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Sweet Streak Corset Style Bustier Set

I bought this corset as I loved the more retro look and the black and red contrasting colours are stunning together.

The black satin corset is soft and smooth and is adorned with red and black lace ruffles top and bottom; I was surprised at the amount of lace on this; its really gorgeous.
The 3 satin red bows are well sewn on and look amazing against the black satin.
I have to emphasise this is not a waist training corset as it has plastic bones not steel, so choose your actual size waist when ordering.
 Down the side you have a hidden panel of hook and eye fastenings with the choice of 2 widths (like in a bra) to allow ease of fitting.You can then tighten the corset more with the red ribbon corseting down the back to either tighten or loosen to your comfort.This looks stunning against your skin.
It has the 4 removable black garter straps with black lace and red ribbon detailing right down to the clips (see my photos) which shows up beautifully when you wear black or red stockings; these secure the stockings well and don't loosen like some.
This corset also came with a small black satin thong.

I chose small as I'm a size 8 on the bottom and 34c up top and it fits beautifully. The satin is soft and the plastic bones are comfortable with some give unlike steel bones and you can still breathe and move around comfortably.
 My bust slightly overflows in this but not enough for a fashion feux-pas (no nipples), its still sexy and jiggles beautifully ontop, I'd rather have the corset tight around my waist and a little overflow than too loose.I love the hourglass effect this gives. I found it was easier to get into the corset using the side fastenings and then get someone to tighten the red ribbon at the back to pull you in as much as possible.
The ribbon itself is quite tough and can take some pulling through the eyelets, although they scrunch up when pulled too tight loosing the lovely flat ribbon effect, but this still looks sexy. You have a huge amount of red ribbon to play with and I had to tuck some of mine under the corset ties, this enables you to have lovely big bows tied top and bottom if you wish.
Once the ribbons are tied to your comfort you wont have to repeat this again as you can simply slip out of the corset using the fastenings down the side, these undo easily and is perfect for a sexy striptease infront of your OH, mine loved it.

The thong is just a simple black triangle of satin, it would have been nice to have a matching red bow on the bum. It doesn't feel as good quality as the corset so I picked a pair of my lacy French knickers (as in the piks).

I wore a pair of Seven Til Midnight Opaque Stockingswith Satin Bows and Diamantes which looked gorgeous with this.
Heres my review
on them.

This pik came runner up in
October model of the month
A stunning retro looking corset which is incredible value which will make you look and feel sexy. This is great for a some bedroom fun, fancy dress party or even a night out over a skirt or jeans, your choice you will look hot whatever way you choose to wear this.

Great contrasting colours,
Great fit,
Great price,
Looks stunning,

The thong is fairly cheap compared to the quality of the corset, it would have been nice to have a matching bow.
A red bow on the back would make it perfect from behind.

You can buy this from

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  1. Another great review there hun and your pics are stunning!
    Corset looks and sounds gorgeous...shame about the knickers though! I'm loving it teamed with the stockings - they go fab together.
    The trouble I normally have is that i'm a size 8 waist, but with zero boobage! lol Due to that, it's almost impossible to find a good fitting corset.
    Sass xx


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