Nasstoys, the shape really appealed to me as I have recently been trying to collect G-spot toys.

 Front and back of packaging.

The Little Dragon comes in a transparent plastic clam opening packaging clearly showing the whole Little Dragon, a cardboard insert behind is tastefully designed and feminine looking with no graphic images or lewd designs making it ideal as a gift.

Soft as a velvet glove, strong as a lovers kiss.

The Velvet Kiss Little Dragon is a pure silicon G-spot dildo, which is super soft to touch and you cant help run your fingers over it. It came in a gorgeous pastel girly lilac. It also comes in black and skin coloured.
The Little dragon has a beautiful sensuous curve very similar to that of the fun factory Curve design but much smaller.

Being called the Little dragon it has two finger holes which are made by the "dragon tail", it even has the dragons tail triangle tip; its a shame it doesn't have any other dragon features as I do love my fantasy stuff and unusual toys, a small face with eyes, arms or wings would have been nice. 
The  Full length of 13.2 cm
The Width of head 3cm
With an Insertable length of 8.3cm to the finger holes.

Angled head for G-spot stimulation.

The 100% silicon dragon is very soft and pliable with a beautifully tapered head for easy insertion.

Wow they do say good things comes in small packages and this is one of them. This Little dragon I would say is a fantastic slim G-spot toy, especially if you are new to using them.
When I first saw this I thought it would be slightly bigger, but how big do you need a g-spot toy?
The Little dragon is pure 100% silicon so it is 100% waterproof, you can take this little beauty anywhere you want to, great for using in the bath or shower and of course no worry about noise, except yours of course.

Ergonomic to hold.

This can also be heated up or cooled down to add some sensory play. I prefer to warm it up in a jug of warm water and slip 2 fingers through the 2 holes made by the "tail" and gently insert it, being so small it slides in easily and the curve gently hits my g-spot.
With some water-based lube for extra stimulation and some rocking (similar to the Rocks off Rock chick style), it really felt amazing, I had full control with my 2 fingers through the perfectly placed holes of the tail allowing me to rock the toy comfortably; the opposite curve also stimulated my clit.
I would have preferred the Dragon to be slightly wider as its a little too slim for me as I like to feel completely full, but it still gave me great sensations and the angle managed to find my G-spot and the opposite curve sits comfortably against my clit.
The finger holes will give perfect control for an anal toy too; due to its smaller sizing for both men and woman, it may also work for the mans P-spot too, but I have not tried this.
This is so easy to clean just run under warm, soapy running water and spray with your favorite sextoy cleaner, mine is the Lelo sextoy cleaner. It is non-porous and allows water-based lubricants to last longer by not being absorbed into the toy.
Please note that only water-based lubricants should be used with this toy; my favorite is the Sliquids oraganics H20.
You can store this little dragon in its own clam opening packet or in a siilk/satin bag, never store silicon toys against silicon toys as these will degrade each too.

This is an adorable toy which has such a gorgeous shape, I adore the sensuous curves and for someone new to dildos and g-spot toys this is perfect starter toy as its very feminine, flirty and unthreatening. The slim small size I feel will fit most women but those of you that love girthier toys may find it too small. Also everyone's G-spot is slightly different so sensations may differ from person to person, but at this cheap affordable price I feel its definitely worth"Draggin" into your toybox.

 I loved the finger holes made by the tail of the dragon as its really easy to control the toy by yourself or with a partner. Being so small its also perfect for travel too, no worries about accidentally pressing buttons and vibrators going off through customs, its small and dinky enough to hide in a suitcase or your hand bag for play anywhere.
If you love silicon dildos you will love this Little dragon.

Great G-spot dildo,
100% silicon,
Soft texture,
Finger holes for great control,

Would have liked it slightly bigger for me,

*Colour in the photographs varies due to my different lighting, its actually a lilac.

You can buy yours from 
Amazon and other US stores

All my thanks to Nasstoys for sending me The Little Dragon free of charge for a honest fair review.

The Pleasurists 165

Courtesy of the bedroom blogger

Welcome to Pleasurists, a round-up of the adult product and sex toy reviews that came out in the last seven days. If you like what you see and want more of it be sure to follow the RSS Feed and Twitter for updates.
Did you miss Pleasurists 164? Read it all here. Do you have a review for Pleasurists 166? Be sure to read the submission guidelines and then use the submission form to submit before Sunday January 29th @ 11:59pm Pacific.
*Pleasurists just started accepting photo submissions for the art at the top of editions! For more information click here.
Want a shiny new toy? All you’ve got to do is enter.
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Scarlet Lotus
On to the reviews:
Anal Toys
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Pleasurists adult product review round-up

Tuesday, 24 January 2012

The 10 Function Pure skin Bendie by Cal Exotics

I received  the 10 function Pure SkinBendie as my monthly review item from Cal Exotics, I have never been a lover of natural coloured vibrators, being a bit more girly I like my vibes colourful pink and purple.
But WOW I was sooo wrong and I am a complete convert!

 Front and back of the packaging.

The Pure skin Bendie comes in a clear plastic box, displaying the Bendie at its best, no leud gaudy images and it clearly explains that its waterproof, dual density and life-like.It comes in two natural skin shades, ivory and brown, I received the Ivory.

 The back has easily read descriptions of its best points.

When I took this out the box I was blown away by how real this vibrator felt, I have never felt a vibe that feels sooo real. It is substantial in weight in your hand and when I grip this vibrator my hand sinks gently into the Dual density "Skin" and it moves so naturally over the "muscle" (firmer underlayer) just like the real thing.

It is made of  TPR which is hypo-allergenic, non-toxic, and phthalate free. TPR is less porous than cyberskin but more porous than silicon, therefore I suggest it wearing a condom if you are planning to share this toy to prevent spread of bacteria. 
I have heard and seen many companies claim theirs feels like the real thing, but honestly this really does, I'm so impressed. 

It has the great shape of a real penis, the head of the vibrator is similar in look of a circumcised man and is very softly tapered.

From every angle the penis/dong looks real. 

The texture of the Pure skin is very plushy and squeezy, so smooth and soft, almost velvety. It comes with a soft powdery feel to protect the texture. It has a similar feel to the fleshlights if you own one of those.
They have really excelled themselves on this vibrator I cant stop touching and squeezing it in my hands. I have never had penis envy till now!

 The natural vein texture.

It is skin coloured and has very soft detailing of the veins for a more life-like feel and look. Like it needs anymore.
One of the main point about the Bendie is that it has a flexing vertebrae that allows it to bend like the real thing, conforming to your shape.

The Science Bit
  • The full length of the Bendie is 22.5 cm,
  • The head's width is 3.8cm,
  • The width at widest point is 4.4 cm,
  • The Insertable length is 17.5cm

The ABS base is smooth and shiny a huge contrast to the soft squishy part of the Bendie.
To replace the batteries in your Bendie you need to grip and gently twist and pull the ABS plastic base. Its tapered and shaped like a squashed O; making it very ergonomic and easy to hold while playing too.

 Battery cartridge and unscrewed base cap.

I love toys which have a battery cartridge as its always easier to replace batteries, the Bendie takes 3 AAA batteries to work the 10 amazing vibrations, pulsations and escalations.

 The cartridge case is marked clearly with the direction to snap the batteries into, then you slide the whole cartridge back inside the Bendie.

Bendie battery cartridge and base.

The base cap has a bayonet fitting rather than the usual thread found on most battery operated toys; the cap has an embossed arrow to help you line it up to twist it back together.
You can also see the transparent plastic seal around the neck, this keeps the Bendie waterproof. So always make sure you screw the cap on well.

Showing the LED when off and on

The ABS transparent base has a button pad with two buttons which has LED's which light up the whole base, I love toys which light-up as it gives an expensive feel and that something extra. Plus it gives a lovely glow under the cover at night. It also flashes to the beat of each vibration and pulse.

Glowing base, reminds me of a rocket taking off and it will take you to the moon and back.
(sorry, couldn't resist)

The Vibrations
The Bendie has 10 amazing vibrations with a mix of pulsations and escalations. With 2 buttons which are easy to press and well defined. 
Press the on button for basic low vibe, (or depending where you left off last time) then press the 2nd button to scroll through the rest of the 9 vibrations.I love having a separate on/off button incase you need to turn off quickly, eg your disturbed, without having to scroll through the other 9 sequences.
The motor is placed in the head of the Bendie (not the middle or base like so many other vibrators), the vibrations lessen slightly the further down you go towards the base, so you can feel the powerful vibes right where you need it most... thank you Cal exotics. Its motor runs really smooth and powerful and doesn't falter or struggle as some vibes do, this motor sounds effortless.
The vibrations are discreet and fairly quiet and you can use it in bed and you could not hear it beyond the bedroom door, its also waterproof so you can take your Bendie into the shower and bath and the sound of the water drowns out everything.
Another plus for the Bendie is that it has a state of the art memory chip so it remembers the last vibe you were on without having to work your way through the other 9 vibes. It has a great variations of pulses, throbs (which I class as deeper pulses) and escalations.

  • 2 pulses every sec deep low freq
  • Low pulse like a gentle hum gentle for beginners or warmup
  • High vibration - Low frequency and rumbly; wow yes the strongest.
  • Med vibration - Still strong rumbly and deep but slightly less.
  • Low vibration - Lovely deep slow start for foreplay.
  • 5 fast pulses in escalation then repeat - Great for tipping you over the edge.
  • Very Fast low pulse - Gentle similar to a hum.
  • Deep fast throb, very powerful, my favorite and 2nd strongest.
  • Medium faster throb - Throbs are deeper than pulses,
  • Low throb - Gentle throbbing, great for beginners.

Wow well all I can say is that I'm so impressed, I had lost my faith in standard vibrators and turned my attentions to rabbits or vibrators that I can stimulate both my G-spot and clit. The skin colour  reminded me of the vibrators I used to buy back in the early 80's and of course they were never that good, but the Bendie has renewed my faith in these skin coloured vibrators.
Firstly I have fallen in love with the pure skin technology; the dual density skin is incredible, its in my hands now and its so touchy feely and squeezable.I now understand why men spend so much time with their hands down their pants ;-)
The vibrations are really powerful with low to medium frequency rumbly vibrations which I prefer to buzzy high frequency numbing vibes. I'm a girl who loves her powerful vibes and I'm a self proclaimed power queen, so many vibes don't work well for me, but this one does. All 10 vibrations are variations of rumbly and deep and I can feel them through my pelvis. With some of my Sliquid Organics H20 it was well lubed, this of course helps to transfer the vibrations so much better.

Side profile

The Bendie flexibility
The Bendie is not only powerful but it has a sexy secret weapon; it has a quiet (shhhh) flexing vertebrae, you can gently grip the bendie and bend it in any direction you wish, making the gorgeous vibrator into many different ones depending on your mood.
Create your perfect man, but I'm afraid it wont do the washing up!

Design your own G-spot toy to fit you.

Bend any part of the Bendie and it will remain in that position.

Just to show how extreme you can bend, it can be flexed even further should you wish to.

The best thing about being able to bend this toy is the fact you have many toys in one, you design your toys to your body or to your mood. You can then simply bend it back into place with no damage to the toy. With some bendable products its hard to get the item back to the original shape again, but The Bendie just bends back to where you want it to go.
While inserted its also strong enough to hold its position perfectly too. Feeling the vertebrae inside it seems to stop just below the head; this is obviously to make sure the vertebrae doesn't pierce through the head, so you cant bend the head itself but you can angle anything below it as you can see from my photos.

 The Pure skin Bendie is a little more specialised to clean properly than most silicon or ABS plastic toys, but thats the trade-off for having such a gorgeous textured toy, this Pure skin is amazingly life-like.
The Bendie is completely waterproof so its best to rinse under warm running water as soon as you can after using it;( as once lubes and fluids have dried it is harder to clean) and then spray with an antibacterial sextoy cleaner I use my Lelo sextoy cleaner. 
Always use a good sextoy cleaner to make sure you have cleaned around the base edges between the TPR and ABS plastic base. 
To prolong the life of your realistic toys its best to stick to a regular routine to maintain the softness and materials of this gorgeous toy.

  1. Wash your hands before handling this toy to avoid oily grease marks on the Pure skin..
  2. Use a waterbased lube so it wont degrade any of the mix of rubbers in the toy.
  3. If you share these real skin toys always use a condom on them as they are porous.
  4. Use a soft cloth to dry the soft surface, never air dry as bacteria can breed if left to dry naturally.
  5. Once dry the instructions recommend using corn starch (or a specialised toy renewer powder) to maintain the gorgeous pure skin as well as protecting it from any oils while not in use.
  6. If the toy starts to feel tacky or sticky that means oils maybe from your body has started to degrade the toy. The powder soaks up any oils.
  7. Never use talcum powder as some contain phthaltes. 
  8. Store these toys separately or keep stored in a protective bag or box away from other toys, out of direct heat and sunlight. 

Just for fun!

I really loved my Pure skin Bendie it feels so luxurious; the motor and the vibrations feel excellent quality and you have the choice of many toys in one to fit you or your mood with its added flexibility.
If you love your life-like toys you really will love the Pure skin technology, this amazing vibe will suit from beginners to advanced toy collectors; the flashing LED is really beautiful and this vibe has a vibration for everyone.
This really is a toybox essential, ideal for you to have some real "me" time by yourself or with your partner. An ideal gift for yourself or as a treat for a loved one.

The soft life-like pure skin,
Luxurious feel,
The flexible vertebrae, giving you bendability.
10 powerful vibrations,
The variety of vibrations,
The LED lights,
The separate on/off button,
The battery cartridge,

Needs more of a cleaning routine than some other toys,
Easily marked (but its a trade off for such a gorgeous texture.)

You can buy yours from Cal Exotics

All my thanks goes to Cal Exotics for sending me The 10 Function pure Skin Bendie free of charge for a fair and honest review.

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