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Retro Pocket Rocket

Fantastic Voyage

The Retro Pocket Rocket

Snap...crackle...crackle..." here...can you hear me" "OVER"....if so here's a review of the situation.....After traveling the universe and the outer reaches of the galaxies in my quest for the best vibrator, I have found another great new bringing it home!"...."OVER"!!!

Ok you know this is going to be a cornfest, but it had to be done!

When I first saw this it took me straight back to my childhood in the late 60’s early 70’s when Thunderbirds were all the rage, I was addicted to that programme and when I saw this new toy it had the same look and fun bright colours.
I adore fun unusual sextoys, something different from the normal vibes and bullets and Big tease always manage to do that.
I already own the I rub my Fishie and I rub my Penguin so I knew this was going to be just as fun.
So when I heard I was going to be able to review one of the new additions to the Big teaze Toys range. I was over the moon…sorry couldn’t resist. I wasn’t even worried if it was going to be strong enough I just loved it.


It arrived within 5 days rocketing its way from the US very impressive, NASA would be proud!

 Front and back images.

As with all Big teaze packaging it extends from the toy itself, the Retro pocket rocket sits in a clam opening clear plastic molded form in a brilliantly designed and drawn moon surface, this is fantastic and cant help but make you smile, its packaged as though taking off from the moon surface with a great plug for the Maneater toys in the background as aliens saying “We come in peace".

Love it Big Teaze don’t ever stop designing like this.


Even the barcode on the bottom has a great rocket flying through it, all the design has been so well thought out.
Its wording and explanations are based on the 60's Flash Gordon and Thunderbird styling, love love love. On the back are more great designs as you can see from my images and it clearly states its an
"Intergalactic waterproof personal massager". 
Being marketed as a massager allows this product to be sold in a wider range of stores and promoted within a wider audience.

To my surprise it even comes with a brilliant plastic moon, its own Lunar base to stand in, while not in use…bows head*.

Description from Big Teaze Toys, it was so good I had to quote this:
" Inner Space…. The Final Frontier…
Its been a year since Man Eaters™ from Outer Space have landed and have taken a bite out of the male population on Earth. Now the people of earth have their own counter weapon of mass satisfaction: Retro Pocket Rockets™ by Big Teaze Toys.

Ground Control to Pathfinder, Come in Pathfinder. 5,4,3,2,1 Blast Off…. Ladies and Gentleman we have liftoff! These retro themed waterproof vibes will launch your love life into a whole new Galaxy. With Engines powerful enough to make the Space Shuttle shake, quiver and quake, Retro Pocket Rockets vibrator will take you to the moon and back...for more! When your mission is complete, cool your engines by touching down on your nearby lunar base (display stand included) while you prepare for your next adventure. Get ready to explore new and exciting territories.
Well what more can I say.
This would not look out of place on the Thunderbird set.  The Retro Pocket Rocket is a perfect replica of a 60’s rocket with nodules that look like rivets on the nose tip for extra stimulation, with 3 fins which sit exactly into its own Luna base to be left on show.

 The fins sit beautifully in the moon base.

No one would ever know that this s a sextoy, but I will get funny looks as I don’t have kids, but Oh well I'll get a few raised eyebrows thinking "what on earth is she collecting now". But no one will know what it really is.
The Science bit
The full length rocket is 13cm tip to fins.
Widest point 3.2cm
Insertable length 8.6cm
The moon pad base is 8.6cm wide and 6.3cm deep so yes girls it will fit on your toy shelf ready for take off , so the moon maidens among you can safely display this. From what I can tell its made of a solid skin safe plastic with a skin safe colour coating to the tip and fins.
It contains no Latex, Natural Rubbers, Phthalates or Toxic Heavy Metals like Cadmium and Lead.
International Safety & Environmental Compliance: CE, ROHS, WEEE and ASTM


In the centre of the rocket you have a lovely riveted-look divide which is the on switch, and the battery compartment; the notches show you where to line up on/off and open, where you simply twist to undo and insert 1 AA battery, then twist firmly back on to make sure you have a tight waterproof seal.

Then twist the notch to on and you have blast off……sorry! The rocket has 1 strong rumbly vibration and to my surprise it’s really powerful, a single battery vibrator isn’t usually that powerful and hardly ever works for me.I really wasn't expecting so much from a single power-cell!

Well all I can say is I only tried this for a few minutes and it took me to the moon and back several times wow.
 A bit of fun!

I’m sooo very impressed with this little vibe and being a rumbly rather than a buzzy vibe its brilliant for massage too.
The motor is built right in the nose of the rocket making this perfect for pinpoint pressure sensation or massage. All the main vibrations are concentrated at the tip, I have never had a toy that does this, most vibes travel down the shaft making your hand numb or tingly.
When you hold the motor in your hand after its unscrewed to change the battery you can really feel how substantial in weight this excellent quality motor really is.

This reminds me of the B-movie called "Attack of the 50ft woman"1958

The whole rocket has a great substantial weight and its a perfect size to fit comfortably in your palm of your hand, making it easy to hold while in use as the fins fit flat against your fingers for ease of control, you would wrongly assume they would be uncomfortable.
You can use your favorite lube should you wish for extra sensation as being solid plastic you can use any type of lube. I love the fact this is waterproof and the seal looks safe enough, although I haven't completely submerged this rocket yet. (But then it would be a submarine).
I also adore that when I've finished with this amazing toy I don't have to put it in my drawer with my other toys, I can actually slip it into its own luna base and have it on show. But the great thing about this rocket is that it does stand on its own fins as well; so no more worry about the vibe rolling off onto the floor! I soo love this.
 *Warning in the heat of passion please do not be mad enough to insert the fins too*!

The rocket is easily cleaned under warm soapy running water and pay close attention to the fins and the little fake rivet nodules.
One thing though is if you are going to use this as an insertable toy; a tip will be to use a condom over the rocket as the central division and switch has a join with a waterproof seal, but still may collect bacteria if not paid close attention to while cleaning, use your sextoy cleaner and spray right into the seal to make sure, but its easier to use a condom.

Those of you that are old enough to remember the old Thunderbird and Flash Gordon programmes as a child will love this and will appreciate its old retro looking charm all of its own. At the beginning I even said I didn’t care if it didn’t work for me, but omg it did several times over, the amazingly strong vibe will suit anyone.

What is even better you can keep this on show and even if you have kids they may try it a few times, and its easy to say the vibrations are the rocket power, but this toy is yours and if you let them I’m sure they well get bored and leave it alone.
This is one toy even Barbarella couldn't break!
I adore this rocket as its so different and unique and even though its got a retro look its vibrations are light years ahead.
It’s a fun affordable toy that anyone who loves anything unusual will adore. I’m in love with my rocket and it will be a toy I reach for often, perfect for the ultimate quickie for yourself or with your OH.

The whole retro look,
The bright vibrant colours,
The strong vibration,
The luna base,
Affordable price.

None but Kids might want to take it to show and tell at school.......

You can get yours from 
the Big Teaze Toys store for 

All my thanks goes from the inner dimensions of outerspace to Big Teaze toys for allowing me to review this Retro Pocket Rocket free of charge, for an honest, unbiased review using FTC guidelines. 
"Roger"Over and out Midnight

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  1. Great review sweetie, informative as always. It's certainly an unusual vibe! Loving your nails too!


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