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Wand Essentials G-Tip Attachment

Gift Pack for Her Only £25


When I knew I was getting Lovehoney's deluxe magic wand, my OH bought me The wand essentials G tip as an extra birthday present, as I enjoy penetration at the same time as vibration. Plus I loved the look of having both G-spot, clit and anal sensations at the sametime. I find I'm not a girl that can come easily through G-spot stimulation so was looking forward to the challenge of trying this.

The G-tip arrives in a lovely simplistic box with no gaudy nude models, just some well photographed images of the tip.It is sealed in a clear plastic bag. As I opened the bag I had no rubbery smell that I was expecting from the feel of the material. 

When I first took it out the box I actually gasped at the size and thickness of the G-tip, it really is quite a weighty addon to the wand. This vacuum formed glossy, flexible cream coloured (textured tip) is made of skin safe rubber.It slips over the head of your magic wand, giving you an insertable section with a thick bulbous tip that will press against your G-spot and nestle closely against your clit and anus with added nodules giving more sensations. 

 Showing the smoothed off nodules

The whole G-tip is covered in 174 raised nodules for extra sensation over the whole attachment. The G-tip is shaped in a lovely C-curve that cups your clit and perineum for combined stimulation of external and internal at once.

The Science Bit
The length of the G-Tip is 16cm with an insertable length of 8.5cm

Diagram of the measurements its easier to explain.

The widest point of the G-Tip is 4cm and even though that seems large (especially when its in your hand) once inserted past that the neck it is only 2.5cm wide; your body can easily take this wider part, but visually its surprising at first.

 The rubber sleeve is very grippy and takes a bit of fiddling to push it on without over flexing the head of the wand, (you could use a little lube to make it easier). Once on it fits very tightly and seems to enclose beautifully around the head, like a second skin. there is no possibilty of this slipping off as it seems to vacuum on the air ridges from the wands own head.

 The Deluxe Magic wand and G-Tip attachment on together

With the G-tip on you have one impressive looking and weighty piece of kit in your hand (actually I needed 2 hands). The whole length of the wand and G-Tip together is 43cm.

G-Tip on the wand head, the left hand side is for your clit so the bulb sits against your G-spot
There is a correct way to use this, one side of the C-curve is longer for your clit, so the slant on the rounded bulb sits comfortably against your g-spot, it looks like it may dig in but it fitted perfectly against me. If you accidentally insert the wrong way, it wont hurt; but you wont get the full effect as the bulb isnt correctly positioned against your g-spot.

I didnt need any lube, I simply needed the vibrations on low and small movements, as the tip is so glossy and smooth (sounds odd with nodules but it really is). The tip slid in comfortably for me. When you push gently on the tip it will pull itself in once you are over the largest width of the head, a really strange sensation but very pleasant. It made me feel incredibly full which I love, the G- tip is beautifully designed and fits the female form perfectly. The shape cups you like a glove and you feel completely enclosed, the nodules feel amazing.
My OH took control of the wand allowing me to enjoy it, he found a great idea was to roll the switch of the wand back and forth causing the most incredible pulsing sensations inside and out. I was there in seconds, breathless and flushed wow what a toy. I didnt even make full speed, if I did it was only for a few seconds, its an absolutely incredible luxury toy. (Both the wand and attachment).
At one point he walked away and the wand and tip stayed firmly in place due to the shape of the G-Tip head your body seems to hold it firmly in position. The vibrations hadnt even reached 50% and I had one of the biggest most intense orgasm I had ever had from my G-spot, it rocked me so hard as I had just had a multiple of clitoral and G-spot orgasms at once; it vibrated my whole pelvis. I felt like I had a whole body orgasm, never had a sextoy make me orgasm this intense or this powerfully.

At the time of writing this I havent attempted this anally as its a little too large for me, I'm no anal size queen, well not yet anyway! 

The G-Tip is waterproof but obviously not while its attached to the head of the wand. It is quite a wrestling match to remove it as it fits so well and you must remove carefully; so not to snap the flexible neck of the wand. I found a peeling motion is the easiest way to remove the sleeve. Once off simply run under warm soapy water or use your sextoy cleaner. being so glossy it cleans easily, but the texture is a magnet for fluff and dust so try to keep it stored in the bag it came in or back on the wand but covered.

Well I think it speaks for itself, this is an absolute must have attachment for the magic wand, its slightly wider than most vibrators so those of you who do not like thicker vibes may want to choose a thinner attachment.  
Dont be put off by the size, its been designed to fit a woman perfectly. I can assure you once its in I did not find this uncomfortable in anyway, infact it gave me the most wonderful comfortable full feeling and didn't in anyway feel too big or uncomfortable. If you own the magic wand or deluxe magic wand and love it, you will know how powerful it is; this G-tip simply directs that power right where you need it, cupping your whole gential area, nothing misses the power of the wand. Anyone, woman or man who has problems climaxing this is a must have, if you are a power freak like me, this will be your best friend. 
This is a wand essential along with the wand being the ultimate sextoy essential. 

This little G-tip will make the best gift for Christmas or birthdays for anyone who has the magic wand, or similar products like the Hitachi, they will love you forever I promise. 

The design is perfect to cup a woman perfectly,
The G-Tip is so glossy and smooth,
It fits the wand like a glove,
The nodules feel amazing,
It fills you inside,

None at all!

You can buy yours at





If you do not own a wand (Why not)

and still a little undecided.

Please see my review of the 

Lovehoney Deluxe magic wand Vibrator 

Its a sextoy essential! 

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