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Shiri Zinn

When I first saw these stunning pieces I had to know more, not just about the product but about the person behind them, when you speak to Shiri you will feel her passion and enthusiasm for her stunning pieces.
I was inspired by this amazing business woman and designer to know more about her work and her philosophy behind these items of beauty.

Her products have a unique style and have been featured in the top stores around the world, like Selfridges and co, Liberty's in London and 10 Corso Como in Milan the fashion stores of the world.
Erotic toy designer Shiri Zinn has extensive background in fashion and design and is a postgraduate of London's renowned fashion school Central St Martins; that has bred Galliano, Stella McCartney, Alexandra McQueen and Vivian Westward, known for their innovative and outrageous designs.

She spent ten years of study earning 2 BA Honours Degrees: one in Fine Arts and one in Fashion Design with Marketing (CSM), and a Masters Degree in Jewellery for Fashion (CMS).

Double ended piece

Shiri is inspired by antiques (her double ended dildo inspired came from ancient Egypt 6th century AD), adorned with a 60 Swarovski crystals studded band and hand crafted from aqua blue glass and silver, a stunning piece.

Her 1st designer collection has taken the world by storm and her pieces are owned by celebrities such as Emma Bunton, Angelina Jolie, Kate Moss and Ivana trump and other A-list clients. 

There is so much more than just the designs; her philosophy is to make adult toys more fashionably appealing to women, something to want and wish for like a pair of Gucci shoes or a Prada handbag. An item to adore that is strikingly beautiful to look at and touch as well as to use. 

Her beliefs are that through her vibrant fusion of art, jewellery and fashion she can change the publics preconceived ideas of sexuality by adding glamour through her designs. The sheer aesthetic beauty of her products have already challenged what is acceptable and what isn't acceptable for public consumption by being accepted into stores like 10 Corso Como, Milan etc; and have already changed people's ideas about what a sex toy is. 

These pieces are aimed at first time vibrator users, the romantic buyer or for those who have every type of vibrator and want something extra special. 

Natural beauty is all around us and Shiri has chosen some of the best natural materials to use for her pieces. Solid glass is the contemporary material to use in sex toy manufacture and has become very popular in the last decade. It gives that weighty feeling and is perfect for sensual play, exploring hot or cold temperatures.

Violet Swarovski Glass

Feathers have a natural vibrancy and sensuous feel, while diamonds have seduced us for centuries!
Once sourced, her products are crafted by the most highly skilled silversmiths such as the makers of Rolls Royce siver figurines and Formula One Grand Prix trophy makers. All silverwork is hallmarked. Only the best experts are involved in these products from start to finish. 

All her products are produced to perfection, and she believes in absolute quality. Each piece is handmade and unique.  

Silver Mirror Glass

You know you have something special when you hold it in your hands, from glass which has beautiful feminine floral designs etched along it,

Aqua Swarovski Glass

 to the solid glass with genuine Austrian Swarovski crystals inlayed in jewelled crosses.

 Amber Swarovski Glass

 Her expert gem setters also work for De Beers setting real diamonds onto De Beers trophies, so you know you have quality second to none.

Minx Vibrator

You will receive your own Shiri Zinn piece of unique art in its own snakeskin box, lined with satin; even the most luxurious competitor brand toys available on the market generally still come in cardboard boxes. 

The Minx, vibrator is stronger than most competitor brand vibrators. Shiri spent 6 months designing it for the purpose of offering best quality orgasm.

 The Minx and sterling engraved stand

The Minx even comes with a detachable feather tail for sensual play and you can purchase a sterling silver stand to display your treasured piece. Why shouldn't you be proud of this? It's truly gorgeous.

 Rose quartz and sterling silver hallmarked piece

Being products of natural origins to begin with, Shiri has simply combined other natural materials to make something precious and stunning, something that will last a lifetime, which you're proud to own and look at.

Shiri has also produced a beautifully feminine range of straps; something in my opinion has not been an item of beauty till now! These ornate chinese satin and lamb-skin straps have hand embroidered glass beads and jewels that hang over a fine leather sash at the back, giving extra femininity to this stunning range.

Pink Strap and dildo

They are made from the finest quality lamb-skin leather with extra long straps to fit any woman's hip size. The gold metal front ring is fully removable to accommodate most flare based toys.

Pink Ceramic dildo

The matching ceramic dildos can be bought separately and have the most exquisiste 9 carat gold flower design adding elegance and beauty.
Her products have aesthetic beauty as well as outstanding quality. She has thought of everything, she has brought romance and beauty to an often sleazy world of sex toys.

You can find a display of her products in Proud Cabaret in London NOW from mid Nov. at the art deco bar. So if you live nearby go on take a look.

Awards and Exhibitions 
•  London Week, 2010 - Boudoir
•  Museum of Sex, 5th Avenue, New York, 2008.
•  Seduce Exhibition, Barbican Art Gallery, London 2008.
•  LA Erotic Museum, 2005. 
•  Selfridges Body Craze Exhibition (London, 2003) where collection made additional appearances as part of their Oxford Street window display.
•  Top 10 finalist, International Bombay Sapphire Glass Awards, 2003. 
•  International Erotic Award 2002.

T.V Exposure
• "GMTV" feature (UK),
• "The Graham Norton Show" (UK)
•  "Slave" Fashion Documentary (UK)
•  Paris Fashion TV (France)
•  "Naked NY" Time Warner feature (USA),
•  Reuters T.V. (South America)
•  VH1 "The Fabulous life". (USA)
•  MTV (Italy)

Please take a look at her amazing couture pieces at

The Minx review is coming soon.

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