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The Minx

 The Minx is part of a stunning range of luxury sextoys, designed by erotic adult toy designer Shiri Zinn.

The Minx is probably one of the most representative works of Shiri Zinn, also one of the most loved adult toys among the stars including Angelina Jolie,  Baby Spice,  Kate Moss and Ivana Trump.
I have been inspired by this extraordinary woman and her couture pieces and recently wrote an article about her work. 
Shiri Zinn's main philosophy is that through her vibrant fusion of art, jewellery and fashion she can change the public's preconceived ideas of sexuality by adding glamour through her designs. The sheer aesthetic beauty of her products have already challenged what is acceptable and unacceptable for mainstream consumption, by introducing sex toys into the fashion industry in 1998 and she has designed her toys to be more fashionably appealing to women.

The Minx is where adult sextoys meets erotic couture.

It arrived extremely well and securely packaged.

With any item you buy from ShiriZinn it will arrive in the most beautiful hand crafted padded snakeskin box with matching luxurious satin lining. Most other main luxury brands still use cardboard boxes. 
You feel very pampered when you hold the snakeskin box in your hands for the first time. When I lifted the lid and saw how beautiful the Minx was, reclining on its own pink satin bed I was speechless. Even though I knew what The Minx looked like, the size and quality still blew me away, this really is something so very unique.

Picking up the Minx for the first time, I was amazed at how opulent it feels in your hands, it has a wonderful substantial weight to it, this is nothing like I have ever held before.
The main vibe is made of the smoothest polished acrylic which is gently undulating and is tapered to a softly rounded tip. This is connected by a stainless steel mirror finish end cap which is embellished with 12 beautifully set pink sparkling Swarovski crystals. It also has a pink detachable marabou feather for sensory play.

The Science bit
The full length of The Minx is 45.5cm including the luxury detachable tail. The tail alone is 30cm long.
It has an insertable length of 15.5cm, the tapered tip has a length of 4.5cm till you reach the 1st undulation.
The widest insertable part of the Minx is 4.5cm.
The undulations gently increase in girth till you get to the widest part of 4.5cm in width.
The gorgeous silver end cap is a full 2.2cm with 12 stunning Swarovski pink crystals set into it, these are beautifully set into the cap. As I mentioned in my previous article Shiri's expert gemsetters also work for Debeers setting real diamonds onto the DeBeers trophies for the Grand Prix. You really are holding something extra special.

 The stunning pink Swarovski Crystals

The vibrations
The main shaft is made of a gorgeous pastel pink and the base is black, you simply unscrew this base and insert 2 C cell batteries. To maintain the silent but powerful vibrations Shiri states always use Duracell batteries.
The speed of the Minx is easily controlled by turning the base clockwise to increase or decrease the speed.
The vibrations are also something I have never felt in any other vibrator, they are deep, rumbly and extremely powerful; more powerful than most luxury competitor brands. The actual motor for the Minx was over 6 months in production, not just to get the perfect speed but in the frequency of the vibrations so Shiri could offer us the best quality orgasms.

I have never held such a lavish, touchy feely sextoy, from start to finish it pleases your senses.You cant stop looking at this gorgeous piece.
 You cant help but run your fingers over the cool smoothness of the shaft right down to the softest most luxurious marabou feather tail. The feather itself has a quality weight to it as it is slowly stroked over the contours of your body. For sensory play this feels incredible, its hard to describe how sensual this actually feels.
Beg borrow or steal a pedigree Persian and stroke his bushy tail this gets you slightly closer to how this feels.
The tail is detachable for when you want to use the Minx more intimately, so while enjoying the powerful vibes you can still be stroking the tail sensuously across your body, better still somebody else can.

The Minx's size gives a wonderful full feeling and is slightly wider than the average vibe once past the tip and what with the weighty feel inside gives the most intense orgasms. I found it easy to tilt up to press against the G-spot.
The vibrations are powerful and so much deeper and rumbly than any other vibe I've tried. The frequency feels so different compared to other luxury makes as you can feel the vibrations right through your whole pelvis.
What surprises me more is the fact on full power and as rumbly as it is, its so quiet, you may hear it faintly through a duvet if you are in the same room as someone, but not through a door or walls. The exceptionally good quality this acrylic helps to muffle the sound.

 It will suit a beginner to advanced sextoy collector as you can simply use it for clitoral or nipple stimulation or insertion, the softly undulating shaft allows you to feel the vibrations deeply while inserted. I also used this over my body and its rumbly vibes are perfect for relaxation and foreplay rolled over the body.
Once the tail is removed The Minx is splashproof and easily cleaned with warm soapy water or a quality sextoy cleaner. I simply use a antibacterial wipe and my Lelo sextoy cleaner.

The Minx stands alone with every aspect of a sextoy, this is the next level of luxury nothing about the Minx feels massed produced it is erotic couture at its best.
I have owned many vibrators in the last 25 years but nothing has come close to the outstanding quality of the Minx. The powerful motor delivers discreet strong, rumbly, variable speed vibrations perfect for any woman.
These pieces are aimed at not only the first time vibrator users, but the romantic buyer or for those who have every type of vibrator and want something extra special. There isn't anything to not like about this stunning work of art.

The sexy Minx comes in 2 other stunning colours and with matching snakeskin boxes.
The vibrant red Minx lays on its matching vivid red satin bed in its red snakeskin box.
The satin Black Minx gives are darker luxury and the pink feathers added to the jet black marabou feather tail adds a feminine twist. 
All 3 colours are stunning.

Which one would you choose?

This has to be the ultimate luxury gift to someone you love, you will treasure this for years the same as you treasure a Prada handbag or a pair of Jimmy Choo's.
 The Minx changes the perceptions of most people when they see this to want to show it off, to show your friends. You can even purchase a silver engraved stand to display your treasured piece. Why shouldn't you be proud of this?
You wouldn't dream of throwing this under the bed or hiding it in a drawer, its elegance and beauty is second to none. 

The Silver Engraved stand

What an exciting sextoy to share with your partner or for that moment of stolen pleasure when you are alone with your personal fantasies.

If you loved this review please read my previous article about these incredible pieces of erotic couture.

Stunning elegance and appearance,
Weighty feel,
Powerful and rumbly vibrations,
Beautiful colour,
Gorgeous marabou feather tail for sensory play,
Amazing gift to cherish forever,
You can buy a beautiful display stand,


You can buy your own Minx from  
For £89  

Shiri Zinn's collection includes high end sexy gifts for honeymoons, Valentine's Day and romantic occasions. 

Her online store includes a bespoke selection of designer sex toys, high end vibrators, erotic leatherwear, lingerie and ceramic sex toys of erotic luxury.

(Images copyrighted to Shiri Zinn)

All my thanks goes to Shiri Zinn for allowing me to review one of these outstanding pieces.


  1. Great review sweetie, looks like a fabulous luxury toy. Though it's a shame it isn't rechargeable.

  2. aaawwwww.... looks like made for me.... :D ... i love pink and also fluffy things <3


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