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The Kitty Crop

I fell in love with this kitty set as soon as I saw them on Eden Fantasys. I have already reviewed the Kitty Spank-her and the Kitty blindfold and the quality is outstanding.
This adorable kitty crop is the cutest crop I have ever seen, and from knowing the quality of the other 2 products from Ruff Doggie styles I knew she would be another great buy.

Kitty arrived within a week all the way from Eden fantasy's in the US. She was well packaged in paper and packaged simply in a clear cellophane bag. The tag that it comes with is fun and simple showing an image of a model in a sexy bra holding the crop, very feminine and tasteful.

The label
The kitty crop is a 20 inch long crop quite long for the size of most crops you can buy. The head of the crop is a beautifully cut out pink leather kitty face with adorable big white eyes.

The Kitty crop pink leather head.

 The luxury soft black suede back of the crop.

 The cat shaped head is made out of 4 layers of leather and suede. The back is soft fine black suede (Above) and the front kitty face is soft pink leather.
      Detailed Kitty crop's feline features

      The feline eyes are made in 2 layers to give a lovely raised embossed look; the first layer is black suede and the 2nd is the white leather for the whites of  her eyes and the black embroidery thread finishes off her gorgeous feline features. (See Photo above).
      The crop head is not supported and will flop a little backwards and forwards this will give a nice thwack as it is so flexible.

       The kitty head is connected to the crop by tightly bound thread
      The neck is joined onto the handle of the crop by some extended flaps of pink leather from the front of the face and the black suede from the back of her head. Those flaps are then bound tightly with black nylon thread to the top of the handle of the crop; without even a gap or an overlap.(See photo above).
      This beautifully bound threading from what I can see is all that is holding the head on but its is so securely bound you have no worries of the head flying off at the wrong moment.

       The main shaft of the crop is 45cm from neck to base of the handle and feels like it maybe made of a very solid piece of plastic which is then bound in pink and black braided thread and has a width of 1cm at the top, and 2.2cm wide at the base of the handle.

      The 16cm beautifully crafted handle is made of soft black plaited leather with a matching strip of black leather as the handle, a lovely touch is that you can hook the handle over the base of the handle to keep it from flapping while in use. (as above).
       The whole crop weighs approximately half a pound in weight and is made of luxury quality durable materials.

      Don't let this adorable feline feature lure you into a false sense of security this feline has teeth, she will hurt.
      Being the submissive my OH took control of the crop and even after a few sharp flicks of his wrist I had bright red kitty head shapes appearing on my bum cheeks and it stung like heck, I didn't expect it to hurt quite as much.
      After a few more sharp hits from the leather side I had quite a few kitty head with eye shapes on my cheeks and upper thighs, within a few hours they had actually turned to bruises.(I wear them with pride).

      When he turned the kitty over to the softer black suede side it has slightly softer thwack than the shiny leather side and it left less marks as it doesnt have the embossed eyes.  The leather side has a little more bounce off.
      To be honest there isnt much in it except one side leaves less marks and is unlikely to bruise.

      I love seeing the red kitty faces appear on my skin and the outlines of her eyes and yes even the whiskers. For a few days after a particular hard spanking session I actually had kitty bluey bruises with eye outlines.....sigh so proud to wear the marks of the kitty!

      I love the extra length of the crop

      From the givers point of view, you can get quite a Thwack from little wrist action, for those who love the sound, the head gives a wonderful THWACKIN noise when it hits the skin, this always makes me breathe a little faster knowing the sting that will follow seconds later.
      Its also a great length for reaching your victim a few feet away and still have a controllable slap from little effort.
      My OH always makes sure he spreads the hits out so you can clearly see the kitty shapes on my skin, anymore you lose the crisp feline shapes to having just bright red bum cheeks.
      But when using this crop it is quite easy to catch your victim with the hard inflexible end of the crop by accident instead of the kitty head; this really can cause some bruises.

      On a gentler note for those who do not enjoy such rough treatment the kitty face side can be used to cool the hot stingy skin and is actually quite soothing and the black suede side is wonderful for sensory play being so soft. It feels cool and erotic when stroked over the skin.

      This crop doesn't get that dirty, but you can use a antibacterial wipe on the front of the kitty face and if it does get really dirty it can be lightly cleaned with leather cleaner, taking care of the black eye surrounds which are soft suede.
      The black suede back needs a separate suede cleaner as I explained in my other 2 reviews of this series.
      If you invest in this wonderful feline set then you may need to invest in 2 different types of cleaners, leather and suede, or if your lucky a combination one.

      This gorgeous feminine pink crop is light and comfortable in the hand, easy to use for the giver and the victim will enjoy the fast stingy thwacks and the sensuous strokes from this unique beautiful crop.
      I absolutely adore this set and have them hanging up in my bedroom they coordinate beautifully.
      An ideal crop for those of you who enjoy kitty play, or are dressing up as cat woman or simply loves cats and pink and BDSM its an ideal gift.

      It takes a few practice slaps to get the hang of how to thwack with this kitty as her head being quite floppy requires a bit of skill to hit your target flat on with her face. (that feels so wrong lol).
      I have found the best places to hit for this are the bum cheeks and thighs, also the nipples.
      But avoiding the face as her cheeks are quite hard and pointy and caught wrong could really do some real damage to someone.
      Plus as with any spanking toy you must try this on your own hand or leg before-hand so you are aware of how hard and what force this kitty can really hit, you need to be aware of the pain levels this can cause someone on yourself first, as its easy to forget with it looking so cute.
      Its a great gift to say you love someone, and brilliant novel design made of excellent quality materials, this is ideal for a beginner or advanced spanker as well as looking adorable. If your victim laughs at you wielding this, they wont be smiling when they feel the force of her bite.
      Its a Tiger in a kitty's clothing.

      I love you Kitty!

      Excellent quality materials, leather and suede,
      Beautifully handcrafted,
      Very feminine,
      Gorgeous novelty item with real bite.
      Great price,
      Perfect gift item,

      The leather connecting the head to the main shaft is starting to crease, so may eventually wear and fall off. But its absolutely fine right now.

      Handcrafted leather and suede crop with cat head.

      Kitty crop - Crop - EdenFantasys
      To get 15% off at checkout click the link or image above 
      and add my 
      Discount code V3E to your basket.

      product picture
      Crop by Ruff doggie styles
      Material: Leather

      In conclusion to the whole

      The main Kitty set all together

      Follow the links to read my detailed reviews on the kitty items.

      Is hard and thuddy one side and gives a hefty Thwack on the suede side. A firm piece of kit for intermediate and Advanced spankers.
      I absolutely adore the spank-her, its my favourite out of the 3; but I wish it had been made in the same gorgeous pink leather of the crop. The soft pink suede looks beautiful new, but marks easily. The leather of the crop and blindfold is easy to wipe clean. 
      I feel reversing the effect with a black suede back and pink leather front would make the Kitty Spank-her just perfect.
      More Slappy to Thwacky but don't let your guard down, she has bite.Great gift for beginners to advanced its all in how you use it.
      Kitty crop - Crop - EdenFantasys

      The Kitty Blindfold at first is slightly uncomfortable to wear but after a few wears it starts to mould and soften to your face shape, giving a very unusual but feminine effect.
      Its not a black out blindfold as you can still see your feet but you cant see what's in front or around you, perfect.
      Kitty blindfold - Blindfold - EdenFantasys


      The only items you could add to this set for absolute perfection is the matching pink leather and suede kitty handcuffs.

      A closer look at them togther.

      Overall I adore my kitty set and I'm so proud to own the whole set, its beautifully constructed with handmade delicate stitching and most of excellent quality leather and suede.
      Anything from this incredible Ruff doggie set will make an adorable gift for any girl who loves cats, pink and BDSM.

      You can buy the whole set discounted when buying several items together 
      HERE from Eden Fantasys.

      To get an extra 15% off at checkout
      add my 
      Discount code V3E to your basket.

      Kitty crop - Crop - EdenFantasys


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