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Rocks Off Ammunition 160mm

Rocks off Ammunition 160mm bullet

As a fan of rocks Off I was really looking forward to trying their latest and strongest bullet.
I fell in love with this as soon as I saw it, as I loved the other Rocks Off bullets I own, click the links for their reviews. Ramsey rabbitAmmo 100mm, Bullet Bunny and the 4US.
But I always love more power and was hoping that this would even top the ones I have!

 Leather look packaging front and back
I'm not surprised now when I receive my toy in a great well designed box.
It arrived in another gorgeous leather look cardboard box with a clear window to see the RO 160 through it. The Rocks off logo and RO 160mm are written in mirror finish silver writing. The back of the box explains it has 7 speeds and has a detailed image of how to replace the batteries.
The box opens like a book which I love as its again re-usuable to store your new toy in. The RO 160 sits in its own plastic formed bed, which has the logo printed in pink, this is wipe clean to keep your RO 160 clean and safe.

I adore toys that come with a re-usable storage box and this is no exception, all my Rocks off toys come in their own boxes perfect for storing them in.
Something I have not seen before on other packaging is a "Batteries best before date", which is great to know.

The 160 is the largest of all the bullets, although I do have problems calling this a bullet as its so big.
 It is made of ABS plastic and comes in the most gorgeous smooth, metallic bluey finish with an iridescent hint of purple, it changes in different lights.
The RO 160 is a more classic shape vibe with a straight shaft with a gently tapering tip, it actually reminds me of the cigar cases my dad used to buy when I was a child. The logo is beautifully embossed onto the shaft of the bullet.

This really shows the changes of colour as you look at it. You can even see hints of pink iridescence.

What I love about this vibe is that the O in Rocks Off looks like a bullet hole, both on the box  and on the vibe, a nice fun touch.

It is 16cm in length and  3.2cm in width, its slightly fatter than the very slim beginners vibes, but it gives both beginners and advanced toy collectors something to use.
It has an insertable length of 13.5cm, I have measured this to the silicon ring of the base as I wouldn't suggest going any further as you need to be able to hold onto something to change pulses.
This is more than enough to insert vaginally anyway.
On the back of the box is states in small writing not to be used anally, I agree as its too hard and inflexible and fairly girthy for anal unless your used to it. Plus as you use lube it will get incredibly slippy and could easily slip up inside as it doesn't have a flared base to hold onto once it gets slippy. By all means use the tip to stimulate the anus this would be perfect.

The base unscrews to replace 2 X AA batteries but Rocks off being Rocks off have included the batteries with your toy so you can use it straight away, just remove the paper disc and your away.

Batteries held securely inside.

What I love about the Rocks Off vibes is the fact the battery compartment is always moulded to fit them perfectly, they never just jiggle about inside like some cheaper bullets.

Always align the two notches before turning on.

When you replace the base align the 2 notches to make sure you have tightened it enough or you may find the bullet wont turn on. I did this the very first time and I found the lines weren't quite aligned with each other once aligned, it was off. The lines also make sure its tight enough for the waterproof seal.
 The soft black silicon button is soft making it easy to simply click through the sequences till you find the one you like. There are 7 powerful vibrations that feel very unique to Rocks off products.

  • 1st pulse is a regular buzz but with a rumbly edge.
  • 2nd Faster buzz more powerful than the average vibe.
  • 3rd The fastest of the increasing speeds very powerful buzz.
  • 4th Is a really fast 6 pulses that tails off and then repeats.
  • 5th Fast deep powerful pulse at constant fast speed. 1/2 sec intervals.
  • 6th continual increment up to full speed.
  • 7th Five pulses at high speed and repeat. like a motorbike rev.
Then hold button in for 3 seconds to turn off.

Well what can I say I love all the speeds of this vibe; the 1st two are all buzzy increasing speeds till the 3rd which is maximum deeper rumbly fast pulse, this is really is fast.
It is as powerful on its lowest setting as some cheaper vibes are on their highest.
The last 4 are quite different to the vibes I already own, number 4 which is a really fast pulse tails off and then repeats and number 5 is a really deep powerful vibe you can feel right through your pelvis. 
I know many of you like buzzy vibrations and many like deep and rumbly like me, this has them both and more.
Internally I enjoyed the pulse settings which I kept swapping from 4, 5 and 6, these felt incredibly powerful inside. They are so good you want to keep changing rather than stay on one vibration.
I have found though if I used this for more than twenty minutes my hand gets a little tingly but by then its completed its task well.....several times!.
I adore the thickness of this vibe its slightly thicker than the average vibrator and gives a great full feeling; but still has the classic shape which many enjoy.
The extra smooth tapered tip meant I didn't need any lube. With silicon vibes you often need lubes because of the extra grippy textures, but this has a lovely weighty metal like texture which is cool to touch at first but warms quickly to your body once inserted. (Personally I find anything metal-like quite a turn on).
 As it isnt silicon you can choose to use any of your favourite lubes should you wish to being made of ABS plastic.

Gently tapered and ultra smooth

What I love about the RO 160 in particular is that the vibrations really do travel right to the very tip, which makes it perfect for pinpoint pressure for anywhere you choose. Its brilliant for clitoral and nipple stimulation and rumbly enough to smooth over your body for relaxation too.
This vibe was absolutely perfect for me, getting me there so fast and with such intensity.
Once inserted I can angle the tip of this vibe to hit the g-spot, so the powerful deep vibes will reach it nicely, its feels incredible, although being inflexible you have to do this gently.
I found many different ways to use this vibe as well as inserting it;
  • It is large enough to use hands free just by clenching your thighs, with most smaller bullets you have to hold them.
  • It is also powerful enough for a quickie through your clothes.(be aware of scratchy rings, zips and buttons as it could scratch the coating).
  • Another great way to use this because of the size and girth is sitting on it lengthways between your lips so you can feel it right through your pelvis.

Its not a discreet vibe, but then its a trade-off do you want that extra power or do you want silence, I know what I would choose. Its obviously much more muffled while inside and to be honest I don't mind the noise I would much rather have power than a quiet weak vibe. It is similar in noise level to an electric razor.

As this is completely waterproof you can run this under warm soapy water and then use a good sextoy cleaner. Being so smooth dust and fluff doesn't grip to this and its very easy to keep clean.
Be aware to always check for scratches from rings or body jewellery against this coating, I feel it could mark if caught against something sharp or rough.

Size comparison
This is a monster bullet in comparison to the other bullets from Rocks Off; the king of all bullets. I thought I would do a comparison photograph so you can see how much larger it is to the most popular Rocks off bullets. I don't think you can realise how big this "bullet " is? Im sorry I cant call it a bullet its a vibe lol.

 Approx measurement of the most popular Rocks Off products in comparison to each other

From top to bottom we have the RO award winning 80mm (from my Ramsey rabbit), the RO 100mm, the RO 120mm (from my Bullet bunny), and at the bottom this RO 160mm.
I have given approximate length and width measurements to show the comparison between them all, in my opinion you cant choose just one as they all have a place in your toy box.

Bullets with their sleeves

Above is an image showing the bullets I own with their sleeves if they have one.
The Bullet bunny does look the same size compared to the 160mm but it isn't; if you look at the above image, you can see the actual size of the RO 120mm bullet bunny is smaller, but with the RO 160 you have the complete 100% vibrations almost directly from the motor (bar a few millimeters of ABS plastic of course).
There is a vibe for everyone every occasion and mood but this RO 160mm has to be in your collection, how could it not with its aesthetic beauty as well as smooth cool to touch shaft and tip.

This is an ideal vibe if you have got bored with your average bullets and want some more power and oomph, this not only has a great range of pulses and sequences but it has a nice width too for those of you like me who want something a little thicker than average.
But its still not threatening in anyway with its classic shape and gorgeous metallic finish, its an ideal first time bullet vibrator as you have the choice of speeds and pulses to suit you. The gently tapering tip delivers powerful pinpoint body stimulation and is the most intense orgasmic powerful bullet available from Rocks off and the most powerful bullet I have ever tried.
Being completely waterproof this vibe can be used anywhere you wish, togther with your partner or grabbing a private moment in the bath or shower.
If you are a lover of Rocks Off vibes you will definitely adore the 160mm too to add to your collection. If you have never tried a Rocks off product why not start with its most powerful.
This really has a great place in every toybox.

Powerful rumbly vibes,
Nice metallic cool feel,
Comes with batteries,
Great box for storage,

Doesn't make me breakfast,
You can buy yours in the UK from
From £26.95

product picture
Traditional vibrator by Rocks Off Limited
Material: Plastic

Thanks goes to Rocks off  for sending me the Ammunition 160mm to review for an honest unbiased review.

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  1. Fantastic reveiw there hun ;)

    This really sounds like my kinda thing...plenty of strong vibration! lol

    It looks so sleek too, i've not had the pleasure of trying any of the bullets yet, but they're deffo on my wishlist! ;)

    Fab pics again...thankyou! :D


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