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Lovehoney Mains Powered Deluxe Magic Wand Vibrator

Gift Pack for Her Only £25

 Everybody deserves some magic in their life!

I was so excited when I found out I would be receiving The Deluxe Magic wand Vibrator to review from Lovehoney, I even sqealed with delight when I read the email; to make it even better it was my birthday weekend, thank you so much Lovehoney you made my Birthday.

I have always wanted a wand ever since I saw my 1st porn movie many moons ago, it has been used for years now in the porn industry, then it came on the market as a body massager for every woman to buy. But after Hitachi stupidly pulled out from Lovehoney I knew LH wouldn't let us all down, and moved into the breech; their amazing labs went into action and produced this incredible wand.

To make my birthday even better my OH bought me The Wand Essentials G-tip attachment to go with this (See my REVIEW HERE).

As a power queen I knew wands give more power than your usual vibrator. Plus as a chronic back pain sufferer I also knew that I would be able to use this wand for more than 1 main purpose.

It arrives in a beautiful white simply printed box, and is sealed in a clear plastic bag; just perfect.

Even knowing what size this wand was going to be, it still made me gasp as I took it out the box it really feels luxury quality in your hand.
Some of the original wands still have an outdated 70's look, but Lovehoney have given this a fresh new style keeping it plain crisp white with the simplicity of the Lovehoney logo heart on the shaft. Around the middle it has white crock texturing around the handle to give more grip.

The large wide skin-safe rubber head is soft and warm to touch and covers a larger surface area for real deep tissue massage. The head bends slightly on its corrugated purple neck to allow flexibility enabling you to apply pressure where needed on your body.
It comes with a 240 volt UK 3 pin plug with a 3 amp fuse (its much safer at 3 amp) and 1.84m of cable, longer than most plug-in items you buy, giving enough length to use this anywhere comfortably within the home.
Its very large and substantial in your hand and at 32cm long you know you have a formidable challenge ahead. Its widest point is 5cm in width. The head has a length of 5.6cm long and a width of  5.7cm.

The scroll wheel is similar to a PC mouse wheel making using this wand very simple. Its very strong, precise and rolls easily to increase and decrease the speed of the vibrations and has a well defined click for on and off.
The motor is excellent quality and feels well engineered. The vibrations are deep and rumbly from the lowest setting and it has a substantial off camber rumble giving good vibrations on low as well as high; its up to you how fast you want them to go. No need to worry about choosing pulses or different sequences.

As soon as it arrived I had it out of the box I had to see it, feel it and use it. My OH took control used it through my knickers in the eagerness for me to try the power, the first vibrations are great for slow foreplay, but as he rolled up the speed it felt amazing, just to tease he rolled it back and forth causing an almost pulse like vibration, I was there in seconds, breathless and flushed wow what a toy.
I didn't even make full speed, if I did it was only for a few seconds, its an absolutely incredible toy.
The power of this baby blew me away, I had come in seconds, having to sit down for over half an hour as it turned my legs to jelly. never had a toy made me orgasm like this.

When I used it directly on my clit the width of the head makes it perfect to cover your whole pussy, I felt the strong vibrations through my pelvis. I found that by clever control of the scroll wheel you can create a nice pulse from high to low. Plus I found 50% power was almost perfect for me, but needed the extra intensity at the end, it was incredible.
 To explain the vibrations is that the lower speeds have more jigger than buzz, (a washing machine with an offset load) ! The faster you go the more it blends into 1 higher intensity, fantatsic when you need it.

On the last 3/4 the wand has a higher pitch reverberation noise, but its a small price to pay for the power and unless you are an orgasm queen you wont take this for long anyway. To be honest I didnt even notice the noise I was much louder.

For relaxation and pain relief
As soon as you turn it on and run it gently over your skin and muscles, the incredible vibrations give you instant relief and relaxation for all types of aches and pains. The vibrations really do give an amazing deep tissure massage and with a friend helping they can give you a professional massage with little effort.
For my aching back I was able to use it by myself with the long handle and Im able to reach any part of my body I needed too, better than any physio.

Easy wipe clean head then spray with sextoy cleaner to sterilise; paying particular attention to the small ridges on the head, these are quite difficult to clean properly. They are there to add a secure vacuum when using the attachments, making the head extra grippy.
The head is very soft so be very aware of any dents and scratches you may get as you use it, pay close attention to these when cleaning.

This is the most powerful, intense toy I have ever had the pleasure to try and the motor gives the most deep rumbly vibrations I have ever felt.

The only real problem I found was that the head is made of very soft skin safe rubber, I used this wand on the outside of my jeans (I know silly me, well I was eager) and I dented the head a little, plus some colouration came off the denim onto the head, which has cleaned off; but the dents are still there...ooops.

My OH bought the Wand essential G-tip attachment for my birthday to go with this and it was incredible, if you are going to buy this wand, please please buy the attachment too, (See my REVIEW)
I have to add some details about the attachment in this review as its completely relevent and a must have for this wand, you cant improve on the power, but you can direct that power to your G-spot. By adding this attachment turned the wand into a penetrative toy with the power of the wand behind it, WOW its amazing. 

As a reviewer I do not believe in telling people things are a must have, but this really will turn this already incredible wand into an outstanding toy. A sextoy must have.

I don't often come from my G-spot but this attachment is shaped perfectly to press against it, I had the most intense multiple orgasms I have ever had. I never believed I could beat the last one using just the wand, but I did, it cups your whole pussy with a full feeling inside, so it not only vibrates your G-spot,but it vibrates your clit and anus, wow Lovehoney you've excelled yourselves.

I had the most intense orgasms I've ever had from any toy I have ever owned in the last 25 years! 

 Everyone needs to own Lovehoney Mains Powered Deluxe Magic Wand Vibrator for themselves or to use on your partner even if its just for deep tissue massage and back pain this is worth every penny.
But if you love or need that extra power like me, this is a sextoy essential. If you buy any sextoy this year this has to be the one; the quality sells itself, its a stunning beautiful wand. I have never raved over a product this much before but this deserves every word.

Most powerful vibrations of any toy,
Best orgasms and back massage I've ever had,
Its 240 volt no more batteries,
It has a long cable of 1.84m long,

Have to be very aware of scratching the soft head,
Quite loud but you'll be louder.

  Everybody deserves some magic in their life!
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