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Rocks Off Bullet Bunny

I was excited to try the Bullet bunny from Rocks Off as it had the rabbit ears that I adore and a fairly large insertable bullet.
As most of you know I love the feeling of both sensations at once, clitoral and internally.

When it arrived I hadn't actually read-up on its sizing and I had simply assumed it was the same size as the Rocks off bullets I own, the RO 80mm (In Ramsey rabbit) and RO 100mm.
Wow did I get a great surprise it was double the size than I was expecting...woohoo!!!


The Bullet bunny comes in a feminine pink plastic transparent box, allowing you to see the bullet bunny clearly through the beautifully drawn, rocks off symbols.

Like many of the rocks off bullets you have 2 in 1 toy,  the lovely body safe silicon bullet bunny sleeve is soft and smooth to touch and has the Rocks off logo embossed either side of it.
Holding the Bullet bunny it has a wonderful substantial weight to it and is excellent quality like all Rocks off products.
The bullet bunny vibrator specifics (including the bullet) are;
18.5cm long,
3.7cm width of the bullet inside the sleeve.

So you can see why I was surprised when I was expecting the size of the all time favorite Ammo 80mm. He is an incredible size for a "bullet".

To be honest I wouldn't consider this to be a bullet as the word bullet gives the assumption of something about 4 inches long or less, just for clitoral stimulation and not nessessarily insertable.

The insertable shaft is approx 11.8cm long,  (I have measured from tapered tip to the beginning of the bunny) and has a lovely girth of 11cm in circumference and is mainly straight and smooth, then it has 2 large ripples to give some sensation inside and the end of the tip tapers softly to a lovely blunt tip; unlike some bullets that can be hard and uncomfortable where it matters.

The bunny itself is an adorable sitting bunny, and he actually looks like his sitting at the end of  a rocket.

He has no features unlike Ramsey rabbit; but he is beautifully rounded to give a gorgeous bunny shape; the ears are extra long compared to most rabbit vibes I've tried and are moulded into one ear allowing full sensation on your clit. 

 ( He isnt removable and I havent cut him off, I simply covered the main bullet with black lace to photograph him, so I could show the wonderful shape of his ears from above).
His ears are exactly 5cm long and have a width of 2.3cm at its widest.

The bullet RO 120mm is easily removed from the silicon bunny sleeve and it is 12.5cm long including the matching pink silicon button; and approx 2.8cm in width with a circumference of 8.5cm.
Once the sleeve is slid over the bullet the whole length is approx 18.5cm depending how far you squeeze the bullet up inside the sleeve.
I would not suggest pushing the bullet too far up inside the sleeve, as it will be difficult to remove again for cleaning and to change batteries, see the pik below I have shown the level which I feel is best to slide it up inside.

  The bullet is level where it should be, although you can add an extra cm inside.

The Batteries
The Bullet bunny uses 2 AAA batteries which are included (thank you Rocks off) I love this when a company gives us batteries so we can use it straight away.

Just pull out the paper disc and your ready to go. 

The battery compartment is simple to unscrew, it has a matching pink silicon watertight seal as the whole bunny is waterproof. Just make sure the seal is in place before screwing the base back on.
I love the solid design of the battery unit, there is no wobbling of the batteries inside, they are held rigidly in place.

The bullet has a matching pink silicon button which you click once to turn on and you get the lowest vibration.
Then the next 2 are increasing speed vibrations, number 3 being very strong and rumbly.
The 4th click is a fast pulse of approx every 1/2 second.
The 5th is slow escalation.
Press and hold for 3 seconds and it turns off where ever you are, this is handy if you want to turn off fast if you have been disturbed and you don't have to scroll through the other 4 to turn it off first.
 All vibrations are quiet, this is perfect if you need a vibe that is discreet.

The whole bunny bullet is soft and smooth to touch and warms quickly to your body. The vibrations are quite strong and well defined, you can feel the motor is excellent quality with no wobble as you move the toy.
I loved the girth of this bullet, as it gave me a lovely full feeling and is more of a vibrator than a bullet.

For me though I personally felt the angle of the bunny sits too away from the main insertable shaft and I had to press him in towards me be to feel the ears, some bunny ears tend to be quite clampy and are too strong against you.
But with this bullet bunny you have complete control on how much pressure you want to apply on your clit.

This shows the angle of the bunny ears quite clearly

When fully inserted I could feel the top ridges slightly and it certainly gave me some extra sensation inside.
But I did find his ears were too long for me when he is fully inserted; plus slightly too thin as I had to push them against me and it took away some of the already weaker vibrations.

This was because the bullet isn't technically part of the rabbit as in Ramsey rabbit, he sits a distance away from the main bullet and the silicon sleeve is fairly thick and blocks most of the vibrations. If the bunny had his own small bullet inside this would make the bullet bunny perfect, (but then it would make him more expensive, so its a balance here).
But if you are sensitive to vibrations or new to vibrators this will be perfect for you. It certainly warmed me up and I used the main bullet to finish and orgasm; I also used my sliquid H20 water based lube as it heightened all the sensations tenfold; giving brillaint sensations being the most powerful bullet that I have.

Do not use a silicon lube with this silicon based toy due to the fact they will degrade each other.

The Bobtail buzz
But I have found I can just use his bunny tail against my clit and being so solid and directly off the main bullet it gives much stronger vibrations; this was incredible.

Bunny Ear Vibrations
I have to say the vibrations on the bunny ears are amazing to look at, but can only just be seen with the naked eye.
The soft silicon is a great medium to carry the 5 vibrations which give the ears different vibration rates of movement because of the flexibity.
 On the 3 increasing speed vibrations you don't see much movement , but you can certainly feel them in your hand.
On number 4 his fast pulse causes the ears to form a wave, from the base of the ears to the top.
Number 5 causes the ears to flex in and out (a sin wave).

But for me I felt they were a little too thin and flappy and needed more rigidity against my clit. Ramsey rabbit has a lesser bullet but it is designed directly onto the bullet his ears being an extension of him.

Being waterproof this bunny is so easy to clean under warm running water, I use a sextoy cleaner and then a wipe.

I really had been looking forward to this bullet and the bullet didnt disapoint; it was powerful and rumbly just the way I love my vibes, but the bunny ears just couldnt give me the strength of sensation I need, but he certainly worked by warming things up and I simply turned him round and used his tail and the vibe to finish.

Another brilliant products from Rocks Off, not only is he beautifully feminine, this bunny makes a wonderful gift to someone you love, even if its yourself .

The 5 speeds and pulses are all you need and even if you prefer something more powerful you will still enjoy the power it gives, this bullet bunny is discreet and even on the most powerful settings he is still fairly quiet and cannot be heard through walls like most my other vibes. Being waterproof he is perfect for personal time in the bath or shower.

If you are new to toys or rabbits this is an ideal starter as he isn't as intimidating as some larger rabbit vibes; eg my Mr Big or the Diamond affairs rabbit. If unsure whether you will enjoy rabbits this is also a great one to try first, the vibrations on the ears are very gentle, despite the strong movements with the vibrations.
It works for those of you like me who love the penetration and clitoral stimulation at the same time. I simply found the vibrations weren't powerful enough in his ears for me.

But I have found though if I simply want a quickie with no penetration I can grab the bullet to target the clit quickly and easily for an intense orgasm; as this Ammo 120mm bullet definitely has more power than the legendary ammo 80mm and my Ammo 100mm
This is a great 2 in1 toy as you can use the bullet by itself when the mood takes you with or without internal stimulation of the gorgeous rabbit sleeve.
Its bullet is small enough to hide in a suitcase or handbag for travelling so you've no excuse to be without a playtoy. The sleeve maybe slightly bulky for a handbag but you have the choice of both.

All in all this is a gorgeous gift for the one you love and those with an advanced rabbit habit like myself.

Great cute gift,
2 in 1 toy,
Various ways to use him,
Soft silicon body,
5 speeds and pulses,
Disceet quiet vibe,
Cleans well,

Ears are fairly weak.

Thanks to Rocks Off  for giving me the chance to review another gorgeous product. 

You can buy 
The Rocks off Bullet Bunny 

For the men too with Rocks off Products at Lovehoney.

or from the US

product picture
Rabbit vibrator by Rocks Off Limited
Material: IntraMed

Mens sex toys


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