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Cal Exotics Extreme Pure gold super slim Remote Control bullet

I had been after a remote toy for a very long time now, so when I had one arrive from California Exotic Novelties to review I was over the moon.
We both wanted a toy for some secret sexy fun between us while doing every day stuff like shopping or housework, so I was really looking forward to trying this.
This is the newest addition to the Calexotics remote control line.

 Front and back
The Remote bullet arrives in a transparent plastic box, showing the product easily and explanations showing what it can do, no sleazy images just beautifully feminine makes you want to know more.

This product comes with a small certificate stating that its been produced using mandatory guidelines, I have never known a company to do this and its quite reasuring.

 The Extreme pure Gold super-slim bullet comes in 2 colours, gold and platinum, I received the platinum, inside the box is a silver plastic bullet and a small ergonomic remote control unit, plus 6 small watch batteries for the bullet. (But no penlight batteries for the remote as these are very easy to obtain).

 Inner packaging with remote, bullet and 6 watch batteries.
Its so nice when a company adds the batteries. So all I had to do was to add the 2 AAA batteries to the remote and I was away.

 The Superslim Bullet

The Bullet
The super slim silver bullet is made of ABS metallic plating, I was a bit concerned when I saw the high gloss silver mirror plating as these do tend to chip off or peel.

 Bullet and batteries.

The bullet is 6.35cm long with a width of 1.9cm , the bullet unscrews from the middle to insert 3 of the small watch batteries (thanks Cal Exotics for supplying these, as they can be hard to find). Make sure you screw them back together firmly as it is waterproof too.

 The crimp

The base of the bullet has a 7.7cm plastic retrieval cord in-case you choose to insert this, a slight problem for me is the metal crimp that attaches it to the base, this could be a hygiene issue if not paid close attention to.

 The Remote
Perfect size to hold

The 8.7cm long ABS plastic silver coated remote has the same gorgeous mirror coating and is beautifully smooth and comfortable to hold.

Top and bottom profile.

 It is ergonomically shaped and fits in your palm perfectly. With the batteries inside the whole unit it has a lovely substantial feel to it.

 The base of the remote unscrews for you to replace the 2 AAA batteries.

 I love toys that have a battery internal form to prevent the batteries jiggling about inside, make sure that the base is screwed tightly back on as being waterproof it also has a seal around the edge.

 Control panel

The small control panel has 2 membrane buttons one is on/off and the other is the function control. The buttons are well made and have a definite click to them, which I love. A little red light at the top flicks on to show its sending the signal to the bullet.

At the very tip of the remote it has a sender like we have on our TV remote controls.

The pack comes with a slip of paper showing you a range of products and a "how to guide" of which batteries to use. "Simples".

The Vibrations
 This has 10 functions with an amazing mix of vibration, pulse and escalation.
  1. Buzz
  2. Faster buzz.
  3. Fastest buzz.
  4. 7 secs of escalation and drop.
  5. 2 pulses every second.
  6. 3 pulses every second.
  7. 123 4.....(Long).
  8. 14 short, 14 fast, 1 medium and 1 long.
  9. 1 long , 1 long higher pitched and then a pulse that has 2 and half seconds of escalation.
  10. 7 quick, 32 medium, 9 slightly longer, 44 longer still. (Phew)
These are all approximate and all are open to interpretation, as some are so fast its hard to tell.

The reason I have wanted one of these like forever because its wireless and can be used very discreetly for fun between the two of us. Once the batteries are all in your ready to go, As soon as I pressed the remote the bullet went into action immediately, a little small red-light shows when its sending a signal to the bullet so you know its working.
The product details say it has a brilliant range of 16.5 feet or 5 metres. I found it was a little less maybe 10 feet which for us was plenty, although we tried it in many ways. It worked from the door of the bedroom to the bed about 10 feet away and I was amazed when it even worked through a closed door and a wall. But it worked best in the bedroom while inserted; with myself or my OH holding the remote.
The remote is very responsive within the 10 foot range, any further you lose signal and have to press and move about a bit to gain connections again. Although this is fun in itself trying to find new places for it to work well.

My OH even hid it under my pillow as a surprise and managed to turn it on from downstairs through the ceiling; brilliant we had so much fun playing with this. We have yet to take it out shopping or clubbing but that's next on the list and I will update you on that.
Sadly despite the amazing amount of pulses and escalations it just wasn't powerful enough for me, but it was a huge turn on and it would definitely get things heated up while we were out. I was amazed at all the functions in such a small bullet.
The bullet is a perfect slim size to wear comfortably in your knickers or inserted, you have the plastic retrieval cord to safely pull it out.
I loved the size of the remote its very small and easy to keep in your pocket and click though the vibrations without anyone knowing.The well defined buttons make this easy to simply count though the functions so you know which vibration you have your victim on lol.
The vibrations are very quite within the home and cannot be heard through a door or wall and would be great in a busy supermarket or a  loud pub or club where its absolutely perfect.

 But I would avoid anywhere quiet, no playing in the libraries people....well I warned you.

We had one problem though the batteries in the bullet run out quickly with the watch batteries, I think its because the bullet is always looking for a signal; as I tried mine in the evening and by morning they were flat, there is no on/off button on the bullet (Only on the remote) so maybe when not in use always remove the batteries.
Another thing to remember is while moving about, you may find the batteries run out before you get the chance to play, its best to slip into your knickers just before your planning to play, or have a big packet of batteries ready.
Our remote batteries have yet to run out but I have gone through all 6 watch batteries supplied for the bullet, thank goodness Cal Exotics add them to the box for us.
Being ABS plastic you can use any lube with this bullet, it is also waterproof for fun in the bath and shower. It has a great rubber seal in both units enabling you both to have fun or just some private fun for yourself.

This little bullet is so easy to clean as you can run it under warm soapy water, I have not had the guts to completely submerge this toy yet even though the product description on the box says its completely waterproof, but being shiny its simple to clean, but pay close attention to the crimp on the plastic loop and spray sextoy spray around the base to make sure.being metallic it does show every fingerprint.
Always keep checking the bullet for any chipping of the metallic coating. So far we haven't had any!
I absolutely love this remote I loved the fact I didn't know when my OH was going to use this and despite it not being strong enough for me it worked me up enough for some great sex afterwards, and its also a turn my OH knowing he had full control. "He thinks..."!
This would be great for a beginner as its has gentler vibes and the remote makes changing functions fun and easy.
I'm not sure about the metallic coating despite it looking and feeling absolutely lovely it is showing signs of chipping inside the battery compartment.
It opens up some fun scenarios you can have while out with your OH,  adding some much needed fun to a boring supermarket run, a simple trip to the beach in the summer or a lovely quiet woodland walk.  Plus of course to a pub or club! The Extreme bullet and remote are a great toy to add to any toybox.

Small discreet.
Loved the metallic mirror finish.
The 10 functions,
The included watch batteries,
Very sensitive when kept within range,
Adds spice to the lovelife.

Battery power,
The buzzing maybe noisy somewhere quiet.

You can buy yours from  

product picture
Bullet by California Exotic
Material: Plastic

Thanks to Cal Exotics for allowing me to review the
My review is based on personal opinion. I recommend and endorse products on what I believe is best for my readers. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commissions guidelines, CFR, Part 255


  1. Thanks for the review. I like that it is wireless, but it doesn 't sound like it would be powerful enough for me.

  2. Thanks guys, I agree mpm it wasnt as powerful as many of my other toys; but its more than that with this toy its the fun playing and not knowing when your partner is going to press that button.
    Especially trying to keep your face straight in public.
    I had more giggles with this toy than some of my more expensive luxury powerful toys and it really heats things up.


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