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The Kitty Blindfold

After having the kitty spank-her I fell in love with the range, so I was really looking forward to receiving the blindfold and kitty crop.
I was attracted to this gorgeous blindfold as it was so different to any other blindfold on the market right now, it looks very much like a masquerade mask but the black feline eyes are a solid black leather; there are in fact no holes for eyes , making this a very unique blindfold, matching the kitty range.
The idea of this blindfold is an amazing unique idea, it is so beautifully feminine for anyone wanting to collect this kitty set. ideal for kitty play, or someone who simply loves anything pink.

When they arrived thank you Eden fantasy's shipping was pretty fast considering the distance across the pond it took less than a week.

The blindfold came in a simple clear plastic bag with a cute fun feminine tag.

"Keep your favorite cat woman in the dark, handcrafted suede makes sure you don't ruffle any fur"

Taking it from the bag you can see its has a beautiful feminine feline shape beautifully designed to look like a cat mask. You have the most wonderfully erotic smell of leather and suede which now sadly after a few days has faded.
The kitty range is produced by Ruff doggie styles and the blindfold is handcrafted with exceptional quality leather and suede with a real luxury feel to it.

It is in fact quite weighty due to the 5 layers of alternating leather and suede.
from the back is a soft layer of black suede, the second  layer is a compressed leather which has a beautiful pink metallic colour, these 2 are the main structure of the blindfold, then you have a layer of black leather which fans out to form the base for the eyes.
The next 2 layers define the feline eyes and is a layer of pink suede matching the Kitty Spank-her and finally the last 2 black leather eyes which have gorgeous cut out feminine feline eyes and eyelashes. Giving the blindfold the adorable sleeping kitty effect!
All these layers are beautifully hand machined stitched together with stunning detailing; the product photos don't do this justice.

The blindfold is 27.5cm in length and 7.5cm at the widest eye point.

The back of the blindfold is soft black suede and it has a thick black non-adjustable elastic strap of 0.7cm to hold it firmly around your head, both ends of the elastic are then slipped neatly within the 2 layers of the main leather and suede and stitched securely in place; there is no way this is coming off by accident.

The photo on the blindfold tag is very deceptive; as a photographer I can see it has been photoshopped across the girls face, rather than a photo of her actually wearing it, as its not wrapped round her head.
(But that's why us reviewers exist so we can review and take photos for you).
I really wanted this to look sexy and cute to match the other products I have in the range, but I did find this did not fit me very well, I do actually have quite a small head and the blindfold seemed huge compared to my face. the eyes of the blindfold did not match my own eye sockets, I feel it should sit near where your own eyes are, but it seemd too wide for me.

The elastic strap holds the blindfold firmly above my eyes across my eyebrows instead of across my eyes and around my temples, it felt as though it was secured in the wrong place for me. But its seems to look effective to the viewer; but to me feels huge.
As a blindfold I could not see anything in front of me and you can see your feet if you are standing up, but you cannot see what your partner is going to do next (believe me I know...). 

The soft black luxury suede back doesn't chafe your face and it is the heaviest blindfold I've ever worn due to the quality and rigidity of all the leather layers. I found it was a little uncomfortable across the bridge of my nose and across my eyebrows, but it is softening the more I wear this and is starting to bend naturally with the shape of my face.
An easy solution is to wear a silk or satin blindfold underneath, this was so much more comfortable and it didn't loose the effect of the blindfold from the person watching.
I have noticed from the other reviews some of us have had suede backing and some of us satin; I have to admit satin would certainly have been much more comfortable, but the suede gives it more of a luxury feel. So be aware when ordering you may receive either.

Midnights Redesigning idea
This blindfold would work beautifully if the 1st two layers including the metallic pink layer wrapped around your head with the elastic strap, then instead of the other layers all sewn together they simply stand proud so it sits straight across your face as a worn masquerade mask, the feline features would look more stunning as they are meant to be.

Since the blindfold is made of different layers of leather, you need to clean them in different ways to maintain the beautiful quality. The black and metallic leathers you will need a leather cleaner, or for very small marks a slightly damp cloth and dry or antibacterial wipe.
The suede pieces will need a specialist cleaner to maintain the gorgeous pink colouration; as they do get dirty easily like the kitty Spank-her.
If you are wearing make-up remove it first as foundation and make-up will stain the black suede underside making it difficult to remove.
To store the blindfold I simply keep it in the bag it came in just to keep it completely clean.

This blindfold is perfect for those who love sensory play and the whole cute kitty effect, brilliant for a dom mistress wielding the kitty set, her victim may laugh till she puts this blindfold on them, and spanks them with either kitty crop or kitty spank-her. these are serious pieces of kit....ouch I know!.

The tough business man forced to wear this cute feminine blindfold will feel mightily small.
Those who want complete visual sensory deprivation may want to purchase a satin blindfold to wear underneath.
Please be aware I feel this mask has to be given time to soften and conform to the shape of your face. Even after approximately 2 hours its already feeling more comfortable around my face. I also feel a small size adjustment on the elastic strap would help it fit better as the elastic stretches.

 All in all an excelllent quality hand-made luxury gift for any girl who loves pink and collects all things kitty, this an adorable set and I'm pleased to own it, it looks gorgeous hung from my bed post with the whole kitty set; the crop and the kitty paddle.

Excellent quality leather and suede,
Great stitching,
Gorgeous feminine feline design,
The leather smell is very erotic,

Hard leather at first,
Slightly too big,
needs a size adjustment on the elastic strap tighten or loosen,

Kitty blindfold - Blindfold - EdenFantasys

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product picture
Blindfold by Ruff doggie styles
Material: Leather
This product was provided free of charge to the reviewer.

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Kitty blindfold - Blindfold - EdenFantasys


  1. This is so cute, thanks for the review!
    Jan 4, 8:27 pm

  2. Good to know it broke in after a while, thanks for your review.
    Jan 17, 7:55 am


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