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The Temp

When I first saw the innovative design of The Temp it aroused my interest as I love sensory play and wanted to find out more about it.
 They are a family run company found in Miami Florida, and believe "Self love should be exhilarating and soothing to the senses", with this in mind they created The Temp dildo.
So I was very excited to find out they were going to send me one to review.

When it arrived I loved the gorgeous large clam opening black plastic box it arrived in.

Ive had expensive photographic equipment arrive in these type of boxes, it really makes it feel special as The Temp sits securely in deep foam protecting it from any of the bumps from travelling; great for keeping it protected when not in use.
I also found it only took 5 days to arrive in the UK from Miami, incredibly fast shipping well done guys thank you.

Padded foam box

The Temp has the most innovative design and there is nothing else available on the market at this time like this.
The Temp is an eco-friendly dildo made of high grade glass and is the latest material to be used in sextoy manufacture which has become very popular in the last few years, as it is hypoallergenic in nature and is easy to keep hygienically clean.

When I picked it up I was stunned at how gorgeous the beautiful deep cobalt blue glass looked. It has an excellent quality substantial weight to it; despite being hollow inside. The smooth shaft then expands to a lovely wide head that tapers to a smooth tip.
The end has a matching blue glass stopper like a luxury crystal decanter which sits securely firmly into the open end of The Temp sealing the hollow dildo, this enables you to pour in warm or cold liquids. 

Completely hollow from top to bottom
The Bottle stop
The bottle stop pulls out with a little wiggle, it has 5 clear plastic ribbed layers which are infact 5 separate seals preventing the Temp from leaks; these push past a very thin smooth ridge at the top of The Temp where the bottle stop sits into firmly.  Brilliant design idea guys!

 Excellent design of 5 Plastic seals preventing leaks

The Temp itself is designed to be used chilled; anyone who knows me knows how I adore any kind of sensory play; another reason I fell in love with The Temp. The fact is it makes temperature play so much easier and the bonus of having a beautiful glass toy to use as well.

 Easy to fill hollow glass dildo

 The glass is of the perfect thickness to feel the temperature quickly, but also thick enough to maintain its temperature long enough for sensory play; with solid glass dildo's anything cold is warmed in minutes and anything hot is cooled before you have time to enjoy it.
The Temp being hollow has got the absolute balance perfectly.

Beautifully smoothed tapered head

The smoothness of the shaft is stunning being so touchy feely you cant help but run your fingers over the smooth sensuous glass.
It is a slightly wider size than the average glass dildo of 4cm circumference girth perfect for anyone who enjoys a full feeling from a dildo.

The approximate measurements of the Temp
Simply fill the hollow with warm or cold liquid, replace the stopper firmly, shake a few times to make sure you have no leaks, I find its best to hold the Temp for approx 20 seconds in your hands to grow accustom to the temperature and to find if it is comfortable for you and your ready to go.
(Be careful not to fill the Temp to the top as you need to allow for the stopper, thats a no brainer here of course).

Please be very aware we can take more extreme temperatures in our hands than we can in our private areas .

Cold Play
I enjoy cold play but not as much as warm play, but thats just me, but I tried it as this is what the Temp is designed for. I do enjoy the cold over my nipples and boobs and it didn't disappoint, if felt amazing the smoothness of the dildo makes body massage so enjoyable .
To make it much colder DO NOT FREEZE, you may damage your Temp and you can get cold burns.
Some cold ideas;
  • Simply fill the Temp from the tap and leave in the fridge for about 15 minutes.
  • Partially freeze some water in a bottle and pour the slush and cold water directly into the Temp.
  • Another ingenious idea is to use frozen sticks, this will keep the water cold for much longer; you can buy a tray like an ice-cube tray, but sticks instead, these are used for bottled drinks, Temp recomend googling "Bottle ice stick trays". 
  • Of course good old crushed ice-cubes will do the same job. 
  • Another idea are camping cool sticks, these are plastic sticks that are kept in the freezer and then used in drinks, these fit perfectly inside the Temp. These can be bought from some supermarkets and camping stores.
Hot Play
Of course even though the Temp is produced for cold play, I love hot play!
Glass is an excellent conductor of heat and also a great holder of heat; so if you attempt warm /hot play you must proceed with extreme precautions.
I used warm water from the tap and the glass heated up immediately, I expected to have to wait a few minutes for it to heat to a comfortable temperature, but not with the Temp, it warmed to my perfect temperature in seconds.
Never use boiling water it could damage your Temp and seriously burn you; always just use warm water.
The warm shaft and head smoothed over the skin for foreplay is relaxing and soothing, also brilliant if  you suffer with sore aching muscles this is fabulous.
Inserted it feels incredible so much easier than messing around with jugs of hot water from bathroom to bedroom trying to heat up glass dildos which I have done in the past.

Things to be aware of;
Always be careful of handling your Temp even though it is strong eco-friendly glass it could still shatter if dropped from a great height or chip if dropped on brickwork etc, so just be aware you need to check your glass dildo on a reguar basis. Keep it safely in between uses in its padded foam box.

Being can clean this with almost anything, run under warm water using antibacterial soap and water will clean this perfectly or spray a sextoy cleaner on for the required time.
Obviously you can use any type of lubrication with this toy, but being glass I didn't find I needed any.

I absolutely adore this product, I'm fairly new to glass toys but not sensory play, I have been enjoying sensory play the old way of jugs of hot water for over 20 years now.

I loved the length of the dildo; being glass I didn't need any lube and the warmth enabled it to slip up easily, once your over the widest part of the head; it pops in gently to the neck so you can slide it in as far as you are comfortable. Whatever temperature you use you can feel the head fill you deep inside and hot or cold it feels incredible.
The warmth for me felt the same for over half an hour, it was so comfortable to use and the temperature of the dildo remained uniform down the whole shaft,  meaning the quality of the glass is exceptional having no thicker or thinner areas within it; it was all equal.

For added sensation if you do not fill it right up you can get a nice pressure feeling (Something Ive never felt before), as it slooshes from thrusting motion of the dildo.
Another idea I tried for extra you need more... is to add a vibrating cock ring around the shaft, I have a Rocks off 4US and being silicon it heated up quickly from the heat of the glass Temp giving me added stimulation and warmth on my clit, wow this was mindblowing, making this incredible luxury glass dildo into a very luxurious vibrating toy.

The Temp with added Cock ring (Rocks off 4US)

 But of course you can use any vibrating cock ring you own to this amazing luxury toy.

I hope this is just the start for Temperature play, this opens itself up to many wonderful glass design ideas and alternative colours; maybe a slight bend for a G-spot Temp, maybe some extra nobbles and ridges for those of us who love to have the extra sensation.

Thank you temperature play for bringing out this innovative idea, not only have you given us a gorgeous luxury toy, its beautiful to look at and feel in your hands, the blue glass is stunning, the design is brilliant, the bottle stop idea from a decanter is perfect for this, making the seal completely safe.
This beautiful glass dildo will help you experience new levels of sensuality with several toys in 1, warm and cold play, body massage, vaginal and anal penetration, nipple play and it even worked between us during sex, we both enjoyed the warmth. With Winter on the way girls this is a toy to keep you warm and cosy.

It has the same luxurious quality feel than a toy twice its price, its certainly shot to the top of our toybox.
I love having fun with my photography and I simply added a small white xmas light inside showing how perfect this glass is.
I am a photoshop whizz but I have NOT added any extra colours; the amazing quality of the glass defracted the light into these stunning colours.

Innovative luxury toy,
Excellent quality,
Beautiful to look at and feel,
Stunning cobalt blue,
Use for Hot or Cold pleasure,
Use for foreplay or all over body massage,
Use vaginally and anally,
Holds the temperature either hot or cold well,


Buy your 
directly from 
Normal price $40

Huge thank you to Temperature play for providing 
The Temp to review

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