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The Lovehoney Micro Magic Wand

 After owning the Lovehoney Deluxe magic wand massager as soon as I saw they had brought out this tiny micro wand, I fell in love with it. Being an absolute gadget girl I loved the fact it was USB too; no more dead or dying batteries and something so small I can keep with me at all times. I was in love!
So when I received the email to say I would be receiving one to review I could have kissed them.

 Front and back of packaging
The micro wand itself arrived in the same design box as my Deluxe wand. Simple and feminine.

 Comparison between the boxes of Micro and the Deluxe Magic Wand

Inside the box you have the wand and charger and a little leaflet with some hints and tips on how to use it, the same as I got in my Deluxe wand box; its a really nice touch from Lovehoney.

I knew the micro wand was going to be small but it really is tiny absolutely perfect for what I wanted and that was something to keep inconspicuously close at hand either in my bag or on my desk, I loved it even more.

Even when you know the actual measurements its hard to relate to how small this really is; so I have tried to show you in my photographs by having something easily recognisable to be used as a comparison.

 The Micro wand and my other favourite a custard cream.

 Comparison between the Micro and the deluxe.

If you own and love a wand you will adore this too. I loved the size comparison between the Micro and its big brother The Deluxe Magic Wand, and adore owning both of these as each has its place.

Comparison of the heads.

It really is a baby wand, how else can I describe it, it has a lovely wide head identical to other wands but scaled down obviously, the head is covered by a white rubber sleeve with the same ribbing around it, this is removable and you can gently peel this off to clean, the ribbing maybe for extra sensation I'm not sure or for future attachments they may bring out.

 The Micro with my credit card and lippy.

Its simply and cleanly designed in white with a lovely purple corrugated flexible neck and matching silicon purple on/off button. It also has Lovehoney logo written down one side.
 It is a shame lovehoney didn't use their heart logo as they used on the Deluxe magic wand as this would have been a cleaner looking design on the side and would have looked cute.

 The length and width comparison between the Micro magic wand and the Deluxe magic wand

The Micro wand is 9cm long and its head length is 2.7cm with a width of 2.6cm. The whole wand is made of a ABS plastic, the head and the body of the micro wand feels soft and smooth to touch a silicon like feel, making it more grippy and easier to hold something so small.

Micro wand and plenty of USB cable
The base of the micro wand forms a cone with a small silver keyring chain attached so you can attach it to something so you don't lose it, I have considered a hand bag charm to see peoples faces, would they know what it was...hmm I'm not sure, I' will get back to you on that one?

 Barrel jack USB connection

The cone base twists off anti-clockwise easily to reveal a small barrel jack USB connection, you also get 84cm length of USB cable, this is a great length if your USB connections are at the back of your PC. 

 The Micro wand charging on my laptop.

The USB connections push in easily and you simply plug the other end into your USB port on your PC or laptop, then leave it to charge. I did find the barrel connector didn't go all the way inside the connection like most USB products, I felt I wanted to push it in further, but it wasn't a problem and it charges perfectly.

The white cable is the Micro wand USB connector, it fits easily into your laptop or PC.

You have to commend the lab techs at Lovehoney on how they managed to cram so much into a tiny wand. 
  • The plugin power supply, 
  • The rechargeable battery, 
  • The switch,
  • 3 coloured LED's 
  • Plus of course the bullet with motor and cam,
  • Plus the wiring, this is amazing to get all this in such a small package.
I have to point out too there are 3 LED as I noticed when it changed colour the colours were in a different place as you can see from my diagram.

 Blue vibrating, red charging and green when fully charged.

All I can say is don't be fooled by its micro size, this has an amazing power all of its own. When using this for the very first time its best to do a full charge don't be tempted to use it first as with many rechargeable products you may never get the full charge/power. When connected by USB the button glows a red, once fully charge it glows green and when using this it glows blue, I adore products which light up, and this being so small really gives quite alot of light especially in the dark.

 Vibrating while charging (Not recomended)

I also found you can use the wand while its charging; you then have a half red and half blue glow giving a gorgeously purply glow (Above).  But to be honest I would not recommend using the wand while plugged in as I found the battery end started to get slightly warm at having to do 2 things. this could possibly damage your wand in the long term.
But you wont have to wait too long, once completely flattened it took approx 20 minutes to charge and generally it was much less depending how much I used it. Just grab a coffee or another toy and the time flies.

 The red light showing its charging.

Once charged it turns green and your away, you can then unplug it, replace the cone base and you can take this little wand anywhere you fancy. But of course its perfect if you work from home on the PC its there for you all the time.

 Size comparison on my Logitech G19 keyboard.
The Vibrations
Press and hold the button for approximately 3 seconds to turn it on, it actually made me jump the first time as I wasn't expecting it to be so powerful or loud.
You then click again to scroll through the other vibrations and pulses to find the one you like, when you start again it reverts back to the beginning so you always know where you are.

To turn it off you simply click and hold for another 3 seconds, you don't have to scroll through all the sequences to find off, brilliant if you are suddenly disturbed, but to be honest of you are disturbed they have already heard you, its really loud, luckily not a problem for me.
But its a trade off power or silence..hmm...now let me think no wait...der...POWER every time please!!!
Okay here are the vibrations your all dying to hear about.
 There are 7 vibrations in this little powerhouse, all a brilliant variety of pulses and buzzes. I have tried to explain then as easily as I can.
  1. A pulse every second, this is quite buzzy but powerful, close to the noise of an electric razor,
  2. 4 pulses (3 medium pulses and 1 long, ),
  3. 23 quick pulses, 1 long pulse (which is 5 seconds in length.)
  4. 3 pulses (Short, short, long)
  5. 24 very short pulses (approx 5 a second), 1 long which is 2 seconds in length ),
  6. 4 pulses ( Short, short, long, longer).
  7. 3 pulses every second.

 Then hold for another 3 seconds and it turns off,

Those of you that know me, know I'm a power queen, this has the best power I have ever tried in something so small,
 I cant compare it with your everyday bullets as they are not massager's as well,  this little Micro wand is in a class of its very own.I suppose it has to be in the section of wands for me as its easily out powers the bullets that you can buy.

The vibrator has the bullet situated into the head of the wand, so the vibrations can be felt at its strongest and the flexible neck allows you to use pinpoint stimulation and press it firmly into tired sore muscles, as well as your clit. It lasts about 20 mins, per charge which is plenty enough for me. The deep rumbly vibes make this little wand perfect for any external stimulation. I only held it on me for a few minutes and I was there.....several times, amazing!!!
Add a waterbased lube for extra sensation and slip.
If you love having a toy inserted to get an orgasm this micro magic wand adds intensity and extra power to any dildo if you apply it to the end. I used this on one of my glass dildos and the vibrations travelled right down it while it was inserted, incredible power for one so small.This little power-house is also perfect for light massage all over the body as well as to stimulate your nipples, clit and all over your pussy lips!
Since being introduced to my favourite all time Deluxe magic wand I have used that on my sore joints, but sometimes you just want something quick an easy to hold without the weight of the large wand, this is simply perfect. I have found I can tuck it under my bra strap when I have back ache and it has taken the edge off my back pain, if my main wand isn't nearby.
Obviously this does not have the same power as the Deluxe how could it; being so small, but I feel it has as much power as anything packed into such a small package. 

Size compared to keyboard keys.
This is not waterproof due to the USB connection point in the end, but for cleaning the white rubber sleeve comes off  and can be submerged and run under hot soapy running water; this is the only part you need to clean. But care must be taken when removing the sleeve being so grippy as the neck cannot be over bent due to the cables inside.You can also clean it on the wand too with care.
Then I spray with my Lelo sextoy cleaner, paying particular attention to the ribbing around the head and the corrugations of the neck, and under the head itself where the neck joins to the head piece, this could be a hygiene issue but with a good sextoy cleaner you can get into all the nooks and cranies.

This is a perfect gift for anyone who is collecting sextoys, you wont have a toy like this, its unique powerful 7 vibrations have something for everyone. 
This really is a great toy for anyone and as a reviewer I do not say this easily. If you love wands you will adore this little one, its small enough to keep with you all the time, most of us nowadays have a PC or laptop so you have easy access to charging, its small, its mighty in vibrations and micro in size perfect for travelling and hiding in a sock or make-up bag. 
This Micro magic wand can be charged anywhere there is a USB socket, even in a car with an adapter.

I also have a solar powered USB charger called a Power monkey and this allows me to take it anywhere, it has endless possibilities with one of these and endless charge from just normal sunlight or lightbulbs. I have often used this for my phone and Nintendo a brilliant item to have.You can get yours from almost any electrical suppliers like Maplins etc.

The Micro wand is universal with all computers all over the world being USB powered whereas my Deluxe Magic wand would need different power adapters depending on where I travelled in the world. As well as being too big and heavy to travel. Making this little Micro magic wand a perfect travel companion and sextoy essential.

 Compared to some of my make-up

The only con I can foresee is the noise, its quite a buzzy higher pitched noise, but I cannot see how something so small could be made powerful AND silent, I feel the motor would have to be quite large and that defeats the object. Power every time for me please. You couldn't use this discreetly as you would easily be heard through doors and walls, so you will have to find some me-time to yourself before using. But you might get away with saying you were shaving your legs and hide your wax strips.

I would also love Lovehoney to bring a little set of heads for this to make it perfect, something similar to my all time favourite Wand essentials G-tip. Plus a little case to store the cable and wand would make this perfect.
All in all a gorgeous little wand at a great price which is affordable to most of us. This would make a great gift for any sextoy collector and it is a travel sextoy essential, no more dead batteries and it charges quickly, I really do adore this little toy as I love anything techie and I'm sure you will too.

 I have to show you how bright and colourful the colours are.

Tiny size,
The Power,
The variations in pulses,
Can be charged anywhere there is a USB socket, even in a car with an adapter.
The bright coloured LED's
Long USB cable,
Amazing price,

The noise for some, but it didn't worry me.

You can buy yours at Lovehoney

Thanks to Lovehoney for allowing me to review this
Micro Magic Wand 
free of charge for an honest fair review.

Please see the rest of the Lovehoney wands in the range, there is one for everyone.


  1. So small is beautiful eh? I never sad that to my husband unless i wanted shoes.

  2. Lol yes small really is beautiful, a girl says many things to get shoes.....lol!


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